How To Fix Google Contacts Not Syncing on Android

Google Contacts Not Syncing on Android

Contact is an important thing in communication. Especially when Android technology appears, Google provides contacts that can be stored online. But sometimes, Google contacts with Android are not synchronous, which will make users difficult. The following are ways to overcome Google contacts not syncing on Android.

Google Contacts Not Syncing on Android, Here’s How To Overcome It

1. Enable Google Account Sync

One of the causes of Google contacts can not synchronize with Android because Google account synchronization is not activated. Yet to synchronize Google contacts you must first enable Google Account Synchronization. To enable synchronization of a google account can be done in several steps. The first step is to open phone settings on Android.

Enable Google Account Sync

Then find options for the account by scrolling down. After that Tap on your Google account. Usually, if you’re on an Android phone, this will be on top of the list. Tap on the Sync Account button. After that, the phone will show you a list of Google products that are on your Phone.

That way the account can be synchronized with all platforms. In addition, this search will show when the last time a product was synchronized. To ensure synchronization has been successful you will see the results through

2. Clean Cache From The Contacts Application

The next way to overcome Google contacts not syncing on Android is the Clean Cache from the Contacts Application. Because the phone is full of caches will be disrupted by some functions of the application including Google Contacts.

Clean Cache From The Contacts Application

This will be done by clearing the cache on the application so that the application can reboot and synchronize. The first step is to enter the phone’s settings. Almost the same as the previous way, look for application options by scrolling down. Then choose the contact application and touch on the storage menu. If successful, two clear data and clear cache menus will appear.

But this time choose the clear cache menu. After it works, go to settings and look for the account menu. Then press on the Google Accounts menu and synchronize by pressing Sync Account. That way if all the steps have been done then the problem can be overcome.

3. Uninstall And Reinstall Google Contacts App

The third way to overcome Google contacts not syncing on Android is to uninstall and reinstall the application. If the two methods did not work then try this one method. Usually, if the application cannot function properly there is an error in the application. So it is better to just uninstall the old application and install it again so that its function can return to normal.

Uninstall And Reinstall Google Contacts

To do this, the first is to uninstall the contact application from the phone. If it is successful, then enter the Play Store application and search for the same application. If you have found it then download the application to do the installation again. After that, check whether the application shows a list of contacts from the device or account.

Then select the menu (3 dots) to be able to switch from an account to a device, or display all accounts. If you already press the manage accounts menu on this device. From here the account synchronization process can be carried out.

4. Delete and Set Up a Google Account

The last way that can be done to overcome Google contacts not syncing on Android is to delete and prepare a google account. This method can be done if the third method still does not work. From there it can be ascertained that there is no problem with the contact application but rather on the Google account.

Delete and Set Up a Google Account

The first step to do this is to enter the phone settings. After that, look for account options and touch on a google account. After that, choose to remove the account and return to the screen menu. Then open the contact and sign the application with the Google Account.

That way the application will refresh again and add contacts from the account. If this method is successfully carried out, then this problem can be overcome.

That was 4 ways to overcome Google contacts not syncing on Android. Indeed, existing contacts on the phone or Android will be better if it can be synchronized with a Google account. Besides being more practical, saving contacts on a google account will be safer. So that when the contact on the phone is lost or deleted it can still be restored with a google account. That way the user of this phone can stay in touch without worrying about losing contact when the phone has a problem.

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