How to Block / Skip Hulu Ads [5 Ways]

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Block Hulu Ads

Internet has brought a lot of convenience in many aspects of life, including entertainment. In this sophisticated era, you can watch your favorite TV show in almost everywhere. Thanks to a variety of internet streaming sites that make this happen. When it comes to the streaming site, Hulu becomes a popular choice among Americans and Japanese. Yet, Hulu ads won’t let you watch the show peacefully. Then, How to block Hulu ads?

The one and only solution to get rid of Hulu ads is by blocking or skipping them. Many ways are available to keep the annoying ads at bay. Unfortunately, only a few people know how to block or skip ads from Hulu streaming site. Check out ways to block the ads below and enjoy your favorite TV show without interruption!

How to Block Hulu Ads

If you are among big fans of Hulu, you know how annoying it is to see ads pop up when watching your favorite show. Do you always try to find effective ways to get rid of ads? From now on, you don’t need to feel annoying experience while accessing Hulu. After reading this, you will be able to enjoy streaming without disturbance from Hulu ads. Here are 5 life-changing ways of how to block Hulu ads that you should know:

1. AdBlock Plus

Ad Block Plus

The first method to resolve your Hulu ads problem is by using a browser plugin. Adblock Plus is a browser plugin that helps block the ad. Yet, Adblock Plus does not actually remove the ad as it only replaces with a blank screen. If you don’t mind to see a blank screen on your computer or smartphone, AdBlock Plus may be a good choice to go.

Adblock Plus is quite effective if you don’t want to see one of those Hulu ads. Unfortunately, some movies or videos may not play when you are using this plugin. If you find this problem, simply disable the plugin temporarily. As result, you may still see some ads while watching the favorite show.

2. Blokada


If phone is your life, the chance is that you watch videos or movies through the phone. Aside from being practical, this also allows you to use wider choices to block the ads. There is an effective way to get rid of Hulu ads on smartphone using apps. Blokada is a third-party application for Android that can block ads when you are watching Hulu.

To enjoy the features of Blokada, simply download and install the app. Open the downloaded application and tap Blacklist. Tap Goodbye ads and Hulu ads will be blocked right away. Blokada works well for some ads but not all of them. If you are familiar with Ad Block Plus, you won’t find difficulties when using this app.

3. Enounce MySpeed

There is another way to block Hulu ads using the software. Enounce MySpeed is a software that can be opted to get rid of Hulu ads. Technically, the software does not block the ad but speed it up. Yes, if you cannot block it, bring it fast forward. Enounce MySpeed can do a great job to speed up ads on Hulu, thus you don’t need to wait for a long time.

However, there is no free lunch in this world. This versatile and impressive application charges you $29.99. If you want to know how effective it is, get a free trial of 7 days and make your own decision subsequently. You will be surprised of how this software is what you need to skip the ads. The price is quite reasonable as you can watch your favorite show with only minor interruption after purchasing the software.

4. Refresh the page

Do you need something more practical? If you don’t want to install any plugin or purchase application, this method is an effective way to get rid of Hulu ads. Simply refresh the program page and it will shorten the ad. It is true that the method does not actually remove the ads. Instead, it shorten the length.

You know that Hulu ads vary in length depending on video duration. The higher chance of ads is 4 minutes, which can give you annoyance while waiting for the streaming video or movie. By refreshing the page, you don’t need to watch the entire advertisements.

5. Skip when opening two tabs

This may sound a little bit tricky for you. To get rid of Hulu ads, you can open two tabs to watch the same program. Start with opening two tabs of Hulu. Mute the second tab and forward the show to the first ad marker (it usually comes in a different color on stream bar). Open the first tab and watch your movie. When ad starts to play on the first tab, mute it and go to the second tab.

Go back to the point where you were interrupted and start watching from that point. If you don’t mind with these tricky steps, this way is pretty effective to avoid ads on Hulu. The second tab may have already played the ads, thus you would be watching from the point where the ad finished.

6. Go Premium

Hulu Plus

The last but not least method to block Hulu ads is by purchasing a Premium version of Hulu. As you know, the premium version eliminates add popup while you’re watching the movie. Besides, this version also provides a wide array of services to customize your experience.

Hulu Premium version is starting at $11.99 per month. This price is reasonable and worth it as the premium version effectively removes long ads from your Hulu. Don’t call yourself the biggest fans of the TV show when you don’t have this Hulu premium version.

Amidst the choices above, which one do you like the most? Basically, the applications are similar as they function to avoid annoying apps or at least speed them up thus you don’t spend time watching them. Either you want to go premium or choose to save the purse by downloading a free plugin or third-party application, the decision is in your hand.

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