11 Best ManyCam Alternatives & Similar Software

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Best ManyCam Alternatives

ManyCam has been known as one of the best tools for operating your webcam on computers and laptops. You won’t be disappointed by trying these ManyCam alternatives below.

Of course, this app has delivered excellent work from time to time. However, if you are looking for other tools that can do pretty much similar tasks to ManyCam, you would be happy with the curated apps on the list below.

But why would you need an alternative to ManyCam? Well, there are a lot more things you can only enjoy from other tools. All you need to do is to read the list and find out which app that works best for your style.

Best ManyCam Alternatives for Windows and Mac

Today, you may find lots of options when it comes to virtual webcam software. ManyCam, on the other hand, has been one of the most popular apps that offer live studio effects and great graphic resolutions.

By that, users will always have an enjoyable face-to-face chatting experience. Several features offered by ManyCam include:

  • HD environment for video-chatting experiences.
  • Ability to launch more than one channel at the same time.
  • Picture-in-picture feature.
  • Chroma key and a bunch of both audio and video special effects.

Even though ManyCam seems to offer various interesting tools in one place, you may find other alternatives on the market. Below is the list of programs like ManyCam without watermark, both free and paid versions.

1. Youcam


The first name on the list of the ManyCam alternative software is Youcam. This app is quite popular on Android devices but you surely can grab your desktop’s version too.

Other than providing an excellent platform to enhance your appearance on the webcam, this app equips itself with a pack of photo-retouching tools. Everything is effortlessly accessible through its straightforward yet sophisticated UI design.

Thus, if you love taking selfies by using your webcam, using Youcam will give you lots of options without learning how to use a tool in the first place. This app’s highlights include:

  • Utilizes face recognition algorithms – it automatically detects your face.
  • Comes with capture-screen features in live mode. Thus, users can make tutorials and presentations much effortlessly.
  • A bunch of special effects.

Other than desktops and Android devices, you can install Youcam on your iOS phones. So, why don’t you give this fun tool a try?

2. SplitCam


SplitCam, on the other hand, is another software like ManyCam you can consider using. As free software, this app supports various features for so many purposes in one place.

Users can decide the video resolutions depending on their needs and also, this app makes an excellent streaming solution – again, for free. Thus, you can provide the optimal resolution for every video streaming you are making.

Some interesting features offered by SplitCam include:

  • A series of fun special effects and video splitting features. Streaming for two videos at the same time is now possible.
  • Comes with a list of realistic 3D masks, the ability to decide the streaming source input integrated with streaming service, and many more.
  • Various filters are available for free.
  • Changing backgrounds is effortless.

SplitCam also allows you to customize your images or videos with elements and stickers on its library. Just like any other streaming app, you can capture images by tapping the “Snapshot” button.

3. iGlasses


Are you looking for a ManyCam alternative for Mac OS? If so, iGlasses will be the ultimate answer for sure.

This app is a webcam app specifically created, designed, and developed for Mac OS. You can edit your images and add various interesting visual effects with a few clicks.

Thus, after taking pictures with your webcam, you can directly bring out your creative side by using iGlasses. Users can always use the trial version before committing to the premium app.

Of course, the paid version comes with more benefits, such as updates and lifetime support. In a nutshell, iGlasses is an app that:

  • Comes with an intuitive UI design and a bunch of interesting tools.
  • You can use the tools for Facebook, Skype, and other webcam apps.
  • Everything is customizable through the Manager tab.

If you have a lot of virtual meetings and need enhancements for each one, you should give iGlasses a try. Subscribing for the premium version is worth a try, after all.

4. Webcam Toy

Webcam Toy

First thing first, this one is not webcam software. Instead, Webcam Toy is a web-based tool that helps you capture images and record any video through your webcam. Thus, if you are looking for the ManyCam free alternatives that can be accessed from any platform, Webcam Toy is a worth-considering candidate.

It comes with a series of features, such as:

  • Once you open the page while online, you can proceed with the entire recording or capturing process offline.
  • Without downloading and installing any app in the first place, you can save videos and photos you’ve captured to your desktop’s memory.
  • Taking selfies with this app is effortless. It also has a bunch of filters and special effects.

More than anything, Webcam Toy is a simple app that helps enhance your video and photo through your webcam. There is no need to download and install any app while all features come for free.

5. Magic Camera

Magic Camera

Talking about ManyCam app alternatives, Magic Camera should make it on the top-5 list. This app is a universal program that takes care of both camera and video management for your webcam.

By installing this app on your desktop or laptop, the webcam functions will be dramatically improved and enhanced. This is why you better consider this app when it comes to webcam apps. Several interesting things about Magic Camera include:

  • Compatible with almost any camera available on the market.
  • A bunch of cool filters and unique effects to capture images and videos through your webcam.
  • Integrates very excellently with all types of chatting apps.
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If you love editing your pictures or videos while broadcasting a live video or chatting with your friends, Magic Camera is such a must-have app. The tool is user-oriented and you will master this app in no time.

Many other features are available to try. So, you better give this app a try and see whether the Magic Camera suits your needs or not.

6. Webcam Max

Webcam Max

It is quite easy to find the ManyCam alternative Windows compared to other operating systems/ and if you are looking for one, Webcam Max is worth a shot too.

This app is a nice tool to enhance your visual appearance when doing video conferences. Integrating your content through this app is effortless and every session will be more fun. Some interesting features offered include:

  • Effortless installation steps.
  • Various filters and frames come in one place.
  • Recording videos and capturing images won’t be an issue.
  • Comes with photo editing tools.
  • Better video resolutions for your webcam.

More than anything, Webcam Max is one of the simplest tools to enhance your webcam appearance you can find on the market. Even though everything seems straightforward, you get plenty of options and features to enjoy. Find out whether this app is for you or not by giving this app a try in the first place.

7. Altercam


Altercam is a ManyCam alternative free you can use on your Windows devices. This app will add various live effects when you are doing conferences or video chatting.

All you need to do is install this app and let the system integrate into your webcam. Later, the filters and other features will be available every time you launch your webcam. Some interesting features offered by Altercam include:

  • Lots of special effects, filters, and frames.
  • All effects are accessible through the main screen. The changes will come up live.
  • The system allows users to send effects to various apps simultaneously.
  • The free version is only available for Windows.

Most of the time, the webcam only comes with a set of very limited features. By using Altercam, you can create the appearance of you on screen as much as you want. This app also supports up to 1080p resolution, which is a great option for sure.

8. Yawcam


Meanwhile, Yawcam is a perfect choice if you are looking for free software like ManyCam that allows you to take pictures and record videos with your webcam. While doing a live stream, you can also take snapshots at the same time.

This app also features a motion detector. It allows you to integrate the app with a surveillance camera. Generally, Yawcam is a multi-purpose webcam solution but it has a straightforward UI design.

Some other interesting features from this app include:

  • Automatically integrates to your web server.
  • Detecting movements with its motion detector.
  • Comes with password protections.
  • Supports multiple languages.

Yawcam, however, only works in Windows but it is a free tool and very reliable. The size won’t take up much space either. So, it won’t hurt to try this app for your webcam needs.

9. ContaCam


If you are looking for a better ManyCam alternative open source, ContaCam deserves a spot too. This app is specifically designed for live video surveillance but you can also use it for a webcam.

Even though you can use this app for multiple purposes, it won’t take up much space of your computer’s memory. Other than that, it comes with a user-friendly interface design and requires low power to operate.

ContaCam only works on Windows systems but it comes with a series of features that will help your work, such as:

  • Showing events of motion in your web browser.
  • A motion-detector feature for surveillance cameras and capable of recording a 24-hours video.
  • Supports multiple languages.

So, if you are looking for a webcam app that can do pretty much anything without putting heavy loads on your computer system then ContaCam is the right choice to make.

10. CamTwist


You may find many names of the better ManyCam alternative on the market. One of them is CamTwist – this one is quite popular too.

This app is like the bridge between your webcam and the stream. By that, you can add various things before starting a stream in the first place. Those elements include logos, effects, videos, and many more.

The good news is that you can use CamTwist both on Windows and Mac. Other interesting features from this webcam app include:

  • You can use this app while video calling from your computer.
  • If you are using Mac OS X 10.4 and higher, it is possible to use the app on several programs simultaneously.
  • Just like a photo editing tool, you can put various effects on your video streaming.

More than anything, CamTwist is a worth-trying app in many ways, especially if you are using Mac devices. So, you better give it a shot.

11. e2eSoft VCam

e2eSoft VCam

This list is dedicated to the best ManyCam alternative you can find on the internet that is still available to download. One of those apps is e2eSoft VCam and you have to give it a try.

Generally, this app is designed to enhance the system of your installed webcam. Thus, your main camera will automatically be changed into this app once the system is installed on your computer.

More than anything, e2eSoft VCam will enhance and improve the function of your installed webcam in many ways. Other than special effects and filters, you can edit your photos like other photo editing apps.

Despite its high performance, the app only takes low CPU usage which won’t slow down your computer speed. It supports multiple languages too.


ManyCam is still one of the best software-based apps for webcams on the market. However, there are plenty of others that offer more than that app could give.

Depending on what you need the most, there are many apps you can find on the list above. For instance, ManyCam is more than enough for casual users while some other apps on the list offer cutting-edge features for more serious clients.

More than anything, you will find what you need from a virtual webcam on the list above. So, have you tried all the apps mentioned in this article? Which ManyCam alternatives do you think are more appealing?

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