13 Best Family Locator Apps for Android and iOS

Best Family Locator Apps

Every parent has different ways to protect their family and sporting a location tracker is just one of them. If you’re among techy parents who want to make sure your entire family is safe, simply download the best family locator apps on Android or iOS-based devices.

A family tracker app comes in handy to find and locate a smartphone of your family members. With plenty of features, not only can you figure out their location but you can also keep them safe with real-time notification. Can’t wait for the list? Scroll through.

Best Family Locator Apps for Android and iOS

You can find a ton of family locator tools on the App Store and Google Play Store, so finding the best one may be bewildering. If you need help, the list of parental control and family locator apps below has got you covered. Select an app that meets your needs and keep your family tracked.

1. Life360


Life360 is an Editor’s Choice family locator app with millions of active users worldwide. It is a modest application with membership that provides all sorts of services to ensure the family’s safety and security, such as emergency contacts, SOS, 24/7 emergency dispatch, and theft protection.

Discover the features of Life360 for free and get started with location history, advanced location sharing, and place alerts to notify where your family comes from and go. And if you wish to explore more functionalities, feel free to upgrade to premium versions.

Life360 is available in three tiers, including Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Platinum is the most advanced version with which you can enjoy a bunch of features like family safety assist, 24/7 road assistance, credit monitoring, and theft protection.

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2. My Family

My Family

Designed with your family safety in mind, My Family is a parental control and locator app that boasts accuracy and ease of use service. It keeps your family safe, tracked, and connected anywhere anytime. Thanks to a simple and attractive interface, this app is accessible to anyone in your family.

This is one of the best family locator apps available for Android and iOS devices. It highlights a real time location tracker service that lets everyone in your family share their location privately on a private map. Also, it features real time smart alerts with which you can set when your loved ones come home.

My Family is getting better with the ability to view location history. With this feature, it allows you to conveniently browse location history for 30 days. Statistics are also available to explore, just in case you need to resume movements of your family.

Guess what! This particular app supports driving style analysis that warns of speeding, acceleration, and braking. 

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3. GeoZilla


Want to share your location or find family members in a single click? GeoZilla can be a life saver. This useful app is designed to share your live location privately with your family. Easily get connected using the GPS tracker and get to know when your family arrives or leaves.

Monitoring where your small family has been during a week made simple, thanks to the history feature supported in this app. In case of an emergency like car crash or accident in the park, Geozilla notifies other family members in real time.

What’s more, it supports text and image sharing of daily life. Use a private messenger and don’t let your family miss your activities.

To get the most out of this tracking app, be sure to allow it to access location services, notifications, photos and camera, contacts, and fitness tracking. These permission requests are required to make Geozilla work optimally to protect you and your family.

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4. Find My Kids

Find My Kids

This family location tracker is designed for parental control and child safety. Using your phone GPS, it transforms your device into a capable family tracker and keeps children monitored. It has abundant features to stay connected with your loved ones, including a loud signal that becomes the main star.

Find My Kids sends a loud notification to the kid’s phone when they are unable to locate it or if their phone is on silent mode. Besides, you have an option to listen to what’s happening around your kiddo so it’s much easier to make sure if they are fine.

Battery check is a feature you can’t find elsewhere, with which it helps track the charge status of a kid’s mobile device. This best family locator app is also equipped with a family chat feature and stickers that makes it possible to chat with your kids through this tool.

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5. Family360


Keeping track of your family is made simple with Family360. This locator and GPS tracker app comes in handy to report the real time location of your family using GPS coordinates. All the information that you need about their position is at your fingertips.

The cell phone tracker comes loaded with features. With it, you can create multiple circles in which you can add your loved ones. Finding your family is only a few taps away to make sure you can always stay connected to them. Not to mention it lets you check on traffic info in real time.

More other features are available in Family360, such as detect fake location, locate phone on the map, and even detect overspeeding—you will get notified when one of your family members is speeding. Thanks to reliable customer support, you can get help whenever needed.

This application is free to download and you will get a 21-day trial. You will be able to request free access and enjoy limited features. If you’re happy with it, all you need to do is upgrade to the premium version.

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6. iSharing


Stay connected with your family using iSharing is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone is safe. This best family locator app provides location sharing service in real time so family members can share their location privately and communicate with one another.

In addition to tracking and communication, it features real time notification when your loved ones leave or arrive at home. You may also receive notification when your family member is nearby. In case of a lost phone, it features a GPS location tracker to find your phone right away.

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What’s great about iSharing is that it is designed to help you in an emergency situation. Whenever you need help, shake your phone and it will automatically send the Panic Alert. Other family members will receive notification and help you out.

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7. Connected


Connected is a useful family tracker app to stay in touch and keep track of your family. With GPS location tracker as the main highlights, easily find your family, friends, or relatives in just a few taps. Instant live location sharing is also possible with this app.

Connected tracker allows you to create small circles of your family members—easily invite them and stay connected in a group. Once connected, keep yourself updated with each member’s whereabouts so you can keep a better track of them.

On top of that, the Connected app lets you add places and receive notification when your family members leave or enter it. In the event of a lost phone, this tool sends notification to assigned family members so you can find it even if it is on silent mode.    

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8. Briive


If your family is a priority, Briive is the perfect app to keep them safe. Easily find out the exact location of each member of your family on a map with just one click. This tool gives you peace of mind, allowing you to work and do activities without worries. 

This best free family locator app can do a lot of things, from sharing location to tracking phone GPS. It also lets you receive notifications when your family member arrives or leaves a place you’ve added. So if you have a list of forbidden places then Briive lets you know when a family comes to it.

Sometimes you may want to check your family’s whereabouts for the past 30 days. Luckily, this tool has a history feature that makes it possible to find out others’ destinations. Just make sure to allow the app access to your phone’s location services, notifications, photo & camera, and contacts.

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9. Geonection Family GPS Tracker

Geonection Family GPS Tracker

Featuring end-to-end encryption, Geonection is among the best family locator apps to track live location. It comes in handy to connect and protect members of a circle so you know where they are and if they are safe.

New feature has been added to this app. Geofence is a brand new functionality that allows you to create places and get notified when a member enters or leaves the place. More other features like location history and circle creation are also available.

Geonection has a simple and attractive design that makes it quite easy to access. Featuring easy login with email, instantly get access to abundant tools and functionalities included in this app. If you’re concerned about security, this app is completely safe for sharing.

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10. Family Locator

Family Locator

Here’s Family Locator, a modest app to stay connected with your family members. Using your phone’s GPS, ensures your small circle is safe out there. Thanks to a bunch of features that help track and locate your family member with just a tap.

With this app, you can see the location history of family members and know if they are safe. With the ability to track phone, this is a useful app to find lost phone.

Find many other features in Family Locator, such as GPS setup based on safe zone, private group support to share live location, and of course GPS location sharing as the main highlight.

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11. Locategy


As featured in The Washington Post and PCMag, Locategy is a parental control app to keep track of your family and their devices. It uses real-time technology to figure out their location and send real time alerts so you can get some peace of mind.

In addition to the location sharing feature, Locategy highlights the SOS button and remote wipe in the event of a lost phone. You may also review others’ whereabouts for the last few days with a location history feature.

What’s more, this tool is equipped with web parental control, multiple account support, and elder tracker for easier monitoring.

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12. Location Tracker

Location Tracker

If you are looking to download the best find my family app that doesn’t make your mobile device work harder, then Location Tracker is made just for you. The family control app helps you connect with each family member, including the children.

Using the phone’s native GPS, it allows you to check and share GPS location to your circle. It also sends alert and notification when a family arrives or leaves a place. Make sure if your children are safe with mic recorder that allows you to listen to the surroundings.

Besides, Location Tracker is equipped with an alarm button that can be useful in the event of emergency. Only with a tap of a button, it sends notification for immediate help.

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13. Find My Phone

Find My Phone

Next on the list, here’s Find My Phone, a feature-rich family tracker to stay linked with your loved ones. This particular app has the ability to locate your family member on a map in real time so you can find out when they leave or arrive.

In addition to location tracker, it is equipped with a panic button in case of emergency. You also have an option to stay in touch with loved ones using a private family chat feature. With a user-friendly design, this tool is completely easy to use for both parents and kids.

 What makes Find My Phone more attractive is the multiple group feature that allows you to create individual group for private location sharing. For the best experience, allow this app to access contacts, microphone, camera & photo, and location.

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Finding the best family locator apps is made simple with this reference. Now that you know the best options available on the market, it’s much easier to select an app that meets your preferences. 

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