10 Best World Anvil Alternatives

by Haya Barnard

Best World Anvil Alternatives

When it comes to creating a new galaxy in a fantasy world, World Anvil is one of the best tools you can find out there. But here, you can try some other World Anvil alternatives to build a universe to support your creativity.

Everybody can indeed create a whole exciting new world. Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Lord of The Rings are a few famous examples of how interesting it would be if somebody could perfectly build a whole new world for us to enjoy.

While World Anvil steals the show in many ways, why don’t you try to acknowledge some other options too?

The Best World Anvil Alternatives

Until today, World Anvil is one of the most popular world building tools for game creators and writers out there. Meanwhile, it is not the only option available out there. Below, you can find some best World Anvil alternatives to try.

1. Campfire


The first name on the list of the best world-building tools is Campfire. Writers commonly use the program to build a character and create a world for the characters. Many users love this app for various reasons, such as:

  • Ease of use
  • Everything is customizable, from the characters, events, and even scenes
  • Exporting and importing characters are effortless

Campfire comes in different packages, such as Demo (free plan), Standard (USD 24.99), Pro (USD 49.99), and Pro + Worldbuilding Pack (USD74.99). While you can give it a shot by using the demo plan, the best features are only available for Pro users.

So, is it worth the price tag? Yes, it is, especially if you need a professional assistant to create a thrilling world and appealing characters for your story.

2. World Scribe

World Scribe

Are you a creator who loves fictional settings? If so, World Scribe should be on your list too, especially if you find it hard to organize every setting you’ve created together.

This app allows you to plan and organize all items in your world effortlessly. The creating process comes with a feature to track every element in your universe. Other than that, you can connect each element without worrying about “how”.

As an alternative to World Anvil, this app allows you to organize and plan all things in your universe hassle-free. Every element is trackable, and you can group them according to places, motivation, races, and so on.

If you have stories that involve some sort of complicated connections, World Scribe is worth considering. Also, this app is free and accessible for Android devices as well.

3. Now Novel

Now Novel

Everybody who has ever created a book or game with background stories understands how challenging this thing could be. However, as long as you have the best world builder tool to assist you, every stage will slow smoothly.

Now Novel might be something you are looking for to assist your world creation process. The features are helpful for those who commit to improving your storyline.

This app comes with a dashboard that lets you outline your universe from step one. Since the software is constantly developed and improved, you will enjoy a lot more advanced features in the future.

Nowadays, this program comes with a feature that helps you to plan and plot, just like the digital publishing platform from World Anvil offers. Creating the scene summaries step-by-step is also simpler with the Scene Builder feature.

Another interesting thing about Now Novel is a feature that allows you to build a character like World Anvil. The feature also provides a tracking feature so that every character comes out with consistency.

Now Novel comes with three different plans, starting from USD 15 per month. Of course, you can try its trial version to see whether or not you like the program.

4. Notebook.ai


When it comes to the best world builder software, Notebook.ai is one of those names you must include on the list. This app acts like a normal notebook but you can grow your ideas collaboratively.

This app is suitable for role players, writers, designers, game creators, and anyone who wants to build a rich universe and characters. There are lots of things you can create with this program. Other than characters and the universe in general, you can put floras, creatures, planets, foods, scenes, and many more.

Since Notebook.ai is one of the apps like World Anvil, this app also accommodates your creative brainstorming sessions with questions about anything related to your universe. Of course, you can save all of them in the respective space.

Compared to World Anvil, Notebook.ai offers a more affordable basic plan, USD 9 monthly. Feel free to visit its official website and get more information about each plan.

5. Scrivener


If you look up the list of World Anvil alternatives on Reddit, Scrivener is surely on the list. All kinds of writers use this app to grow their ideas, especially for longer projects.

Moreover, if you come up with a great idea but are not sure where to put it, you must give Scrivener a try. All ideas you’ve written are safe and restorable, in case some inspirations strike later.

Even if you now can only write the details and integrate everything later, the app will do it for you. The outline also supports drag-and-drop moves to ease the process.

Once everything is ready, you can export your work into PDF, Word, or plain files. This program is compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS. Thus, you can work with it on almost any device you have.

The license starts from USD 19.99. However, there is no trial version, which means you have to pay for the license first before using the app. All in all, Scrivener is excellent at creating a structural project.

6. One Stop For Writers World Building Surveys

One Stop For Writers World Building Surveys

Another name on the list of the best world building tools for writers is One Stop for Writers. This app is specifically designed for authors. Transformations and spontaneous fun are what this app wants to accommodate.

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The library itself comes with loads of materials, character planning resources, and stories. Those things are essential to improve the craft of writers.

It will be a huge challenge if you have lots of characters and details without a proper place to store them. Thus, you need One Stop for Writers to do the job.

Meanwhile, if you are not sure about how the story will go, the app will throw you some questions and surveys. Also, the writers can find out interesting information related to specific countries, kingdoms, and so on.

More than anything, the software helps you to build something based on facts even though you will create a different new fictional universe in your book or game. If you are a regular user of World Anvil, this app is no stranger at all for you.

It has a pack of features, such as builders, timelines, scene maps, story maps, and so on. Thus, collecting information is easier and accessible in one place.

One Stop for Writers is among the best world builder apps with a free plan. You can utilize the free version for 14 days, but some limitations may apply.

Meanwhile, the premium version cost starts from USD 9 per month, which is worth considering if you take your project seriously.

7. Kanka


So, what is the best world building tool? Kanka is surely one of the best tools for you who create worlds and universes. Everything you need from a world builder tool is available in this app. And if you are used to World Anvil, this one is an impressive alternative.

Kanka offers a pack of features that help game masters and worldbuilders map their universe. On the other hand, the plan is maintained neatly and organized. Just like World Anvil, you can utilize various features, such as timelines, families, maps, and so on.

Other than that, the app comes with @mentions and tags along with an in-depth permission system. That way, you can track your world and campaign much easier.

Another good thing about Kanka is that the modules are easy to switch. Even complex worlds can be painless with this app. You can run this app on almost any device. Since Kanka is regularly developed, improved features are always ready to enjoy.

Kanka comes with two plans: Owlbear and Elementals. Both are upgradeable and you can add campaign boosters according to what you need if you use the paid plan. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the Kobold plan that costs free.

While World Anvil is a robust tool and highly professional. Kanka, on the other hand, is excellent for those who are just getting started.

8. Microscope RPG

Microscope RPG

Microscope RPG is another world building tool you can use easily and pain-free. One of the best features is creating your back story from various flashbacks.

As its name suggests, this app is designed for game creators who need to create appealing and interesting settings for their games. Also, many users and players can collaborate on the project.

Even though you can record your game, you will need a third-party recording app, after all. Microscope RPG comes with a series of good things, such as:

  • Effortless world building with a speedy process.
  • Suitable for team playing and creations.
  • Mockups are available chronologically.

However, players can add other elements they want to your world. While it is a good thing for collaborative work, sometimes that just adds more challenges to your paper.

9. Plot Factory

Plot Factory

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a world builder online, Plot Factory is worth considering. It comes with a super interactive website that provides features to build narrative stories. Also, you can add music and other sound effects to make it more interesting.

Other features that you would love include online development, group game creation, teamwork storytelling, character creations, and so on. Keep in mind that this site is an online collaborative space for your team. Its online community is pretty huge as well.

Many writers have used this online tool to make a compelling narrative for their universe. Some good things about this app include:

  • Available for almost all devices.
  • You can export your work to Docx and ePub.
  • It has a word stats tracking tool.

10. Evernote


If you are looking for one of the best fantasy world building tools, Evernote should be on your consideration list. Even though this tool is more about taking notes and keeping your schedule organized along with your to-do list, some features may come as ideal for worldbuilders.

Besides its capability in editing and organizing your works, this app comes with a browser extension that provides top-notch features. You can clip content and images from the internet and save them in the app for references.

Some good things about this app include:

  • Multi-device sync.
  • Best organizational system out there.
  • Advanced search is available.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Suitable for collaborative works.

Evernote offers free and paid plans. The best choice depends on how you will use the app in the first place. Its business plan, for instance, provides an excellent service for team users.

However, some limitations may apply if you prefer the free plan. While this might be good enough for writers, it won’t do lots of work for game creators who need real-time updates and mockups.

Bottom Line

Creating a world or universe according to your plan is fun and interesting. However, the process may catch you in complicated connections, especially if you nurture many characters with different personalities.

This is why you need to utilize the best tool that supports your worldbuilding process. While lots of software options are available out there, many users may prefer a certain app; World Anvil, for instance.

While World Anvil can fulfill the needs of every writer and creator in the world, there is nothing wrong with trying new apps. Some apps even come with open source world building software.

Knowing the list of other apps above may hopefully introduce you to other options of World Anvil alternatives. Some of them are more affordable, while others simply offer more convenience for specific writing styles.

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