How to Flip / Mirror an Image on iPhone for the Best Selfies

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Flip an Image on iPhone

Taking selfies sounds fun but it is a real struggle to get the best one. Moreover, when you are using an iPhone, it is pretty irritating to see all your selfie photos have been flipped. The mirror-images can be frustrating as your face looks asymmetrical and your beautiful smile turns out to be weird. How to flip an image on iPhone in a few minutes? Do you need a third-party app to flip the photos?

You may need to know that some smartphones come with front cameras with flipped photo results, including the iPhone. Being the default setting, this forces you to use third-party applications to flip the image or capture selfies that don’t get flipped. If you are frustrated with the mirrored selfies, there are several good things to solve the problem right here.

How to Flip an Image on iPhone for iOS 12 and Earlier

If you are an iPhone user with iOS 12 or earlier, there is no way to flip the photos but using third-party applications. You don’t have many options as early iOS does not provide photo editor with the flip feature. But there are several third-party applications to help you out, such as Photoshop Express and Photo Flipper.

1. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express

For iPhone users with iOS 12 and earlier, Photoshop Express can be their best friend to flip images. This free app comes with a wide array of features to edit your beautiful selfies, including flipping the mirrored images. How to use the application is also simple. Follow the instructions below to flip photos with Photoshop Express.

  • Run Photoshop Express from your iPhone. This application will provide All Photos view by default, but you can change the display and select images from other sources.
  • Press menu Edit that you can find at the top of the screen. Choose the photo you want to edit using Photoshop Express.
  • Tap crop icon, then tap rotate under the image.
  • To flip the photos horizontally, choose Flip Horizontal.
  • Your photo has been successfully flipped. You can use any other tools to improve the photos with Photoshop Express’ tools.
  • When you are done with the photo, tap Camera Roll to save the photo to your iPhone device.

2. Photo Flipper

Photo Flipper

How to mirror an image on the iPhone can also be done using Photo Flipper. As the name suggests, this application is specifically designed to flip photos. Unlike Photoshop Express that provides a lot of features, Photo Flipper is much simpler and easier to use.

  • Run the application on your iPhone. Tap Photos icon that can be found in the lower corner.
  • Select the desired folder and choose the desired image to flip.
  • After the application loads your photo, drag your finger and flip the image horizontally or vertically. For a better result, you may need to apply a color filter or aspect ratio.
  • When you are done, navigate to the lower corner and tap the Share icon.
  • Select Save Image to save the flipped photo to your iPhone.
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3. Photo Mirror Effects Camera

Photo Mirror Effects Camera

This is a free application that allows you to mirror the images in your iPhone. Though its name merely indicates photo mirror effects, this application comes with more complex options to mirror the images. But you can still find the basic function of the app.

  • On your iPhone, run the application. On the large plus sign, tap to open images.
  • Find the desired photo and tap to open.
  • Press effect icon that can be found at the bottom of your screen. Press back-to-back triangles if you want to flip the photo horizontally.
  • When you are done, tap Share icon then down arrow icon to save the image.

How to Flip an Image on iPhone iOS 13 and Above

As aforementioned, iOS 12 and earlier are not supported by photo editor with flipper so it requires third party application. Fortunately, Apple already added this feature to iOS 13, allowing you to easily flip selfies from iPhone. You can easily mirror the image without installing third-party applications. Within a few seconds, your mirrored selfies will look decent to share on your social media.

Flip a Picture on iOS 13

  • Open the iPhone Photos app then select an image to flip.
  • Tap Edit, tap the small crop tool in the lower section of your screen.
  • Tap the icon of triangles at the top left of your screen to flip the picture. You can also improve the photo by tapping the Auto button at the top.
  • Your mirrored selfie has been successfully flipped.

Taking selfies with your iPhone is no longer irritating. Now you can get decent selfies by flipping the mirrored images. You can download and install third-party applications to edit the pictures with their flip features. But if you have iOS 13, it is much simpler to flip the photos. Thanks to a flip feature that is available on the Photos app, allowing you to edit the images effortlessly within a few seconds.

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