9 Best Dog Whistle Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Dog Whistle Apps

Do you ever wonder how to make a dog obey your instruction? Try dog whistle apps and you will be surprised at how it works well for the pet. The best dog whistle apps are specifically developed to help you communicate with dogs so they will be more obedient, or at least behave a little better.

Abundant dog whistle apps are available on Google Play and the App Store. Unfortunately, many of them are scams because they don’t even work. If you need some suggestions, you have come to the right place. You are about to find 9 trusted dog whistle apps that actually work!

9 Trusted and Best Dog Whistle Apps

Looking for the best app is not an easy task. You might need to read users’ reviews and check on their ratings, so you can decide if an app is really trusted. If you don’t have time for all of it, simply scroll through this page and choose one of the trusted apps below.

1. Dogo – Dog Training App with Clicker

Best Dog Whistle Apps Dogo

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With more than a million downloads, this app becomes one of the most popular dog whistle apps all over the world. In this app, you can find not only whistle feature but also hundreds of dog tricks, games, and a variety of training programs including puppy potty training. Dogo has everything you need to train real dogs.

This mobile app comes packed with a set of features. Let’s mention a built-in clicker, a sound signal when your dog is rewarded. Clicker with a specific whistle sound helps reduce training time up to 40 percent. If you are a novice at puppy training, 100+ tricks coming with this app can give you a lot of inspiration about what to do with the puppy.

In addition to features, Dogo lets you send a video exam to a professional dog trainer. Once your dog masters a new trick, send the video and let the pro trainer give feedback on the dog’s performance. This app offers dog training programs, allowing you to train the dog and build a stronger bond with him.

2. Dog Whistle – Train Your Dog

Dog Whistle – Train Your Dog

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If you are looking for a dog whistle app that allows you to set the sound frequency, this application is surely for you. As dogs are able to hear sound at higher frequency than humans, Dog Whistle is designed to deliver sonic sound frequency ranging from 10 KHz to 20 KHz. Simply set the frequency you want the dog to hear and start your training program.

Dog Whistle comes with a timer, an important feature to train your dog. It also offers savvy tips that allow you to know what should and should not be done while training the pet. A variety of dog games are available to strengthen your bond with the dog. In addition, it features anti dogs barking so you can keep your canine silent.

Much to your surprise, Dog Whistle is a great app even if you don’t own a dog. If you need to keep stray dogs away from your house, dog repellent can be a useful feature. This app is also able to emit sounds that annoy dogs so they won’t come to your house. As a bonus, it has anti mosquito repellent as well as attractive animal sounds.

3. Dog Whistle – High Frequency Generator

Dog Whistle – High Frequency Generator

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You can expect a whistle that generates high frequency sound from this app. This dog whistle application is developed to emit high frequency sound, ranging from 100 up to 22.000 Hz. With this, it will be easier to attract the dog’s attention and train him. It also works well to stop the dog from barking or teach new tricks.

What does it offer? Dog Whistle has a bunch of features to help you train and more importantly, have fun with your pet. It comes with frequency generator that allows you to set sonic sound frequency based on your needs. Whether you want to change the dog behavior or make it stop barking at night, this app will do best.

In addition to features, this app comes with a clicker that can be used to teach new tricks. It also provides you with useful dog training tips so you can be a great teacher for him. Set the frequency and save as a custom whistle for different tricks. Whenever you need it, simply access the history and your dog will do the trick.

4. Dog Whistle – High Frequency Tone Dog Trainer

Dog Whistle – High Frequency Tone Dog Trainer

Download On Google Play

This is a free application that helps train your dog. The simple and well-designed app is built to emit high frequency sound, allowing you to attract the dog attention for easier training. Humans might not hear the sound but it is just perfect for dogs, so you can teach new tricks or change their behavior to be a little better.

Dog Whistle is able to produce high frequency sound that ranges from 100 to 22.000 Hz. Not only does it work well to train or teach dogs, but it also works well to stop them from barking. In addition, you can use the app to repel stray dogs. No more dogs barking at night or stray dogs lurking into your backyard. But, make sure not to harm animals with this app!

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Dog Whistle has got over 1 million downloads and is still counting. With abundant positive reviews on Google Play, this is one of the best dog whistle apps to download on your Android device. This lightweight whistle tool is available for free!

5. Dog Whistle – Frequency Generator

Dog Whistle – Frequency Generator

Download On Google Play

As with other dog whistle apps that generate high frequency sound, Dog Whistle-Frequency Generator is a great app to train your dogs. The app generates audio tone in high frequency that is silent to humans but loud to dogs. This is just perfect to train dogs or teach them a new trick. Simply set the frequency as well as volume and let your dog hear you.

What’s more? As it can generate high frequency that is loud to dogs, the app works effectively to stop them from barking or whining. You can also make the dog silent in case they are too noisy. Another purpose of this mobile dog whistle is that you can keep the dog away with an annoying sound. Just make sure not to use it for too long.

As a bonus, this app comes with a dog clicker that helps train your dog with a new trick as well as dog training tips from professional dog trainers. For your convenience in training the dog, use different commands with specific frequency and save it. This enables you to use the same command with the same frequency in the future

6. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

Download On The App Store

This is a simple whistle to make your dog training more fun and enjoyable. The full-featured app comes bundled with squeaker and clicker as well as 40+ animal sounds that help train your dog. With customizable frequency ranging from 100 hz to 35 kHz, this whistle app is loud enough to attract dog’s attention.

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker comes with several key features, including clicker with 5 different sounds, sound recorder that allows you to record dog’s favorite sound, and dark mode support. You can also take advantage of information on whistle training, clicker training, and obedience training. It also comes with widget for easier access to the whistle, squeaker, and clicker.

How to use the whistle and clicker? Simply set the whistle to a specific frequency and tap whistle icon to start. If you want to use the clicker, just choose how many clicks you want. The click sound signs that the dog is doing something good or correct. You can follow it with a little reward like treat or caress. Overall, iTrainer is a great app to support effective and easy dog training.

7. Dog Whistler – The Original

Dog Whistler – The Original

Download On The App Store

iPhone users must not skip this app when it comes to trusted dog whistle apps. The full-featured mobile dog whistle has been used by more than 30 million users, thanks to a multitude of sound patterns that come with it. You can choose between tone, short beeps, long beeps, or many other sound patterns to train your dog.

Enjoy new features like create ringtone from available frequency and share with friends or community through social network platforms like Twitter or Facebook. You can also use preset frequencies or custom your own and save for later. In addition to new features, it enables you to set an alarm to help train the dog.

Much to your surprise, this whistle works effectively not only for dogs but also mosquitoes. Use the app to repel mosquitoes or annoy other animals with high frequency sound. Please use this app responsibly! If you like what it offers, download on the App Store for free. For additional features, take advantage of in-app purchases.

8. Dog Whistle Free to Train Dog

Dog Whistle Free to Train Dog

Download On The App Store

Do you want to be a dog trainer? Downloading this app on your iOS devices can be a good start. Dog Whistle Free to Train Dog is a simple mobile application that helps train your dog through high frequency sound, allowing you to attract dog’s attention. The adjustable sliders lets you control the frequency emitted by your device.

Whether you want to call the dog, teach him a new trick, or stop him from barking, mobile dog whistle can do anything. The app features a variable frequency tone generator as well as sound level meter that helps you adjust and control the sound. It also comes with saved settings bar so you can save customized frequency for specific tricks.

How to use the app is pretty simple. Choose a series of commands and decide whistle sounds for specific commands. You can also choose a frequency to respond. It is recommended to use a low frequency for right response or higher frequency for wrong response. This app can be downloaded for free but it offers in-app purchases for extra features.

9. Dog Whistle Free Clicker Training and Stop Barking

Dog Whistle Free Clicker Training and Stop Barking

Download On The App Store

Easy dog whistle that works well to train your dog is here! This mobile app comes with high frequency sound that can be used to train dogs or teach them new tricks. Or if you want to stop your neighbor’s dog from barking, this app helps you get rid of the problem.

This dog whistle comes with a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. Choose a specific frequency and get the dog’s attention. Not only does it work for dogs and cats, but it also works for mosquitoes—you can use it as a mosquito repellent app.

Much like other dog whistle apps, it produces high frequency sounds that might be too loud for animals. Remember not to harm your dogs, cats, or other animals as it can cause hearing damage.

Training your dog is getting easier with the best dog whistle apps. Whether you want to call your dog, teach a new trick, or stop neighbor’s dog from barking, these dog whistles will do best.

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