Is Rainmeter Safe To Use? Find The Answer Here!

by Hashir Zuniga

Is Rainmeter Safe

Nowadays, many people use a laptop and computer to do various activities. Activities commonly used using laptops and computers ranging from typing, searching for information through the search engine, and so on. Because almost every day they use a laptop and computer, users usually want a different, attractive, and efficient appearance. Therefore, many applications facilitate user needs, such as the Rainmeter application. Let’s find out more about Rainmeter and is Rainmeter safe to use on your laptop and computer.

If you want to know is Rainmeter safe to use, you better understand first what is Rainmeter and what are its uses. Rainmeter is an application that can detect the system in Windows on the desktop; for example, the available disk capacity, memory usage, and so on. This application also has many choices of skins that can be downloaded so that the desktop display becomes more attractive. To find out more interesting about Rainmeter, read the discussion below:

What Is a Rainmeter Application?

What Is a Rainmeter

Rainmeter is software to enhance the appearance of themes on the desktop. This application displays various system information; such as CPU, RAM, network, weather, playlist, picture, and others. It looks very attractive and futuristic, similar to the sidebar windows but can be customized according to your liking. The theme is various and can be added by downloading it.

Rainmeter features customizable skins, such as memory and battery power, RSS feeds and weather forecast on your desktop. The skins are even functional; they can record your notes in a neat arrangement, run favorite applications, and control all media players in one interface.

This application is so good and will not bother you, besides you can reset and adjust to your liking. Aside from an application, Rainmeter is also a toolkit. So, there is no limit but your imagination and creativity. This application is also free open-source software. It distributed under GNU GPL v2 license terms. 

Unfortunately, for MAC OS and Linux users have not been able to enjoy this free tool, because Rainmeter is only compatible with the latest Windows XP to Windows 10. If you are using Rainmeter, you have a lot of skin choices, you can make your own skin, it does not need much RAM, and it is free.

Although it has many benefits, many people also often ask is Rainmeter safe to use. It is because applications such as Rainmeter usually have a virus that can harm your computer or laptop.

What Are The Benefits of Using The Rainmeter Application?

Many benefits you can get if you install Rainmeter on your computer and laptop. You will find a lot of information about the status of your computer if you install Rainmeter. This application allows you to find out information such as battery status, weather forecast, online data streams, and much more. The information will look interesting because it follows with the skin you choose.

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You can change the desktop’s appearance by downloading the skin on Rainmeter. Changes in appearance with an attractive skin will make the desktop more attractive. In fact, by installing Rainmeter, you can easily run your favorite applications and records the things you need to do every day.

You can find out the condition of your computer and laptop only using Rainmeter. Rainmeter will notify you of the remaining capacity of your hard drive, CPU and RAM usage only with your laptop. Therefore, you can avoid the problems that Rainmeter has informed.

Is Rainmeter Safe to Use On Your Laptop and Computer?

Rainmeter is very interesting to install on your laptop and computer but there are still many people who doubt about is Rainmeter safe to use. Rainmeter has been tested for security using more than 50 antivirus software and as a result, it has no viruses at all. From these results, the Rainmeter is very safe if used on your laptop and computer.

If you are still asking about is Rainmeter safe to use, the answer depends on your system configuration. Rainmeter is very safe when you download on the trusted website and requires complete verification. However, if you have a low system configuration, you will face difficulties when running the Rainmeter application. If this happens, it means the problem is not from the skin you have downloaded.

Rainmeter is also very light to use in laptop and computer, it is only 1.66 KB on Rainmeter version 3.3; so it does not use much memory capacity. This application also only uses 2% to 4% of your CPU, so Rainmeter is very light.

If you installed Rainmeter but it feels heavy to use on your laptop and computer, it likely derived from too many skins that you downloaded. So that it does not happen, you have to unload skin before you make changes to new skin.

That is the discussion about what Rainmeter is, what are its benefits, and is Rainmeter safe to use. The answer to your doubt is that Rainmeter is very safe to use on your laptop and computer so you can customize the desktop appearance. Now, you already know the answer and you no longer have to worry about using this application. Try installing Rainmeter so it feels like a brand new laptop and computer.

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John Burns January 20, 2020 - 4:24 am

Users should be aware that many weather skins in Rainmeter no longer work as of this week, due to a problem with the weather source. Rainmeter is aware of this and hopefully will find a solution soon.


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