How to Hide Snapchat Score Easily

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Hide Snapchat Score

Snapchat is another loveable social media with millions of users around the world. Unlike other social media, Snapchat credits its user with scores for sending and receiving posts. This score reflects how active you are on Snapchat. On the other hand, the Snapchat score seems a little bit of a hassle to some users. So, they start to dig in on how to hide Snapchat score so that other users won’t be able to see it.

Snapchat Overview

Snapchat is a unique social media specialized in video and photo sharing. This app allows users to share their photos and video but it will last only for about 10 seconds. After 10 seconds video or photo will disappear automatically from the smartphone as well as the Snapchat server.


So, Snapchat is a phenomenon and a unique one. Moreover, Snapchat is often compared to Instagram. It is because there are a lot of filters and an interesting feature you can add to your photo or video. It also has a simple and practical interface.

Since airing on Android on November 12, 2012, Snapchat has gained more than 200 million users around the world. No wonder that Snapchat’s popularity triggered investors to invest their money in it. Even Facebook proclaims their interest in investing in Snapchat. Too bad they don’t seal the deal.

Snapchat Score and How Does It Works

Before knowing how to hide Snapchat score, you have to know about it first. Snapchat score is one of Snapchat’s key to uniqueness. Users will get a score for every video and photo they have sent. Plus, for every video and picture they receive. This video and photos are called snap. So, you will get a score for every snap you send and receive. That is how it works.

Users can monitor their score on their profile. Meanwhile, users may boost their score by increasing the number of snaps you send and receive. Posting a story will also add a score. Interestingly, there are other factors that will boost the Snapchat score that you cannot identify. It’s just mysteriously going up and up.

Although, there is no particular reason why the score exists. Not even to rank its users or determine user loyalty. But, among users, the Snapchat score is often related to the user’s popularity. A higher score indicates your popularity

But just that’s it, nothing more. Scores only reflect how many snaps you send and receive and probably your popularity. No wonder that sometimes it’s causing problems or disputes among users. Even for some particular users, they consider the Snapchat score as a competition. Competition may get tense sometimes. No wonder that some user wants to hide it.

How Do People Find Your Snapchat Score?

It’s pretty easy. People just need to open their Chat Interface and then select you from the list. To be able to see your score, they just simply tap their bitmoji to preview your profile. Now, they will be able to view your username, location, and send you snaps. And also, see your score.

But, random people will not be able to view your score. They need to be your Snapchat friends first. You and your friend need to add each other to interact such as comparing the Snapchat score. So don’t worry that strangers who are not on your list will see your score.

How to Monitor your Snapchat Score?

Snapchat is suitable for Android and iPhone so simply open the app on your smartphone to launch it. After that, you need to tap your profile icon on the upper-right of your screen. If you have connected your account with Bitmoji, then your profile is your Bitmoji face. You will find your Snapchat avatar on your profile as well.

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How to Monitor your Snapchat Score

The score is under your Snapchat face and username. You will see your sending score and receiving score. But, you may get confused with the total score. It is because you can’t just sum your sending and receiving score to get the total score. Snapchat score works in mysterious ways to get the total. It could possibly be your activity in posting stories, adding friends, sending snaps, and so on.

For users with a dynamic personality or someone who likes to parade any achievement, the Snapchat score will determine how dynamic they are. Surely it’s important to be shown to other users and important to keep it going. But, it’s quite the opposite for other users.

Reasons Why Users Asking About How to Hide Snapchat Score

Apparently, for some so-called low profile users, Snapchat scores are causing a problem. It could be more like a compulsion. Something a bit cheesy to catch up on but they forcefully tied to it. So, you can imagine how much hassle that is. This type of user may want to know how to hide the Snapchat scores from other users.

Another reason is quite funny actually. Snapchat score reflects your activity and apparently, for a couple, this is something to pay attention to. Let’s say there are two people who are in a relationship. Both of them having Snapchat and frequently snapping or checking the app.

One day, one of them seems to be quiet. No chat, calls but seems to be very active on Snapchat. This is a problem. Your score represents your activity, especially when it goes up. Your couple might think you have ignored them and interest in someone else on Snapchat. Silly, but this happens.

So, people with a need for privacy but still want to be active on social media tend to hide their Snapchat score. Besides, some people may feel insecure that strangers and friends keep posted about their activity.

The next reason is related to competition. As we know that Snapchat is very popular among teenagers. Teens love to compete on everything, even Snapchat score. The truth is their bunch of teen groups that throw a Snapchat score competition. The prize is up to them.

Maybe it sounds fun and silly though. But apparently, it could also be stressful. They need to keep sending snaps and hope that someone sends them snaps just to be in the game. Or worst in the group. Teenagers seem to be concerned about their circle and will do anything to keep them in it.

How to Hide Snapchat Score?

Now, the big question is how do we hide our Snapchat score? The answer is you can’t. Other users that have seen your profile are still able to see your Snapchat score. But, the best solution for this is by removing users you no longer want as a friend on your Snapchat.

1. Unfollow Them

This is the softest way to hide Snapchat score from a particular person. Simply unfollow them then they won’t be able to access your profile and see your score. But, this implies your capability to see their snaps. You cannot see their snaps ever again. Yes, it is like friends over.

Similar to unfollow friends, you can remove someone from your Snapchat account. It is a bit radical though yet effective to avoid someone seeing your score. Especially, someone, you don’t like much. Remove users may also cause them to not be able to send you snaps.

Now you can take a breath from the Snapchat score and still have your friends send snaps to you. You can be free from the silly contest of winning a Snapchat score that makes your head spin after knowing how to hide Snapchat score. Most importantly, you can keep your privacy while keeping your sanity intact. After all, Snapchat is a fun social media.

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