How To Share A Tweet On Facebook Easily

by Hashir Zuniga

How To Share A Tweet On Facebook

Twitter is the best pitching place. If Twitter is a pitch, then Facebook is the Elevator. You will meet your friends or colleagues in the elevator, so you need a good pitch. Meanwhile, if Facebook is so related to Twitter, then the user needs to know how to share a tweet on Facebook.

People around the globe are falling in love with Twitter. Not one-sided love because Twitter replies it in a thousandfold with the connection to other people. It’s very easy, cheap, practical and most importantly high impact. Today, we will discuss how to share a tweet on Facebook and why people should do it.

Reasons Why Twitter and Facebook Must Connect

The big picture of Twitter is engagement. People who use Twitter must monitor and manage their timeline. Therefore, you cannot just drop a quote or a post and then leave it for weeks without even looking at it. Engagement means you connect and interact with your link. So, Twitter’s culture is engagement.

People like bloggers, businessmen, online shop owners, or celebrities will love to connect with their followers to share information or inspiration. Before Twitter was a hype, Facebook comes first. So, it is hard to leave Facebook or even delete our Facebook account.

To avoid your Facebook’s wall to become empty, simply share your tweet and link it to the Facebook account. Blogger tends to use Twitter to inform the world about their new posts. This way, you don’t need to do multiple posts on your social media account. You can share the same information at the same time and gain multiple reactions.

As mentioned before that Twitter is the best pitching place, a restaurant owner should have this one. A restaurant owner can drop a quote in their timeline and then share it with Facebook account for more pictures. In this way, you will be active in all of your social media.

We often hear people talk about the power of the hashtag. Twitter is the one who can do that best and not Facebook. When there is something happening, you can share that hashtag thing to your Facebook too. So, the information will spread wider in an easy way. Awesome, isn’t it?

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Here’s How to Share A Tweet on Facebook

The world today is about connection, so why not connect to Twitter and Facebook. With these two connected, your post will reach your follower in two accounts at once. Below are 2 ways about how to share a tweet on Facebook:

1. Share A Tweet by Connecting Facebook to Twitter

This way is useful to share every post in your timeline to Facebook account at the same time. First of all, you need to connect them. Login to Twitter and go to settings menus. There, you will find the Apps tab then click connect to Facebook. Don’t forget to click OK to finish the process.

Connecting Facebook to Twitter

Now, your tweet and retweet will appear on your Facebook wall. It’s pretty easy but has a huge impact. Especially if you are a blogger who wants to enhance the web or blog. Meanwhile, for bloggers, ideally, you must post at least once a day. Then to promote it, you can use post-it also on Twitter.

2. Share Tweet by Simply Copy It to Facebook

Some people think that linking Twitter and Facebook is not a really good idea. It’s all because Twitter and Facebook have different cultures. And yet, most people love to share their posts on every platform they have. For example, you find news or tips that you think is important for you and your followers. You can just share it.

Generally, you will share it without even thinking twice. If the situation is like this, Twitter and Facebook don’t have to be linked. All you have to do is find the tweet and share them by clicking the down arrow. You can find it on the right side of the tweet. Next, “Embed Tweet” will redirect you to a new page.

Copy the link, and then go to your Facebook.

Embed Tweet to Facebook

Simply create a post with this link, of course, add your personal comment on it. Delete the link after the Twitter preview appears on your wall.

Embed Tweet to Facebook

Well, as simple as that of how to share a tweet on Facebook. Make sure your tweet is useful and inspirational. Strictly avoid something harsh or racist because of Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes, Twitter’s user is a judging person. You know how people on Twitter with their bad judgment, don’t you?

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