13 Best PancakeSwap Alternatives

by Hashir Zuniga

Best PancakeSwap Alternatives

Today, you will find many names of PancakeSwap alternatives out there. Along with the increasing popularity of Defi, developers try to create more options of decentralized exchange platforms or DEX.

The presence of those platforms allows you to swap different crypto tokens with other people effortlessly. Some of them come up with beginner-friendly UI designs but you will also find platforms specifically designed for pro enthusiasts.

Well, you will find a list of PancakeSwap competitors below. But before that, you should find out more about PancakeSwap in the first place.

PancakeSwap in Brief

PancakeSwap is a DEX platform that allows you to swap with other users’ tokens. This platform was developed through the UniSwap open-source code. However, some differences may show up, in a good way.

Instead of running within the Ethereum blockchain, this platform is more about the Binance Smart Chain. By that, you can swap dApps and BEP-20 tokens effortlessly. PancakeSwap was quite slow when it came to development and popularity. However, today it has been one of the most popular DEX places out there.

Generally, you would love PancakeSwap on many levels. It charges 0.2% per transaction – it is part of the affordable spectrum, after all. Other than that, you don’t need to pay anytime you withdraw. Besides, the gas fees are appealing, considering it sits on Binance Smart Chain.

This platform is popular due to its clean UI design and user-friendly features. You can connect your account to wallets, such as Binance Chain Wallet, MathWallet, and MetaMask.

However, it will be a bit complicated to convert the ERC-20 to BEP-20. The process is doable but beginners won’t be happy with that. So, looking for an alternative platform to PancakeSwap could be a good idea.

The Best PancakeSwap Alternatives

You are lucky because tons of options are available nowadays – the number is bigger than a few years back. Developers also seem to compete with each other to provide a better experience to trade tokens through DEX.

Below is a list of competitors and alternatives to PancakeSwap. Some of them have similar interface designs, after all. Be sure to pick the one that suits you the most, not just because it is the most popular!

1. UniSwap


The first name we have on the list is Uniswap exchange. This platform is an Ethereum-based DEX that supports E-20 tokens for swap.

Until today, this platform is highly popular among others on the list. While many platforms are lacking in liquidity, UniSwap doesn’t await the sellers and buyers to make it liquid. The platform will simply swap the tokens.

You can purchase at least 5,500 tokens on this platform. Other than that, there is no need to run a KYC verification process in the first place. By that, you don’t need to show any personal identification item at all.

Keep in mind that many users may enlist fake coins to trick new inexperienced comers. But if you are looking for a platform that offers a fast process and various token types, UniSwap is what you need.

2. dYdX


This decentralized exchange list is full of great platforms. On the other hand, dYdX is one of the best names that stand out in the crowd.

As a platform that focuses on leverage trading, users find dYdX unique and more appealing compared to other Defi players. You will get plenty of access to experience margin and spot trading.

Other than that, this platform comes with a straightforward UI, especially for those who have been using centralized exchange platforms a lot. On the other hand, dYdX also offers a smooth UX, which lifts your experience using this platform.

Perpetual contracts, on the other hand, are one of the features offered by this platform. It allows you to speculate on assets even though they’re not part of Ethereum. You should give this platform a try, for sure.

3. SushiSwap


Are you up for the PancakeSwap vs SushiSwap comparison? Well, it won’t be a comparison but you will find fun facts about this platform.

SushiSwap is another exciting yet excellent platform in the Defi environment. Just like most Defi platforms on this list, you can swap various tokens with each other effortlessly.

As its name suggests, this platform also holds a native token called SUSHI. SushiSwap copied UniSwap’s open-source code. Thus, you may find many things that feel similar to UniSwap in the first place.

This platform promotes an effortless yet minimalist process. Besides, the UI design is beginner-friendly and brings the simplicity side at its best. Considering swapping tokens in SushiSwap is modest, both pro users and newcomers will enjoy the experience.

4. 1Inch


If you have been swimming in the DEX pool then you might be familiar with 1Inch. This platform is an alternative to PancakeSwap that offers the lowest fee. As of today, this platform supports thousands of tokens across multiple digital money platforms.

According to users, this platform won’t charge for deposits, exchanges, and withdrawals. The only cost you have to pay for might be charged by another DEX to take care of the transaction.

Generally, 1Inch is an excellent DEX platform. However, it is not as beginner-friendly as other platforms on this list. Still, you have plenty of time to understand how the functions work after a few moments.

5. Serum


Let’s keep it clear; even though Ethereum can be the best DEX for years, this platform is not the only place that comes up with smart contracts and decentralized apps. Solana, on the other hand, has developed a strong environment and provides a few viable alternatives.

Serum is one of Solana’s projects that can be seen as a place to trade and make money. Through Serum, the company wants to establish a DEX platform that boosts user experience and performance.

If you open the platform, you will find that the UI design is like a one-stop centralized exchange – but it’s a DEX instead. The dashboard provides a lot of information, such as order books, price lists, and many more.

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Serum is one of the new players in the DEX universe. Yet, it has a lot of potential ahead. Feel free to give it a try but be sure to check out the guidebook in the first place.



DODODEX is another platform worth considering in the Defi environment. It is not necessarily a free PancakeSwap alternative but this platform provides better services to minimize any temporary loss risk.

According to the users, DODO is amazingly flexible. It doesn’t require users to deposit two tokens for liquidity – one is enough, though. Other than that, you may get the benefit of slippage reduction. Your orders are at better prices.

Of course, this platform has its own token called DODO. Until now, DODODEX has been on Binance and Ethereum smart chain. It is a good place for starting your token trading journey too.

7. Binance DEX

Binance DEX

Talking about the best decentralized exchange app that provides lots of benefits for the users, you should also check out Binance DEX. Binance itself is a popular centralized exchange platform.

Today, it has Binance DEX to hegemonize the DEX market. Generally, this app is still green; it might not be wise to compare it to PancakeSwap or even UniSwap.

But, you can take this platform into consideration, especially if you want to try a new place for token trading.

8. Raydium


Of course, the best DEX crypto depends on your trading style and personal preference. However, if you are looking for another place to consider investing in tokens then Raydium is one of those places.

Developed under the umbrella of Solana Blockchain, this DEX utilizes the automated marketing technique. The presence was initially designed to accommodate any decentralized financial service in the Solana universe. Last year, it attracted at least $1.5 billion – impressive, right?

If you plan to get into this universe then you may need to focus on Solana blockchain-based tokens instead. You will make money through liquidity and staking. Furthermore, check out the website and find out whether it suits your style.

9. Coinbase


For beginners, Coinbase is one of the best decentralized exchange platforms. The interface is intuitive while it provides thorough educational material. Besides, you will be happy with this platform’s security.

Other than that, this platform provides a straightforward buying process. It seems like you can trade almost any kind of token as well.

Later, after you want something more than the basics, you can upgrade your membership to Coinbase Pro. However, the costs are higher than others on the list. The fee structure is also not as simple as others could offer. Still, Coinbase is one of the best places for starting your DEX journey.

10. Kwenta


Many platforms have become similar to PancakeSwap – and UniSwap, considering this platform is the open-source one. Meanwhile, if you are looking for similar things but come with better offers then you should consider Kwenta. This platform allows you to trade Synths.

What is Synths after all? Well, this one is a type of token that allows you to track other asset prices. Synthesizers also allow you to get your way to Bitcoin, stocks, other crypto tokens, and indices within the Ethereum galaxy.

By using this platform, you have a chance to speculate of various different access inside Ethereum. Other than that, there is no slippage due to its exceptional liquidity model. Go check out Kwenta, everyone.

11. Curve Finance

Curve Finance

You may have heard of several apps like PancakeSwap out there. However, Curve Finance is one of the few platforms that allow users to exchange tokenized stablecoins.

Swapping different stablecoins is effortless with Curve Finance; it has 15 Curve pools that support this activity.

However, Curve Finances is not the most effortless and straightforward tool to use. You need some time to get used to everything on the screen. Thus, this might not be the best choice for newbies. If you are willing to take the chance and learn about the basics, you will thrive on this platform, after all.

12. QuickSwap


The next PancakeSwap competitor is called QuickSwap. This one is quite popular among traders that get the prices from anywhere but Ethereum. By that, users can get faster and more affordable transactions, especially compared to the Ethereum galaxy.

Of course, this platform was created through the open-source code of UniSwap, just like other similar platforms. This thing allows you to get a more familiar UI design and enjoyable experience in the first place.

Another thing that makes QuickSwap popular is the additional basic AMM function. It enables liquidity mining as well as DEX starters. You can swap different tokens within the Polygon blockchain. Feel free to check out this platform and find out whether you like it.

13. Compound


When it comes to the best Defi platforms, you should consider Compound as part of the list too. This platform also supports tokenizations of assets sealed in it.

Other than that, you may receive interest with terms and conditions applied. Today, Compound supports various types of tokens across 12 markets. Generally, this platform is one of those places you won’t get charged for any transaction. But, the Gas fees are still in your tab.

This platform is not the most straightforward one on the market, especially for newcomers who commonly use Binance and Coinbase. And if you are also a newcomer, it may take some time to find this platform intuitive.

Still, Compound is one of the best places if you are looking for a robust yet beneficial Defi platform.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to DEX platforms, you will find a lot of alternatives that will suit various ways of trading. It is also crucial to pick the right platform, especially if your main purpose is to generate financial benefits.

Along with the rising popularity of the Defi environment, you will find so many competitors and alternatives of DEX platforms, after all. Many of those will offer cheaper costs, faster liquidity, and many more.

But those are not the only things you have to consider. Make sure that the platform suits your style, provides great benefits, has lower risks, and is trusted. So, which PancakeSwap alternatives do you prefer the most?

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