10 Best Trello Alternatives

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Trello Alternatives

Trello is a great collaboration tool that has been renowned among freelancers and companies. Adopting Kanban systems and workflows, this application delivers a clean interface for all users. However, Trello can be a mess as it has limited functionality. The fact that it also lacks newest reporting, forces you to find the best Trello alternatives that bring similar capabilities.

However, choosing the right substitute for this app isn’t a piece of cake. You have to make sure the tool is trustworthy, flexible, and easy to use so your task management system can be improved. If you are looking for a good alternative for Trello, you should keep reading carefully.

10 Best Trello Alternatives with Kanban System

When it comes to best Trello alternatives, a myriad of choices is available out there. Let’s mention ProofHub that has been around for a while or Fusioo that works great for multiple projects. Worry not, the following substitutes are reliable and professional so you can rely on these applications for team projects.

1. ProofHub

Best Trello Alternatives: ProofHub

As a project management app, ProofHub is an excellent substitute to Trello. It boasts versatility that you can’t find on Trello. This software comes with amazing features, a neat and clean interface, and complete security to ensure your collaboration experience. Whether you need a place for teams, office-conversations, or projects, ProofHub is a great app to mention.

Tons of features are among the reasons why you need to choose ProofHub. The highlight features include task management, workflows, and Kanban boards, discussion and chat, as well as Gantt charts. The application also offers reports that let you know how the projects are professing. This is essential to analyze your plan and monitor its progress.

Additionally, time tracking helps keep track of the time you spent on the task. That means your time management skills will be improved. Things get better as ProofHub is integrated to other cloud storage services including Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and Drive. This integration allows you to save the projects and access easily from any devices.

2. Teamwork

Best Trello Alternatives: Teamwork

If you are looking for an easy program for project management, Teamwork is the one to pick. This software can improve communication, task assignment, and progress tracking for accelerated team’s performance. It has been around since 2007 and has made a name for itself in project management. It makes no surprise that Teamwork is listed as the best alternative to Trello.

You might want to know why Teamwork is worth using instead of Trello. First, it comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface which helps a lot, especially for new users. The software is also brilliant to manage all project sizes, ranging from the small to the big ones. Furthermore, Teamwork features interactive Gantt charts which are powerful to improve communication.

Checking the progress of each member is essential to monitor the whole team’s performance. For this reason, Teamwork comes with the ability to check the availability and progress of each member. The last but not least, this project management software supports integration with Google Docs, Harvest, Dropbox, and Freshbooks.

3. Workzone


Workzone is an entry-level collaboration tool but its performance is undoubted. This software is robust yet less complicated than other tools, especially high-end ones. It makes Workzone friendly to most users, moreover if you just migrated from Trello. The simple project management program, however, offers powerful features to improve your team’s productivity.

Reporting features are essential for a collaboration tool and Workzone knows it well. This program has advanced reporting features that lead to bigger efficiency. It also comes with dedicated workspaces as well as personalized to-do lists to help organize your work. Workzone’s project dashboard gives clear visibility to each person.

As with other project management tools, it enables you to store and share files in the cloud. For a better experience, this software is integrated with DropBox, Slack, Google, and HipChat. Thanks to world-class customer support that allows you to resolve existing problems without a mess.

4. Fusioo


Working on multiple projects can be a real headache, moreover, if you can’t find the right tools to help you out. But now, everything is getting better as you can opt for Fusioo app. This tool can handle multiple projects, allowing you to easily manage the team’s workflow. Even when you are trying to grow business, Fusioo makes sure everything is well-organized.

This project management software helps create a custom online database at lightning speed. Additionally, it lets you manage projects, clients, and share ideas. One of the best parts is the affordable price that is ideal for your growing business.

Fusioo comes with a lot of features, some of them are highlighted as their strengths. It includes a simple interface and real-time communication as well as collaboration. Besides, the software is programmed to back up data every hour to make sure the data are always up-to-date. Fusioo is integrated with other apps such as Gmail and Zapier.

5. Paymo


Boasting a large community consisting of more than 70,000 small companies, Paymo becomes one of the best Trello alternatives you can try out. This software is reliable to manage projects as it helps to collaborate and track time of the project, right from the start to finish. It makes no surprise that Paymo is considered one of the most reliable management tools.

This Trello’s substitute has been widely used by workers in various work fields. Let’s mention creative agencies, software companies, marketing departments, and even freelancers. Paymo is able to show impressive performance as it can store files at a single place so the team can easily access the project files anytime.

In addition to practical file storage, Paymo features a Gantt chart that provides you with an attractive overview of the project’s start date, duration, and end date. It also has price quotes, track expenses, and invoices so you can get a clear insight about the project. Paymo isn’t integrated to many services as it only supports Suite, Zapier, and Hubstaff.

6. QuickBase


Communication is the key to a successful project. QuickBase knows this well, so it provides a management tool that emphasizes easy communication among team members. The cloud-based management system is specifically designed to help you work more effectively and efficiently, thanks to the many features that come along with this service.

QuickBase is a collaboration platform that works as a series of apps. That means the system is highly customizable, so it can be used the way you want. What makes this tool better than Trello? QuickBase encourages users to resolve everyday problems and realize your thoughts into customized apps. It also enables you to update apps whenever the condition changes.

For better communication, the software features dashboards that unlock data among teams. It helps reveal opportunities to improve your business. QuickBase can be integrated with Google Docs, DropBox, Zendesk, and Box. If you are looking for a useful and dependable Trello alternative, QuickBase can be the best option.

7. Podio


Podio brings a new definition to project management tools. Instead of presenting tense and inflexible nuance, this software allows you to customize the dashboard for an attractive appearance. It also lets you choose from a number of apps to enhance the system, so it matches your business. Let’s say that Podio comes to boost your mood while doing the project.

What makes Podio one of the best Trello alternatives? Podio enables its users to create personal apps, making it a perfect choice for software companies and developers. However, that does not mean Podio won’t work well for other businesses. Aside from the previous feature, this program allows you to view status, attach files, and add comments to the running project. Coming with structured processes, Podio encourages teams to synchronize their works.

Not only does it offer excellent performance, but it also presents an intuitive interface. Even if it’s your first time using this software, you won’t find difficulties to learn how it works. Besides, its stability adds more plus points to Podio. For optimized works, this management tool can be integrated with Box, Google Drive, and DropBox.

8. BrightPod


As the name suggests, BrightPod is a tool that brightens up your project. This web-based management software has been used by many digital marketing teams to track time as well as get clear insights about projects, discussions, tasks, deadlines, and many others. Even if you have multiple projects, the online-based program can easily handle it for you.

BrightPod boasts a clean and user-friendly interface for everyone. Learning this program won’t spend all day, allowing you to improve productivity without giving extra headaches. It helps keep track time and display the status of your projects. Not to mention it also displays tasks and lists as Kanban boards, ensuring each person knows the progress of the project.

Improved team communication is another advantage that you can get from this tool. Thanks to a streamlined approach that promotes communication between each person on every project. This world-class management tool has a zero-downtime network to realize smooth projects. A few online services such as DropBox and Google Drive can be integrated with this online-based service.

9. Taskworld


Among a few tools that deliver attractive visuals, Taskworld is one of them and it’s also one of the best Trello alternatives. This project management software has been used by many companies in many industries, thanks to excellent features and a pleasing interface that offers a different collaboration experience. The program helps measure performance, track works, as well as deliver outstanding results.

Taskworld enables you to set due dates, create multiple tasks, and monitor the progress of your project. Thanks to interactive boards that make your dashboard look more appealing. It also comes with drag and drop functionality that works well for comments, tasks, and messages. Additionally, each person can always update the project completion rate.

10. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project

If you are searching for a robust management software, Microsoft Project must be taken into consideration. This collaboration tool can make complex projects much simpler and easier to do. Even if the project has a complex and challenging process, this program can present effective workflows to simplify the process. With this software, you can accomplish any project excellently.

What makes Microsoft Project one of the best Trello alternatives? The software is more agile, thanks to drag and drop navigation for easier use. It also emphasizes on Kanban workflow to ensure work efficiency and productivity. Last but not least, this tool features advanced modules that work well for complex projects. Luckily, Microsoft Project can be integrated with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Google spreadsheets.

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Restyaboard is a very good free Trello alternative, that has the same Kanban features, as well as other views such as a to-do list and mind map. Just as easy to navigate, and worth checking out for anyone looking for a substitute.


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