8 Best Google Voice Alternatives

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Google Voice Alternatives

Google Voice has been around since 2009 and it currently has millions of users worldwide. This VoIP phone service enables you to send text messages as well as make and receive phone calls. As time goes by, Google is no longer a sole player. A wide range of Google Voice alternatives are available on the market, providing you with different features and convenience.

Plenty of VoIP phone services are rolled out to meet the needs of personal use and business. With the many choices provided out there, however, finding a reliable service can be challenging. No worries, keep scrolling through the page for the most recommended alternatives to Google Voice.

Most Recommended Google Voice Alternatives

The following alternatives can be your great solution to internet calling. These services are equipped with calling, texting, voicemail, and SMS capabilities by default, allowing you to enjoy improved communication for personal or business. Here’s a closer look at the best alternatives to Google Voice.

1. Grasshopper

Best Google Voice Alternatives: Grasshopper

Grasshopper can be a solution to separate your personal and business calls. This virtual phone system comes with an extensive range of features, such as greetings, auto attendant that automatically answers calls, add agents, employee extension number, and many more. It also brings advanced features, including voicemail transcriptions, mobile fax signatures, and fax converted to PDF.

Grasshopper allows users to choose their phone number as it provides different options that include toll free, vanity, and local number. Or if you already have a virtual number, simply transfer to Grasshopper without additional cost! If 800 numbers are not enough for your business, this phone service offers 844 number series. Not to mention it offers 24/7 US based support through phone calls and social networks.

Not only is it useful to support your business, but it improves your communication experience. Thanks to the futuristic interface and professional look it delivers. Grasshopper is ideal for small businesses, though it can be an expensive choice over Google Voice. The pricing starts at $26 per month but you can enjoy a 7-day free trial before deciding to buy the service.

2. MightyCall


Another recommended alternative to Google Voice is MightyCall. This VoIP phone service is quite similar to Grasshopper as it provides you with a wide range of virtual phone systems. Specifically designed for small business, MightyCall offers an affordable pricing plan and is easy to set up. With this phone service, additional hardware is not required.

MightyCall allows you to choose between toll-free, vanity numbers, and local numbers according to your preferences. If you have a virtual number, you can easily add to MightyCall without the need of paying extra charge. To improve your communication, this virtual phone system offers many other features such as unlimited calling and call forwarding to any device.

Additionally, it enables you to check completed and attempted calls with call history aside from voicemail and transcription features. This VoIP service is available for Android and iOS. The pricing plan is flexible, starting from Basic that is available at $19.99 per month to Ultimate that costs $69.99 per month. Good news, MightyCall offers a free trial so you can figure out if their service meets your needs.

3. VirtualPBX


If you are looking for a trusted VoIP, VirtualPBX is a name to mention. This virtual phone service is ideal for small business and enterprise, thanks to high quality service and features it offers. It claims to be the best in VoIP with a 24/7 customer support team to help solve your call problems. Among highlight features that come with this service are real-time monitor, intercom and advanced call reports.

What makes it better? VirtualPBX allows you to customize virtual phone systems with customizable greetings, features codes, voicemail, music on hold and automated directory. It also enables you to integrate your business tools in one place. Not to mention it ensures your calls flow smoothly to scale your business. It makes no surprise that this VoIP provider is considered better than Google Voice.

Much like Grasshopper and MightyCall, VirtualPBX lets you choose between local, toll-free and vanity numbers. It supports up to 800 numbers, which is sufficient for small businesses. This virtual phone service is available for Android and iOS and it doesn’t require additional hardware. VirtualPBX offers flexible plans and pricings for small business and enterprise starting at $12.99 per month.

4. Line2


Line 2 is one of the best Google Voice alternatives that works well for mobile device, tablets, desktop PC and laptop. It supports easy calling and messaging for business purposes with a three-step process. Simply select your number, configure your account and Line2 is ready to use. Once connected, you can enjoy the best call quality that works across data plans, voice, mobile carriers and Wi-Fi.

Line2 has a wide range of features, such as two lines to separate personal from business calls. This VoIP service provider enables you to handle business anywhere, thanks to multiple device support. If you plan to scale your business, choosing Line2 can be a good start as you can easily manage additional lines for your business team.

Compared to other virtual phone systems, Line2 is relatively affordable. The pricing that starts at $9.95 gives the opportunity for small businesses to enjoy high quality calls without breaking the savings. Once you purchase a plan, you will have unlimited texts and calls in the US and Canada. In addition, no hardware is required for the setup so you can make and receive a call on the same day you sign up.

5. Telzio


Next on the list, there is Telzio that comes with similar function and principle as Google Voice. This VoIP service provider works on the cloud and promises cost-efficient callings for business purposes. Telzio boasts a number of features to improve professional communication without spending pretty pennies, including easy setup and modern interface that offers a professional look.

In addition to features, this virtual phone system provides you with unlimited calls, unlimited extensions and SIP accounts. Besides, Telzio offers a reliable cloud solution to help scale your business. It supports multiple devices, including mobile device and desktop computer. Feel free to choose between local numbers, toll-free numbers and international numbers as required.

Other features include free call recording, call forwarding, and web-based control panel. For call management, you can enjoy live call data, call monitoring as well as hold music. Telzio is an ideal choice for business, especially if you need a lot of extensions for free. The service plan starts at $50 per month for unlimited users and 1,000 free minutes, which is more than acceptable for small businesses.

6. Monster VoIP

Monster VoIP

Monster VoIP can be a great alternative to Google Voice. This VoIP service provider serves small business, enterprise and residential with a wide range of products, such as office phone systems, contact center, video meetings and voice recordings. Their Monster SMS service can also be useful to scale your business. Simply choose the right package and enjoy the features.

What does it offer? Monster VoIP comes with a number of highlights, including auto attendant and call queues. It also provides you with call recording, efax as well as click 2 call. You can choose one or more add-ons, such as local number, unlimited toll free number, call center supervisor and voicemail transcription. Not to mention it is supported by 24/7 customer service to help solve your problem.

Monster VoIP promises integrated communication services at an affordable price. It offers two packages, Standard and Professional. The Standard package starts at $22.99 per user with unlimited minutes in the US and Canada, no monthly contract and 100% fully hosted. Meanwhile, the Professional package starts at $28.99 that supports desktop app for Windows and Mac, call recording and CRM integration.

7. Phonebooth


Phonebooth is a leading VoIP service provider that focuses on business. Unlike other VoIP providers that involve monthly or yearly contracts, this calling solution has no contract and set-up fees. Whenever you need, simply sign up and enjoy the features. When you are done with this provider, it enables you to cancel anytime. However, it still charges a monthly fee so you can access unlimited calls.

Phonebooth comes with tons of features to help scale your business. Let’s mention transcribed voicemail that allows you to save hundreds of hours a year. It also comes with auto-attendant, a virtual receptionist that helps answer and routes your calls. Additionally, it has intelligent call routing that route calls to your mobile phone. No matter how busy you are, never miss a call anymore!

What’s more? Phonebooth comes with a boast of HQ quality voice and unlimited minutes that lets you talk clearly, as much as you need for the business. Interestingly, all of these features can be enjoyed at a low price. Phonebooth pricing starts at $20 for local and long distance callings. At this price, you will get two free numbers, unlimited auto attendants and voicemail transcription.

8. OpenPhone


If you are looking for a great VoIP provider for your startup, OpenPhone can be a nice pick. The solution to powerful business phones helps scale your business, thanks to a wide range of features brought to your table. Once you buy the service, you can enjoy powerful calling and messaging on every device. With OpenPhone, you will be ready to speed up the workflow.

This virtual phone system offers useful features, such as voicemail to text that enables you to skim voicemail and sort the important ones. It also provides advanced call routing to the right people in your business. With auto-replies feature, OpenPhone allows you to respond to missed calls, texts and voicemail automatically. Now your clients and customers feel more appreciated.

Another highlight is snippets feature that helps speed up your response time. Simply create message templates and send to customers or clients for common questions. More importantly, this VoIP provider keeps your personal and business calls separate. OpenPhone comes in two versions, Pro and Enterprise that starts at $10 per month. Or else, you can enjoy a free trial before buying.

Plenty of Google Voice alternatives are available on the market. Most of them offer similar functions to help scale your business through reliable calling and messaging. Now that you know the most recommended VoIP service providers, it’s time to make a final decision. Pick one that suits your business and offers flexible pricing plans.

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