Your iPhone Randomly Vibrates? Here’s How To Fix It

iPhone Randomly Vibrates

It must be irritating when you find your iPhone randomly vibrates. And when you check it out, there is no notification or else. The problem can be in the device, but you may be missing something.

Just like the other smartphones, the iPhone also has some notification modes. You can turn the Silent Mode on by switching the button. If you see the orange sign, it means your iPhone is silent. You can also set the vibration, both when it rings and it silent. The problem is when you set the vibration off, but it is randomly on. Even more if nothing notification.

What Makes iPhone Randomly Vibrate and How to Stop

Some vibrations may be caused by many things. But if you didn’t remember that you set it that way, then you can try methods below to solve the problem:

1. Mail Notification

You may set your iPhone in silent mode. And you are sure that the notification is also turned off. But your iPhone randomly vibrates still. Maybe you forget to set the vibration in the mailing. It is not hard to see. Just go to Settings, then Sounds, then New Mail. Choose the ‘Vibration’ and set it to ‘None’.

Mail Notification iPhone No Vibrate

There is another method. In the Setting menu, go to Notification Center, then Mail. You will see the account(s), then choose the one you use for email. Set the Alert Tone and Vibrate to None. If you have more than one accounts, do the same to each account.

2. Restart the iPhone

You can try to restart the iPhone. But what you need to do is force restart, not default restart. It has a different way in each iPhone version. For the iPhone 6 or older, hold down the Home and Sleep button for 10 seconds at the same time. It is the same for iPhone 7/Plus. Just change the Home button with the Volume Down button. Wait until you see the Apple logo.

Restart the iPhone

A little different for iPhone 8 or later. You can hold the Volume Up button then release it. Do the same to the Volume Down. Then hold the side button, wait until you see the logo, release. This method often works to solve the iPhone randomly vibrates problem.

3. Use a New and Original Charger

Fix iPhone Randomly Vibrates Using Original Charger

Your iPhone can run normally. But when you charge it, then the iPhone randomly vibrates when it is. The possibility is that the charger or cable has broken. You can overcome the problem by changing the tools. Make sure the tools you use are the original.

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4. Make Sure iPhone is Dry

Make Sure iPhone is Dry

A liquid can cause the iPhone to be damaged. It can unnoticed enter the device. The most vulnerable area is between the buttons. So, make sure it is not wet or even dank. You can put the iPhone in the pile of rice and hoard it. Rice is known can absorb the water content in the electronic device. Just wait until you are sure it is really dry. Then look out if the iPhone still vibrating.

5. Let the Battery Run Out

iPhone Battery Run Out

After trying any solutions and nothing worked, you can still try this one. Let the iPhone’s battery runs out and completely off. This may take a long time because you can do anything else but wait. Make sure that the iPhone is off and stop vibrating. Then charge it until full. It should be normal after that.

How to Take Care of Your iPhone

Sometimes, the unpleasant things that happen to the iPhone are caused by the user. The example is about the case of the iPhone randomly vibrate. You can be not aware have treated the iPhone incorrectly. These are the tips you can try to take care of your iPhone.

1. Take Care of the Battery

The first thing you can do is to make sure that you use the original charger. Don’t use the knockoff one even if it is cheaper. So with the battery. Change the battery if it has broken. Keep using the broken battery maybe affect the other hardware.

2. Clean the Ports

The charging port can be dirty and dusty. So if you have trouble when charging, you need to check the port. You can also use compressed air. The microphone and speaker also need to notice. Use a brush to clean it. Do it carefully. And for you, the iPhone 6 or earlier user, the headphone jack is also a thing. Don’t forget to clean it regularly.

3. Use Assistive Touch

iPhone Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch is an accessibility shortcut. You can do things by only once tap. Restarting the device, locking the screen, and adjusting the volume is the example that can do with Assistive Touch. To activate it, you can go to Settings. Then to Accessibility and choose Assistive Touch. Use Siri and give it a command, “turn on Assistive Touch”. It is done.

iPhone randomly vibrates must be an annoying thing. So keep your iPhone still maintained before the undesirable things happen. But if it has happened, it is time to fix it.

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