14 Best Walking Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Walking Apps

Walking might be the simplest and most basic workout to burn calories. Some people try to bring their workout experience to another level by getting the best walking apps that come packed with a bunch of features. With these apps, not only can you achieve better fitness but you can also explore the outdoors.

There’s a long list of walking applications available on the App Store and Google Play Store. While some apps allow you to count steps while walking and during daily activity, others provide you with a GPS tracker to keep you on track even without an internet connection.

Best Walking Apps to Download for Android and iOS

With so many choices out there, getting an app that meets your preference can be daunting and time-consuming. If you need a good reference before making a decision, you’re on the right page. Here are top-rated walking apps with thousands to millions of users that are worth downloading.

1. Pedometer – Step Counter App

Pedometer – Step Counter App

Pedometer is a functional walking app to track your daily steps. With a boast of a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features, this application works well for all ages. Once downloaded on your device, open the app and get your steps counted automatically.

Pedometer highlights a number of features, including offline mode that makes it possible to count your steps without the internet. It doesn’t support GPS tracking, which means you can expect a longer battery life—it comes in handy to track your steps during vacation or travel.

What’s great, Pedometer app supports a calorie counter that allows you to track how many calories are burned after activity. No additional apps are required so you can save resources on your smartphone. With more than 50M+ downloads, Pedometer is one of the most used walking apps on the market.

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2. Map My Walk

Map My Walk

Map My Walk is an accurate, user-friendly walking app designed for Android and iOS devices. It highlights customizable training plans and personalized coaching tips to improve your outdoor activity without extra effort. No less than 60 million users join the community and you could be the next one.

You can do a lot of things with Map My Walk, including tracking and mapping workouts, reviewing workout performance, and keeping in touch with friends to stay motivated. Join challenges and compete with others to improve your skills.

This best walking app is completely free to download but the Pro version is available. Unlock more features like live tracking and personalized training plans by upgrading to the Pro version. You can also enjoy audio coaching if you upgrade to premium subscription.

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3. Pacer Pedometer

Pacer Pedometer

Pacer Pedometer combines calorie tracker and step counter in a single app. Presented by Pacer Health, this versatile application can track your walking, step, and weight loss automatically. All you have to do is download the app, launch it, and let it do the job.

 There are various menus in Pacer Pedometer, such as Trends to track your activity history; Explore to find groups and challenges: Me to track habits and weight; and Plan to personalize your daily exercise plan to achieve your goals.

On top of that, Pacer Pedometer highlights accurate activity and step tracking in addition to calorie burn counter and BMI tracker. It also features auto synchronization to Fitbit and MyFitnessPal for a better user experience.

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4. Walking for Weight Loss

Walking for Weight Loss

Designed specifically for weight loss, this best free walking app offers a professional walking fitness plan to help achieve your health goal. It combines walking exercises and speed up method that effectively burn calories and shed fat in a short time.

Here, you will find a 3-month training plan that only takes 3 to 7 workout days per week. It also includes 3 workout levels that are suitable for users of any level. The intensity of workouts increases gradually so your body can easily adjust with the regiment.

Can’t make it to outdoor walking? This app is designed for both outdoor and treadmill workouts. With the ability to record training progress and customize workout reminders, it offers a great way to build a healthy habit.

What’s interesting, it supports a music play function with which you can play all sorts of music applications. Play your favorite music while doing workouts and keep yourself motivated.

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5. Google Fit

Google Fit

Google Fit is a versatile activity tracker that helps you keep up with a healthy lifestyle. In collaboration with WHO and AHA, this app is intended to improve your overall health by tracking any activities like running, walking, and even walking the dog.

Using this app, you can track exercises from a smartwatch or smartphone. See your progress and meet your goal so you can easily adjust another goal to keep yourself motivated. For ultimate accuracy, it counts all your movements during the day.

Google Fit is getting more attractive with the ability to connect with other devices and apps like Nike+, MyFitness Pal, Strava, and more. Plus, it allows you to keep track of activity history across Fit and integrated apps.

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6. WalkFit


WalkFit is another best walking app primarily used for weight loss. The simple app allows you to select a program and set daily goals so you can shed fat in a short time. With just a few steps, you will be able to see the results within 4 weeks.

This particular app has a variety of key features, including walking distance tracker, pedometer, GPS walking tracker, and calorie tracker. It also supports personalized exercise programs to meet your specific needs of workouts.

Primarily used to count steps, WalkFit supports a capable pedometer. Keep track of how many steps you make each day and maintain your health effortlessly.

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7. Walk the Distance

Walk the Distance

When you are looking for a walk distance app then Walk the Distance should be on the top of your list. Brought to you by Virtual Walk, this useful application helps record the distance of your daily walking or running so you can use it for personal analysis.

To make your walk more attractive, Walk the Distance allows you to add friends to walk with you. Get notification when other users pass you and stay motivated to beat them.

While many walking apps may consume a lot of resources, Walk the Distance is an exception. It doesn’t use power in the background as it pulls data from the Google Fit. That means it only uses resources when you open the application.

Walk the Distance is free to download but the developer provides in-app purchases for additional features.

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8. StepsApp


With more than 10+ million active users across the globe, StepsApp turns your smartphone into your virtual walking assistant. All you have to do is slip the phone into your pocket and this app will do the job to count your steps.

StepsApp features automatic step counting for easier use. Thanks to the widget, accessing this application is so much easier from your home screen. Not to mention it is available in 6 different colors to suit your mood.

What’s more, StepsApp supports Google Fit integration to improve your activity tracking experience. And if you wish to share your achievement with friends and family, simply hit the share button and you are good to go.

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9. AllTrails


Need to log your walk? AllTrails could be the best app to explore the outdoors and track your activity in a better way. With it, you can discover nature across the globe and get the most out of outdoor activities like hiking, bike riding, and walking.

This best walking app supports a vast collection of GPS maps for trails in the national parks. For your convenience, it comes packed with offline maps so it works just great even without internet connection. Whenever you want to start an outdoor adventure, launch this app and let it follow your trail.

There are many other things to find in this app, such as a share button to post your outdoor activities on social platforms, bucket list to save your upcoming adventure, and a favorite to easily access your favorite trails.

AllTrails app is completely free to download but you can unlock the Pro version for more features, such as off-route notification, custom topo maps, and Lifeline to keep you tracked.

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10. Walkster


Are you looking to track your walking? If your answer is yes, then Walkster could be the best walking tracker app to download on your device. Whether you want to shed fat and burn calories or simply promote fitness, this application has ideal features to achieve your health goal.

It comes packed with a pedometer that helps count steps of your daily activity. Feel free to set your daily step goals and make sure to meet them. And if you are more into outdoor adventure, Walkster is equipped with a GPS tracker and map for your convenience.

There are many other things to find in Walkster, such as walking plans and challenges that help you stay motivated. You will also love strength and flexibility videos to watch during your workout session. Even if you’re a newbie, this app makes everything easier for you.

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11. Step Counter

Step Counter

Primarily used as a pedometer, Step Counter is another best walking app designed for Android devices. It uses the sensor of your mobile device to count steps without tracking GPS, allowing you to save energy on the go. But if you wish to track burned calories and walking distance, this is an app to rely on.

Step Counter has so many good things to offer, such as easy to use features and clean design for easier access. It also brings report graphs that work efficiently to check tracked data. Even more important, it neither requires sign-in nor collects your data.

If you’re concerned about losing data, this particular app gives you peace of mind. It allows you to back up and restore data from Google Drive, so you will never lose important information.  

Download on Google Play

12. Walk Tracker

Walk Tracker

Next on the list, you have Walk Tracker app that mainly functions as a pedometer. Not only does it count your steps, but it also tracks your water intake and burned calories. Concerned about drained battery? No worries, Walk Tracker doesn’t use GPS tracking so it’s a great energy saver.

This app allows you to set daily goals for various achievements by considering several aspects, including your weight and height. With this walk at home app, you can enjoy a healthier and more active life without extra effort.

Download on Google Play

13. Walking Tracker by GetFit

Walking Tracker by GetFit

Presented to you by GetFit, this step counter and pedometer can be the best option to build your stamina. It can do a lot of things, from counting your steps and distance to track burned calories and route map.

Walking Tracker is more than a walking app—it’s your personal assistant that keeps you motivated. It includes guidance, tools, and motivation to ensure your goals are met. Also, it offers personalized walking plans which can be customized with your needs.

This application is designed for Android and iOS-based devices and it can be easily connected to your Apple Watch. If you are looking for an app to enjoy the best walking practices then Walking Tracker is made just for you.

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14. Walking Workouts

Walking Workouts

Walking Workouts is among top-rated walking applications to help you burn calories and shed fat. It comes packed with daily walking programs, making it possible to set different goals based on your preferences.

Walking Workouts has 3 different programs with various levels, so it is suitable for users of any level. Whether you are a newbie on a healthy lifestyle or you are full on it, this app has the right program for you.

What’s interesting, you have an option to track your water levels. Not to mention it reminds you to drink enough water throughout the day.

Download on the App Store

Enhance your walking experience with the best walking apps above. There’s a ton of applications that may meet your health needs and preferences, so find the best application of your version. 

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