How to Block Facebook Messenger Calls [Easiest Ways]

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Block Facebook Messenger Calls

Facebook has been one of the biggest social media with more than 2.7 billion active users around the world. This platform also comes with some applications, one of them is Facebook Messenger. Unfortunately, this application comes with a big problem, and people usually ask about how to block Facebook Messenger calls.

Outside there, a lot of people are still trying to figure out why Facebook Messenger sometimes randomly calls other users. Moreover, this problem doesn’t appear only on Android but also on iPhones or even the iPad. This can be a serious problem especially if you didn’t use WiFi to connect to the internet.

Why Is This a Serious Problem?

Honestly, Facebook Messenger is really great because we can chat or call others easily. But it is getting worse when this application starts invading our privacy because anyone can start to call you. The person outside there didn’t need your phone number to start to invade you with a lot of calls. Moreover, you have no way to stop it.

Some people might didn’t get the point about Facebook Messenger randomly calling others. If you have mobile data to connect to the internet, random calls will consume a lot of data so you need to pay more. Imagine you are already on bad and then someone randomly calls you in the middle of the night.

Facebook Messenger didn’t give any settings to disable Facebook calls to help you to fix this problem. The regular Facebook Mobiles only notify us there are messages notification but not to see it or reply to it. If we click the notification, the application will direct us to open Facebook Messenger to see or reply to them.

How to Block Facebook Messenger Calls

There are available several ways to block Facebook Messenger calls that might also happen to you. However, we give all of these options below because the app didn’t have an option to disable it. Here we go:

1. Block Facebook Messenger Calls using Website

The first method that you can use to block Facebook Messenger calls is using the website. First, you need to open from your device and then sign in with your account. You can use the browser from your PC, it might be slightly different if you open it from your smartphone.

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open the chat settings

After that, open the chat settings, if you can’t find it, just choose the triple dot icon in the right of the contact menu.

Disable incoming call sounds

It appears below the panel that contains the lists of menus. Choose the “Incoming Call Sounds” and then the pop-up menu appears.

Turn off video and voice call on facebook messenger

You can select a few time limits there, we recommend you to select “Until I turn back on”. Click disable so you will no longer receive any notifications whenever you get calls from Facebook Messenger. This can be the easiest way you can do to answer how to block Facebook Messenger calls.

2. Disabling Permission on Android and iPhone

If you are an Android user, we also have several steps you need to follow to block Facebook Messenger calls. First, just open Settings on your phone, you can find it different on any phone but it usually appears with the gear app icon. If you can’t find it, swipe down the top of your screen and after that, you need to choose Apps.

Camera and Deny permission

After you tap ‘Apps” you can slide down and ignore several apps there until you find “Messenger” with the icon there. Once you have done so, you can find the “Permission”, it usually appears under the “Apps Settings”. Next, you can tap Camera and Deny permission, these options usually enable once you install Facebook Messenger.

disable the permission of the Phone

Move to the Microphone, tap to disable the permission too, set it to Deny, same with the Camera. Last, you need to disable the permission of the Phone, usually appear with a telephone icon there. If you feel annoyed only with some people, choose to block them either.

So these are our answers about how to block Facebook Messenger calls. If you are an iOS user, then you only need to follow the Android steps with several adjustments due to the unique appearance. Above all, if you still feel uncomfortable with this condition, uninstall Facebook Messenger on your phone and it might be better for you to open Facebook from your browser.

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