11 Best Music Player Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Music Player Apps

In the mood for good music? Get the best music player apps for your mobile device and be ready to jam out. Plenty of apps are available, providing you with a variety of features to listen to nice music and share and manage playlists.

Finding a free music player that works either on Android or iOS or across platforms is not an arduous task. There are some popular names you have known such as Pulsar, Poweramp, JetAudio, and many more to provide you with amazing music listening experience.

Best Music Player Apps for iOS and Android

Music player markets are not only about music streaming services. More options are available, providing you with a refreshing experience while listening to music from various genres. Here’s a closer look at top music players for Android and iPhone.

1. Pulsar


Pulsar allows you to play tracks that you know without annoying ads. This is an offline music player that can be a great choice if you want to enjoy ad-free music from start to end. Featuring user-friendly interface with 36 different languages, it comes to satisfy your inner audiophile.

There are several key features that will make you fall in love. With Pulsar, you can manage music by artist, folder, genre, and album. It has a smart playlist feature that provides you with few options like recently played, most played, and newly added for easier access.

You can also adjust play speed, display lyrics to sing along, and search easily by albums or artists. Boost your mood with various themes and music visualizer. And if you need quick access from the homescreen, it has a resizable widget.

Pulsar supports standard audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, OGG, and more. Discover your favorite tracks from your favorite artists and listen to nice music anytime for free.

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2. Mixtube


Mixtube is the best music player app to import and play your favorite audio files. Designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, feel free to enjoy songs anytime anywhere without internet connection.

This MP3 player has a built-in equalizer that leverages your sound listening experience. It also offers a customized playlist to help you organize beloved songs and quickly find them. There are also lock screen controls and a play button in the notification bar for easier access.

Playing in the background, Mixtube allows you to use other apps while listening to music. You can also keep the music playing without keeping your phone screen active so you can do other things like working or studying.

One good thing from this app is that it supports all music and audio formats. Without having to convert your audio files, Mixtube can easily play them with high quality. Not to mention it comes with a widget for quick access.

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3. JetAudio

Jet Audio

With more than 10M+ downloads on the Google Play Store alone, Jet Audio is among the best free music player apps to enjoy high quality sound on your Android and iOS. The high-rated app has everything you need to play beloved songs, from sound effects to visualizer and audio enhancer.

JetAudio plays most audio formats, such as mp3, mpc, wma, wav, and many more. In addition to the ability to tackle a variety of digital music files, it provides you with high quality sounds and an extensive range of enhancements including reverb, wide, and X-bass.

This best music player app is packed with 32 equalizer presets to provide you with different music experiences. You can also get a crystallizer and audio enhancer for crystal clear audio quality. Sound effects and visualization are available through in-app purchases.

Additionally, JetAudio gives you the option to upgrade to the Plus version. It allows you to unlock exclusive features like 20-band graphic equalizer, display lyrics, and playback speed control.

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4. Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player

Let’s get started with the Pi Music Player. The top-rated Android app comes with rich features that make it one of the most downloaded music players on the Google Play Store. Not only can you listen to banging tunes, but you can also share and edit songs of your favorite.

Pi Music Player is designed with several key features including 5-band equalizer that comes packed with 25 presets, virtualizer, and 3D-reverb effects; ringtone cutter to crop a specific part of a song that you like the most; and Pi Power Share to send audio files anywhere anytime.

This application is built with intuitive controls and beautiful design, paired with four amazing themes to suit your mood—dark, light, black, and gloss. Not to mention you can unlock 25 more backgrounds with in-app purchases.

One feature that sets Pi Music Player apart from its competitor is the ability to organize and play audiobooks & podcasts. It also remembers the last played files and the last position where you left so you don’t have to resume.

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5. Muzio

Music Player - MP3 Player

Muzio is a stylish music player for Android that combines visually attractive design and incredible features. It comes with a boast of a built-in equalizer that helps improve your music experience to another level. You can also play music from all audio formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, and many more.

Muzio is included in the list of the best music player apps for reasons. In addition to all audio format support and powerful equalizer, it has a built-in MP3 cutter with which you can cut the best part of audio songs. Feel free to save it as alarm, ringtone, or notification.

Boost your mood with 30 cool themes and customize your music player with tons of colors on Muzio. It also gives you the option to set your own picture as background or use pre-loaded background skins to make the music listening experience more exciting.

Best of all, Muzio is an offline music player that doesn’t require internet connection to work. It also has gesture sensor that allows you to change song by shaking the device. Whether you are on the bus, in the library, or at home, this ad-free music player can make your day. 

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6. Music Player & MP3 Player by InShot Inc.

Music Player & MP3 Player by InShot Inc.

If you are looking for a music player with incredible equalizer, all audio files support, and beautiful design, Music Player is just for you. This app promises an amazing musical experience to play your favorite tracks anytime anywhere.

This MP3 player boasts a nice and simple interface that allows you to focus on your music. It also comes packed with a variety of equalizer to provide you with high quality sound. Enhance your music listening with various effects such as reverb, bass boost, and more.

Music Player by InShot Inc. works offline so you don’t need Wi-Fi or data to enjoy the songs. It scans the audio files automatically, further it allows you to manage and share your favorite tracks with others. It is also possible to find songs by keywords or play them in the notification bar.

Sleep timer could be one of the best features you’ll love from Music Player. Set the timer so your player will stop playing music when you sleep.

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7. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet doesn’t sound familiar but it can be a great option to play audio files from your Android phone. It is a lightweight, simple, and powerful music player with all advanced features that you need to play good songs at any time.

With Musicolet, you can manage multiple queues while listening to songs. It allows you to create up to 20 queues and wait for your favorite playlist to be played. Thanks to the nice interface and minimalistic design, navigating this best music player app won’t require extra effort.

There are many other features that make Musicolet worth choosing, such as powerful equalizer, folder browsing, earphone controls, and embedded lyrics. You can also take advantage of sleep timers, shortcut feature, and stunning widget that promises faster access.

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8. Poweramp Music Player (Trial)

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is an incredible music player for Android. Designed with a new interface, powerful audio engine, and easy navigation, this is a great application to play your favorite songs in high quality sounds without internet connection.

The features include updated equalizer and effects, direct volume control that allows powerful equalization without sound distortion, gapless smoothing, and 30/50/100 volume levels. It also has light and dark skins to suit your mood.

New navigation is one good thing to find on Poweramp. It has a bottom miniplayer to change tracks or return to the main UI, pinch to zoom, and long press to view the selection menu. You can also pull down to view the current playing list instantly.

There are so many other features to find on Poweramp. Let’s mention 10 band graphical equalizer, parametric equalizer mode, treble and bass adjustment, and system music FX. And if you wish for easier and faster access, widget with various styles can improve your experience.

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9. Lark Player

Lark Player

Are you seeing an offline FLAC player to play the beat on your Android device? If it’s a yes, Lark Player should be on your list. This is a music player and video player that supports all major formats of music and videos, making it one of the powerful apps you can find on the Google Play Store.

Lark Player is packed with preset modes and equalizers, allowing you to personalize and customize the sound effects when playing music. Whether you are into classical, pop, heavy metal, or rock, this MP3 player lets you play the beat.

Using Lark Player, you can manage audio files easily and conveniently. Browse your favorite music by artist, album, year, or genre and feel free to create your own playlist. Furthermore, it supports music lyrics that lets you sing along with the music.

How about doing other things while listening to your song? This best music player app features a floating window that supports easy multitask. It comes in handy to watch a video while sending text or scrolling through your favorite online store.

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10. Flacbox


iPhone users can enjoy high quality sound with Flacbox. Built as a hi-res music player, it is packed with a bass booster and audio equalizer to improve your listening experience. Use this application to open major audio formats on your iPhone or iPad and feel the beat in a lossless format.

With Flacbox, you can move your music to the cloud service or personal storage to free up space. Whenever you want to listen to songs, simply connect to the cloud or download it for offline playback. It also gives you the option to synchronize music library as well as group songs by categories.

This best music player app has professional audio equalizer and presets that are suitable for various genres. Or if you want to adjust the equalizer manually, this application has manual equalizer settings to improve your music.

More advanced features are available on Flacbox, including sleep timer to stop music playback when you sleep, advanced search to help you find your favorite songs, audio bookmarks to mark your favorite audio, and playback speed control to adjust the speed of your song.

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11. Vox


Vox is an FLAC and MP3 player designed for iOS devices. Use this app to play major formats of audio files and feel free to adjust advanced audio settings like equalizer, playback FX, crossfade, bass booster, and more.

When it comes to audio quality, Vox has got you covered. This incredible music player allows you to play music from various genres in a lossless format, so you can enjoy crisp and clear sound. It also has a custom audio engine that promises a better quality.

This all-in-one audio player is designed with a nice and intuitive interface to take your experience to the next level. It supports a variety of music management and transfer features such as iTunes file sharing, playlist management, and music queue management.

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Listening to trending music made simple with the best music player apps. They have everything you need to discover music and podcasts that suit your taste. Get your favorite music player application and live up your life with music anytime anywhere.

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