11 Best Parsec Alternatives & Similar Apps

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Parsec Alternatives

Parsec has been known for its ability to connect your smartphone to the desktop. However, some Parsec alternatives are also known for offering a lot more to their users.

Well, sometimes you want to play your favorite game but you just don’t want to sit in front of your computer’s screen. This is when you need Parsec in your life.

The good news is that you don’t need to rely on this only app considering there are tons you can try out there. This is why you will find a list of the best Parsec alternative apps in this article.

The Best Parsec Alternatives and Competitors That Work

Many users love Parsec due to its ability to split displays, offer excellent graphic quality, and allow you to draw on a tablet without dealing with any issue. When you play any game on any device, Pasec also converts the frame rate into 60 FPS.

According to users, there is almost nothing negative about this app. The only thing that could’ve been better is its reaction times, which is quite crucial for gamers.

More than anything Parsec is still one of the best apps. Meanwhile, if you are looking for open source Parsec alternatives or different apps that serve similar functions, below is a list of apps worth a shot.

1. GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW made it on the first row for reasons, after all. This app allows users to connect their Android phones to their PC games effortlessly. Since it uses a cloud streaming platform, everything runs seamlessly.

To make things work all you need to do is to pay for a membership and log into your account from your phone. Later, you can continue where you left your game on PC.

Other than Android devices, this app also works well with several TVs and tablets. Some interesting things about GeForce NOW include:

  • Provides NVidia servers
  • The UI design is intuitive and easy to understand.
  • Compared to other platforms, the gameplay is quite stable.
  • You get high connections for a better gaming experience.
  • Tons of games are available in the library.

However, the connection speed might slow down, which will drain your battery dramatically. Still, this platform is worth-trying, especially if you are “that” game. GeForce now is simply one of the best game streaming Parsec alternative apps.

2. Moonlight


Most of the time, streaming platforms that support remote playing support Android devices unconditionally. However, it might be a bit difficult to find the right Parsec alternative iOS.

So, if you are an iOS user and want to try a game streaming platform that delivers excellent work, Moonlight might be one of the best bets you can make. This app was formerly called Limelight.

This game streaming platform allows you to play your PC games on your phones effortlessly. Also, there is no need to downgrade your game resolution in the first place.

Moonlight delivers 4K graphic resolutions even though you access the game on your phone. It offers several top-notch features, such as:

  • Straightforward UI design.
  • Glorious 4K resolution for better gaming.
  • Totally free.

According to users’ reports, this platform is not the one with the best sound quality. Also, just like any other cloud gaming platform, Moonlight will drain your battery dramatically. Still, it won’t hurt to give this platform a try.

3. Rainway


Rainway is simply the best alternative to Parsec you can find on the market – along with other names on this list. This app delivers a slightly different job, which is connecting your PC games to another.

It also means that you can play your PC games on TVs, Chromebooks, and some smartphones. Thus, playing your favorite games on the go won’t be an issue at all.

All it takes is a decent internet connection. Once you get access to a good connection, you can start playing your game. Other than that, the interface is simple and easy to understand. Some other features may include:

  • You can use your favorite physical keyboard.
  • The execution is nearly perfect yet flawless.
  • Rainway gaming platform provides free services.

Sometimes you will run into issues like slow connections, some bugs, and other technical problems. Still, Rainway is an excellent cloud gaming platform for almost any operating system. Thus, there is no reason to not give this software a try.

4. ShadowShadow

Meanwhile, there is another platform you should give a try if you want to get a better gaming experience. Shadow is the platform name that you have to check out.

You can play as many games as you like because there is no limit at all. Other than that, the streaming game with 4K resolution is not an issue at all.

Using the best Parsec alternatives Mac allows you to get the experience of a high-end device on your phone or other tools in your home. However, your internet connection should at least deliver 15Mbps.

Some other exciting things about Shadow are, such as:

  • Steam and using GOG.
  • The community center is huge and easy to call. A chat box is also available in case you need help with something.
  • It delivers high speed and excellent graphic quality.

Still, it can consume your battery. All in all, Shadow is a worth-trying app for those who love games and want to always connect with their games regardless of the location.

5. Remotr


Have you ever heard of Remotr? This app is generally one of the best programs like Parsec on the market. It allows you to play PC games from your smartphone anytime effortlessly.

This app is free to download and use while providing the same graphic quality as if you play on PC. Remotr is specifically made and developed for game enthusiasts – no wonder if the streaming is smooth.

Other than that, playing on this platform is seamless due to its short reaction time. Thus, playing intensive games will be a lot more fun.

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Users can now customize the controls for every game they play to enhance their gaming experience. Other than that, Remotr also offers various features, such as lightweight app, co-op gameplay, OTC gamepad support, and many more.

6. Vortex Cloud Gaming

Vortex Cloud Gaming

In case you are looking for an impressive platform to play games in the cloud, Vortex Cloud Gaming should be on your consideration list. Just like any other apps on this list, you can play PC games on your smartphones and other mobile devices remotely yet effortlessly.

You don’t even need to own a PC in the first place to enjoy the games offered on this platform. Thus, whether you are looking for a Parsec alternative Linux host or other operating systems, this app will be an ideal choice.

Vortex Cloud Gaming is simply compatible with any system. Other interesting features include:

  • The UI design is attractive and user-friendly.
  • You can access PC games without having a PC.
  • It features low latency while providing high quality.
  • The customer support is easy to reach and quite active to help you with anything.

More than anything, this app is worth a shot in many ways, especially if you have no PC at all. After all, playing PC games doesn’t always mean you have to own a PC, right?

7. Kainy


Another Parsec alternative open source app that you better consider is Kainy. The interface might look too simple but it comes with a bunch of interesting PC games you can play on your phone or other mobile devices.

Other than that, this platform provides excellent graphic quality while you can customize each page for your game. Another interesting thing about this app is that you can connect a physical keyboard through Bluetooth connections.

You would love Kainy for various reasons, such as:

  • It is a cloud gaming platform.
  • You can stream games effortlessly while the graphic is outstanding.
  • It offers VR options too and the latency is fairly low.

The only thing that may annoy you is the sound quality. And just like any other apps on the list, Kainy may drain your battery significantly.

8. RustDesk


For those who look for some Parsec alternatives for Mac OS then this one should be on your consideration list too. RustDesk is quite popular among users and gamers.

You can control your desktop from afar as well as play PC games from your smartphone. However, it comes with excellent security and encryption – thus, you don’t need to worry about any unauthorized access in the first place.

Even though the app is straightforward, you have the liberty to adjust the image quality with a specific tool. So, RustDesk offers various features, such as:

  • File sharing.
  • The app is portable – you can choose which one to download.
  • It comes with VNC Viewer.
  • In case you find some troubles, the help center will be happy to serve.

However, RustDeskt is not a free tool – or at least the features require you to make in-app purchases in the first place.

9. Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna

Amazon has released a gaming platform called Amazon Luna. If you are familiar with Ubisoft content then now you can find the games on Luna too.

This app allows you to access games through a fire TV, Mac devices, and Windows PCs effortlessly. Also, you can access Amazon Luna through your iOS devices.

This app will suit anyone who loves the simplicity of Parsec setup processes. As long as you have an excellent internet connection, supported devices, and game controllers then you are good to play with Luna.

This app was released for those early birds and some interesting features offered include:

  • The pricing options are varied.
  • It has a wide array of game collections.
  • Enhances your gaming experience.

However, your device should support a 1080p display in the first place. All in all, Amazon Luna is a great platform for cloud gaming.

10. Loudplay


Not all remote gaming platforms are compatible with any operating system. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a Parsec alternative android app then Loudplay is an excellent choice. It runs smoothly on Windows, Android phones, and Mac devices.

By that, you can enjoy your favorite PC games on other mobile devices without any issue. In case you want to put it on a bigger screen, you can use an HDMI cable or an Android TV.

The only thing that could use some upgrades is the customer service. All in all, Loudplay is an excellent gaming platform that delivers HD graphics and value-for-money pricing options.

11. Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop

Another remote desktop program that is worth your consideration is Jump Desktop. You can access any software on your computer from other PCs and iPad. As long as you have the IP address then you can use this app.

Other than that, there is no need to purchase expensive gaming rigs to enjoy all the PC games you love. Jump Desktop works excellently as long as you have a high-speed internet connection.

And even though the software seems simple, it serves various attractive features. It supports dual displays and you can use a drawing tablet too. Other than that, the colors and graphics are significantly improved even though you access it on your iPad.

You would find this app annoying and pretty sluggish if your internet connection is not good enough. So, you better make sure that your speed is fast enough for a smooth gaming experience.


There are tons of options you can consider when it comes to other apps than Parsec. After reading the list above, you may find GeForce NOW and Rainway quite exciting to try.

Besides offering excellent graphics, those two options also come with lots of games that you don’t want to miss. Meanwhile, if you want to try something new, Amazon Luna is definitely worth waiting for.

Some users who got early access found the platform quite fun too. The graphic is top-notch and you will find your favorite games in its library.

So, which Parsec alternatives do you like the most? While some apps are free, the paid versions definitely come up with value-for-money features!

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