How To Fix Microsoft Store Slow Download Issue

by Hashir Zuniga

Microsoft Store Slow Download

Microsoft Store offers great convenience for users. Windows users can get new applications and install them on the computer effortlessly. Needless to say, Microsoft gave a lot of changes and features to enhance the experience of its users. But it cannot be denied that Microsoft Store slow download often happens. What actually causes Microsoft Store download that slows down?

In fact, it is rather hard to point out a reason of slugging download on Microsoft Store. There are plenty of reasons, such as app issues, enforced speed limiters, corrupted cache, or Windows Update that is running in the background. Considering the many reasons of slow download, you need to do the right method to get rid of it.

How to Fix Microsoft Store Slow Download

Knowing that the download speed is not even faster than a slug gives you a headache. It’s time to end the frustration and find out some effective solutions to fix the slow download issue. There are several methods to increase the download speed of your Microsoft Windows. We have selected the best and the most effective solutions for you, just check this out!

1. The servers are down

Microsoft Store runs on a cloud service platform known as Azure. When the service is being down, it can cause several issues including slow download. To check whether the servers are down, use Down Detector. It is an impressive site that can detect any service outage of variety of providers such as Facebook and Microsoft Azure.

Using the tool, you can check if there are reports of service outage. If you find a problem with the server, you should wait and don’t need to do anything with your computer.

2. Update Windows

When downloading applications via Microsoft Store feels so slow, you can suspect the Windows Update that causes this issue. It may sound unrelated but missing the Windows Update can make your computer prone to problems, one of which is slow download. When this happens, consider updating your Windows. Get this done with the steps below.

Update Windows 10

  • Press Windows key + I to launch Settings. Select Update & Security then choose Windows Update.
  • Under Windows Update, you will see Check for updates button. Click the button to know if there are any updates you need to download.
  • Select the Install now button to download and install the latest Windows update.
  • Relaunch your Microsoft Store and check if the problem stays.

Though it is not the most effective method, updating Windows help fix the bug. If you find that Microsoft Store is still slow, jump to the other solutions.

3. Set the bandwidth limit

More or less, download speed is affected by the bandwidth limit for downloads. To get rid of the slow download issue on Microsoft Store, you can set the bandwidth limit and figure out if this method works effectively. The steps below will help you set the bandwidth and bring back the speed of your download.

Set the bandwidth limit

  • Launch Settings by pressing Windows key + I.
  • Move your pointer to Update and Security, then select Windows Update.
  • Pay attention to the right screen then choose Advanced options.
  • Click Delivery Optimization.
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You will see a box under Download settings. Check the box for the bandwidth limit and slide to 100 percent. Now that the bandwidth limit is set to maximum, the download speed should be faster.

4. Delete cache files

In most cases, the slugging Microsoft Store is caused by cache files. This may sound simple but deleting cache files can give you a surprising result. The cache files can cause a number of problems such as glitch and slow performance. To delete cache files, pay attention to the following steps.

Delete cache files on Windows 10

  • In Windows search, type Command Prompt. You will see several suggestions, choose the right app and open with admin rights.
  • After opening the Command Prompt, type this command “wsreset” without the quote.
  • The system will clean the cache files. Be sure to see a message saying that the cache for Microsoft Store was cleared.

Deleting the cache files helps make your Microsoft Store feel fresh. Relaunch the program and download any application to recheck if the download speed is still slow.

5. Reset Microsoft Store

Another method to get rid of slow download is resetting Microsoft Store. This method will not delete your application. Instead, it will re-register the program to your computer and Microsoft account. Many users found that resetting Microsoft Store works well to get rid of slow download. Do the steps below.

Reset Microsoft Store

  • Open Settings by pressing the Windows key + I, then select Apps.
  • Scroll down and navigate to Microsoft Store. Click to reveal the Advanced button then click on it.
  • Scroll to find the Reset Windows Store.

Wait for a moment until the system finishes its task. Not only does it help get rid of slow download issue, but resetting Microsoft Store also keeps the program fresh and optimized.

6. Troubleshooter

You can always use the resources provided by Windows 10. This operating system provides you with a troubleshooter that can fix most of your issues. The troubleshooter is pretty easy to use and is effective to get rid of any problem. The following steps will help you out.

Windows Store Apps Troubleshoot

  • Type and click Troubleshoot on Windows search, navigate to Windows Store Apps. Once you find it, click to run.
  • Wait for a few minutes and let the troubleshooter detects the problem.
  • Once the issue is detected, follow the instructions on your screen.

Troubleshooter has become users’ favorite as it offers practicality. Despite its ease of use, troubleshooter is always reliable to fix any issues on your computer.

So, did you experience Microsoft Store slow download? Get rid of the frustrating moment and try the above methods. We have selected the best solutions and methods that you can try to bring the app back to service. Since the reasons can vary widely, you may need to jump from one method to another. Find one that works well for you!

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