13 Best Microsoft Power BI Alternatives

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Best Microsoft Power BI Alternatives

The presence of business intelligence tools in a business is more than a necessity. Power BI from Microsoft is one of the most popular tools out there. However, you should take a look at these Microsoft Power BI alternatives for more options.

In this article, you will find out why this tool is such a big deal. Other than that, you can find the alternatives of Microsoft’s tools in the first place.

Even though Microsoft seems to provide a go-to tool to analyze your business, it still has a few flaws to highlight. Thus, you better read this article thoroughly and find a better business solution for your company.

Best Microsoft Power BI Alternatives

Power BI is undoubtedly one of those brands that lead the business analytic field. As an on-premise tool, it provides self-service data analysis for enterprise-level companies. Some of its forte features include:

  • Incorporates natural language query tools so that users can make questions by using conversational tone.
  • The Power Query tool gathers and transforms the data and integrates all needed things for analysis.
  • Creating dashboards and reports is easier with the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Seamless integration with Office 365 along with other business tools.
  • Machine learning models.
  • Encourages workflow automation.

Those things mentioned above are just a few things you will get from this amazing business analytic tool. However, some other things may make you want to check out some Microsoft Power BI competitors.

  • Power BI is not for everyone. Unless you understand DAX, this tool will overwhelm you on many levels.
  • So many options – beginners find it hard to find where to start.
  • You need other tools if you use Mac-based devices.
  • Despite the ability to handle a bunch of data, it may turn slower.
  • Impossible to share work if you and the recipients don’t have a premium license, at least.

Microsoft Power BI is a free tool, as long as you use it on your own. Before committing to the paid plans, you can always give the 60-days free trial a try.

Still, it is a great idea if you are looking for other options. The list below will give you a fresh perspective.

1. Tableau


When it comes to a BI tool that comes up with dynamic and eye-catchy visualization displays then Tableau is one you should consider. Putting Tableau vs Power BI side by side will allow you to see the visual differences, big time.

Other than that, this tool might be a combination of functions and a fancy look. It is not a free solution but worth trying on many aspects, as long as you are willing to splurge the money.

Despite the nice-looking display quality, it is quite impossible to use this tool for unclean data. Still, Tableau allows you to enjoy lots of nice things, such as interactive dashboards, high compatibility, support toward various data connections, and many more.

2. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

If you are looking for sources for the Power BI download then you have to make sure that you only get them from a trusted place. Meanwhile, you should try something else, such as Google Data Studio.

This platform won’t charge you for anything regardless of how amazing its work is. You can use this tool for any data that incorporates the GA360 ecosystem. While providing monthly reports, Data Studio appears with an intuitive UI design and useful insights.

This tool might suit those who understand Excel very well and have knowledge about scripting languages – it uses Python and JavaScript). Of course, it offers lots of great things for free. But if your data source doesn’t come from Google then you have to give extra effort to provide ETL and SQL code.

3. Looker


Looker is one of the Power BI similar tools that utilize a more modern approach. Using this tool allows you to integrate, explore, and visualize various data effortlessly.

This tool is highly popular due to its ability to support various data sources. You can also embed the visualization on your websites, other apps, and portals.

Looker is one of the best tools out there and can provide various modeling regardless of the use cases. It doesn’t require any special skill set to use this tool in the first place.

In case you are worried and confused, the community will help you to get through the issues. The only thing that makes Looker a bit segmented is the pricing.

According to users, the price starts from USD 3,000 per month for 10 users – quite expensive for small businesses.

4. Holistics


The Power BI competition is getting tighter especially since Holistics enters the field. This tool is very powerful and won’t require you to use SQL to define reusable models.

This platform features a drag-and-drop design that allows users to get charts through a few taps. Advanced users will find this tool fun too since it allows SQL as well.

Holistics also brings custom filters for a better user experience to slide and dice data. And the best part is that there is no data being stored on the server.

Despite its greatnesses, this platform appears to be more focused on analytical stuff only. It makes the visual part a bit lacking.

5. Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense

There might not be many options when it comes to the Python alternative to Power BI. However, you will find various options if all you need is an interesting BI tool that comes up with exciting visualization abilities.

Qlik Sense is one of those tools that perform excellently when it comes to analyzing your business data. On the other hand, it has a top-notch visualization to make data exploration way simpler.

This tool provides drag-and-drop options, intuitive data prep, and other in-depth features so any business can get insights and share them efficiently. You can try its free version but it has lots of limitations. Meanwhile, the paid plans start at USD 30 per month.

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6. Trevor.io


Other than looking for Power BI desktop download sources, you better give Trevor.io a try. It is well-known for its versatility and intuitive UI designs.

While everything looks simple, Trevor is a sophisticated yet powerful tool in the first place. You can use SQL as well, for sure. To find out how this tool works for your company, you should give the free trial a shot.

However, Trevor might not be the best buddy if your company is more like e-commerce. But feel free to take a peek, though.

7. Ubiq


Ubiq is a Power BI alternative for Mac OS that is worth considering. You don’t need SQL or other coding skills to utilize its self-service data exploration feature.

The UI design is quite intuitive, especially with its drag-and-drop option. It also has dynamic filters to slice and dice all data – everything is shown in real-time. In case you are an advanced user then you can use SQL too.

Ubiq, however, is not a free solution. And some beginners will find the customer support is pretty sluggish. Still, you should consider this option, especially for a top-notch Power BI Linux alternative.

8. Metabase


Meanwhile, Metabase is an excellent tool to consider, especially for those who look for the best Power BI alternatives open source. You can deploy it both in the cloud or on-premises. Another exciting thing about this platform is that non-tech users will find this tool usable.

Metabase is a free solution. Other than being an open-sourced tool, it is also self-hosted. In case you want to try more advanced features, upgrades are available.

There are three paid package options available to purchase. be sure to pick the one that suits your company’s needs and budget, of course.

However, Metabase is not beginner-friendly in the first place. And the query builder is nothing compared to other names on the list – everything is basic.

9. Superset


Is Power BI open source? Yes, it is – a powerful one. But is there any open-source alternative out there? Yes, there is – it’s called Superset.

This tool is a cloud-native platform that will help you analyze your data. Its lightweight size and capabilities to define metrics or dimensions attract many users.

Superset is deployed on the server and the community will always get your back. Also, this tool is free – no subscription is needed. The only thing that makes Superset is not as popular as other tools on the list is the steep learning curve. Still, if you can handle SQL then everything is good.

10. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

Are you looking for the best free Power BI alternatives that provide robust work? Well, Zoho Analytics deserves a spot on that list, for sure.

This tool utilizes a similar interface design to Google Data Analytics. While the paid plan is available, the free version of this tool allows you to get unlimited reports and functional dashboards.

Of course, limitations may apply but it offers more than other names on the list would. In case you want to enjoy other features, you can upgrade your subscription to USD 22 per month.

While some feature limitations appear, Zoho is still a pretty good tool to invest in.

11. Wyn Enterprise

Wyn Enterprise

On the other hand, Wyn Enterprise is not a stranger to IT people. It comes with various tool options to effectively integrate your data and make modeling out of it. It sounds sophisticated but the UI is very intuitive.

There is no information about pricing on its official website, considering it adopts custom pricing models. Still, Wyn enterprise is an excellent choice, especially if you want a simple tool that can do lots of complex tasks.

Other than that, it utilizes extensive security features so that no one can prey on your data. If you are looking for a world-class BI tool for enterprise-level, Wyn Enterprise is a perfect candidate.

12. Sisense


Sisense is software like Power BI that leads the business intelligence field. This tool, on the other hand, is popular among startup companies.

This platform is also the first one that comes with a full-stack solution – offers both visualization and analytic tools at once. On the other hand, it also comes up with interactive dashboards.

It allows easier and more communicative ways to share insights with other team players. The only thing that makes this tool have segment users is its heavy size.

While it suits larger companies with more complex datasets, beginners will find this tool too overwhelming. The pricing also depends on your needs – but it starts at USD 21,000 for five users.

13. BigID


BigID offers a tool with comprehensive solutions. It handles complex datasets very well, which makes it suits larger companies.

This platform also utilizes excellent security and privacy options. Thus, no one can take a peek at the data.

While BigID is not a free solution, you can always use its free trial before committing to a more serious subscription plan. You would love this software for various reasons, such as:

  • Allows you to use a machine-learning system that uses natural language.
  • Supports seamless integrations with various databases.
  • Versatile deployment.

Through those features, BigID can collect insights across the IT infrastructure effortlessly. You should give this tool a shot, especially if you need to analyze lots of datasets at once accurately.


When it comes to the best alternative to Power BI, you will find so many names out there. The software mentioned on the list above might be just a few from many brands out there.

Just like any other app, each software has benefits and drawbacks. As long as there is a free trial to take, you better give the tool a try in the first place.

Before choosing a specific platform, it is crucial to define what to look for in a business analytic tool. Not all tools are created equal, after all. And if you are looking for a BI tool that comes with a series of features similar to Power BI then Wyn Enterprise is a good candidate.

So, what do you think about the Microsoft Power BI alternatives above? Have you tried each tool already?

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