How To Fix AirPods Case Not Charging

by Hashir Zuniga

AirPods Case Not Charging

Many people agree that Apple’s AirPods are the greatest pair of buds ever. It is not only the wireless earbuds, but you can control your entire life through it. You are able to make a phone call, playing the favorite playlist, until you use Siri. However, this technology sometimes shows trouble. One of the common issues is the AirPods case not charging. Once it matters, you won’t feel good like before.

Usually, the user realizes that their AirPods case not charging when its battery gets low. The low battery is indicated by a tone that occurs. The sound will come out again for the second time before the buds are totally run out. If it happens, you have to put the buds into their case. In a normal situation, once the buds are fully charged, you can use it again for 24 hours of listening time or about 11 hours for talking. But, when the AirPods case doesn’t work well, it prevents charging at all.

How to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging

As you know that Apple designed the AirPods are able to charge themselves independently inside their case. But when the case doesn’t perform as it uses to be, you probably need to try one by one of these options:

1. Clean the AirPods and the Case

Clean the AirPods and the Case

Cleaning the buds and the case is the simplest way to overcome your problem. If there is dust, dirt, or any material covering the metal contact might cause trouble. You can blow dry air into the ports so the debris will go away. Or, wipe the surface using a dry cotton swab. But, remember, when you are trying to clean it, you need to unplug the power source first and avoid using a hard or sharp object which can damage the metal surface.

2. Charge the Case

Charge the AirPods Case

When you are buying Apple’s AirPods, you have to make sure the case supports wireless charging. The way to check it is by seeing the LED light. If you see the light on the outside case, it means your case is able for wireless charging. But, if the light occurs inside, it doesn’t. For the wireless charging case, you can charge the AirPods on the go. There is a battery built inside the case.

When the AirPods case not charging, you probably need to charge the case. Plug the Lightning cable into the connector and plug the other parts into the USB or wall charger. Wait for a couple of hours so it would be fully charged.

3. Do a Reset

Reset Your AirPods Case

Doing troubleshooting isn’t always to be necessary, but sometimes it is the best thing to do. By resetting the AirPods case, you can clear the operating system then fix the charging problem. If you want to do this, follow several steps below to complete the process:

  • See the backside of your case, then press and hold the setup button.
  • When the light gets amber, let go of the button. The light will turn into a white flash after that.
  • Now you should charge the battery case for a couple of minutes.

4. Check the Cable and Its Connection

AirPods Case Charge Cable

A problem can also come from the cable. We don’t recommend you use a non-Apple charging cable. The original cable is white and made from a smooth plastic, not fabric. If you already used the original one, but still not perform well, then it is time to check the cable. Perhaps, the problem comes from the port. Try to plug it into your AirPods case and ensure both connections are tight.

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When there is nothing happening, you can unplug then plug it again. Or, flip it over and plug it back in. Another possibility is from the power outlet. Check the source is working properly. You can test it by plugin into other devices. If the other devices are charging, it means your source is okay. Then, here, you know the root of your problem.

5. Remove the Cover

AirPods Case Cover

Some people use a cover to protect the AirPods case. But this can make the AirPods case not charging properly. Since the cover is thick and bulk, it probably interferes with the power transmission. Thus, you should take out the cover when it is charging. Check whether the AirPods case can charge wirelessly or not.

6. Contact Apple

Contact Apple Support

This is the last solution when your AirPods case not charging. You should contact Apple support and tell the team what you are facing. Sometimes the damage is caused by the shipping or when they were packing. If it really happens, they will give you a replacement unit, especially if you are still holding a warranty. Or, you can bring the AirPods case to the nearest Apple Store and see their team for checking.

Other Problems That Might Occurs

As we said before, the AirPods case not charging is only one of the cases. You still possibly meet other problems from the earbuds. These are common problems you will deal with when owning Apple’s AirPod:

1. The AirPods Won’t Connect

Maybe you want to go for a morning run or walking on the treadmill, but you can’t hear any music from the AirPods. If it happens to you, then check the Bluetooth connection. Turn off the Bluetooth, wait in about 10 seconds, then turn on again.

2. No Sound

Make sure that your AirPods battery is not low. If the AirPods is already fully charged but you cannot hear anything or a low volume, then you should check the setting on iOS. Make sure all software is the latest version and you have updated them. If you find yourself awaiting an update, then plug your device in, make an update, and reboot. Sometimes it fixes the trouble inside entirely.

3. Not 100% Charging

Besides the problem of the AirPods case not charging, sometimes it is also not charging until 100%. You can reset the AirPods or replace the battery. Perhaps, your battery is already weaker because you use it over time. Usually, the battery is relatively long-lasting and fast charging. But, in this special issue, you can try to buy a new one and check whether it performs like before or not.

Keep checking the battery regularly through your iPhone screen. Just swipe to the right and you will see the status of your AirPods battery condition. How many percentages left is so you can consider the best time to recharge them. Don’t panic when the AirPods case not charging, try one of the tips above and figure the source of your issue.

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