9 Best PimEyes Alternatives and Similar Sites

by Haya Barnard

Best PimEyes Alternatives

Stolen or lost pictures are not strangers in nowadays business life. You need excellent face recognition software. While some names are considered the best on the market, these PimEyes alternatives could suit your business more.

Most businesses use pictures and images as part of their products, recruitment requirements, or promotional items. However, since everything on the internet is prone to get stolen, there is almost no corner to have a safe spot for those pictures.

Hence, the presence of online facial recognition search is quite crucial for business in modern days. Some functions performed by this technology are such as:

  • Evaluating PR campaigns and marketing strategies.
  • Tracking leaked or unauthorized videos and pictures.
  • Looking thoroughly when someone is using your picture for their fake profiles.
  • Checking scams on websites.
  • Looking for lost photos and videos online.

In this article, you will find the 9 best alternatives to PimEyes that will help you with your business. Besides, it is always better to be prepared than to be hurt in the end, right?

About PimEyes

About PimEyes

PimEyes has been around for years now. It is also cited as one of the best apps when it comes to facial recognition.

For instance, if you upload pictures on websites like Unsplash or Pexels and want to know who’s been using them, you can try PimEyes. Meanwhile, if your pictures are stolen or modified without your permission, this site will also do the work.

There are tons of reasons why people consider the PimEyes premium account to be one of the best on the markets. One of those reasons is that this site can load different pictures with a specific face, which other sites couldn’t.

Just like any other apps, while some good things will put you in awe, some other things are worth your consideration. Here are some pros and cons of PimEyes.

Pros of PimEyes

  • This site is as fast as lightning. It takes a blink of an eye to find the pictures.
  • Comes with excellent facial recognition.
  • The filtering options are great.

Cons of PimEyes

  • However, those excellent features only come with an upgraded account.
  • If the pictures contain no face, the features may not work that great.
  • Blurry backgrounds are an issue for some.

After reading all those points that you need to consider, what do you think about checking out some reverse image search tools available on the market? But, is PimEyes safe? Of course, it is safe, but you may find lots of interesting features from other tools after all.

The Best PimEyes Alternatives

For those who look for a site like PimEyes, here are some names you can try. Some of them come with a free version option but, of course, you can utilize it to some extent. The list is not in chronological order.

1. Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo Image Search

Even though Yahoo seems so quiet lately, it is still around and offers some interesting features for you who look for an image search tool.

Some of you may think that its search engine is not working anymore. Surprisingly, Yahoo has a pretty good service to offer these days.

It comes with filtering options so that you can sort those images by colors and other things; it also comes with a license type filter, which helps a lot for businesses. All in all, Yahoo Image Search has nothing special but you can give it a shot.

You would love this PimEyes free alternative for several reasons, such as:

  • Ease of use, just like any other search engine.
  • Good performance and speed.
  • Comes with quite a few filtering options.

However, Yahoo Image Search is not the best thing you can find on the market. Some people call it a super basic image search engine while it doesn’t support reverse image search. Since it’s free, ads will be all over your screen.

2. Bing Reverse Image Search

Bing Reverse Image Search 

Another image search tool you can try is Bing. This search engine also comes with image search capability.

Well, over the years, many internet users always make fun of Bing for constantly trying to be in the same class as Google. However, Microsoft takes the chance seriously and grows a robust system.

Bing comes with a good visual search feature that may help you to find similar-looking pictures. Its system also helps you identify other things, such as dog breeds, landmarks, and even flower species.

Other than that, if you love shopping around, you can use this image search feature to find similar-looking pictures along with the websites to check whether or not the products are in stock.

Some good things about Bing’s image search are such as:

  • Good performance for finding similar-looking images.
  • Visual search is a top-notch feature.
  • It will suit shopaholics in many ways.

However, this free alternative to PimEyes has a very limited scope. Other than that, the results are not as many as other search engines. Without filtering options, image search tools would be a bit dull.

3. Yandex Reverse Image Search

Yandex Reverse Image Search

Yandex is generally a company with tons of services to offer. Its search engine can be said to be an alternative for the PimEyes free account, even though it is more similar to Google.

By using the image search tool, you can enter keywords on the box or upload the image to reverse search them. To deliver its best service, the Yandex image search service comes with several filter options to use.

Another interesting thing about this tool is its ability to read the resolution of your screen. That feature is very useful for those who look for wallpaper with a matching size.

Generally, this tool is good in delivering its service. Besides, it is great for those who look for wallpapers on the internet. However, some considerable things require your attention, such as:

  • Too many ads lying on the screen.
  • The tool asks you to sign up over and over.
  • The results are mostly in Russian.
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4. TinEye Reverse Image Search

TinEye Reverse Image Search

TinEye, on the other hand, is a worthy alternative to PimEyes. This one is more than just a usual image search result, considering the system has an advanced thing to offer.

Besides utilizing cutting-edge technology, TinEye image search comes with neural networks, pattern recognition, and machine learning. While it comes with a free option, you can also add more paid tools starting at USD 200 a month.

The price might be worth the value if you are looking for a tool that comes with something that keeps you from using the same images from older content. Other than that, the machine will do some other favors, such as color analysis, label matching, and image verification.

TinEye is such an excellent tool to try since you can install the extension on all popular web browsers. Besides its ease of use and filtering options that work excellently, this tool has a great performance. However, some points may be worth considering too, such as:

  • You need to use an additional tool to enjoy advanced features, which is quite expensive.
  • Showing similar images is not its forte.
  • The results tend to be from big websites only.

5. Google Reverse Image Search

Google Reverse Image Search

For those who prefer something familiar and easy to use, the Google Image search face feature is worth trying. This option is highly popular among users and can be touted as the best reverse image search engine you have found.

Its drag-and-drop feature just makes the entire thing feel easier and effortless. You can say that Google Image Search is one of the best search engines to look for similar images. Some advanced features and filter options will only make this engine more attractive.

Ease of use is its forte, and Google Face search also supports various languages. You can enter a voice command to tackle the hassle. However, some cons might be worth considering, such as:

  • Too many .webp images, which is not for everyone.
  • You cannot filter the result by format even though the filter options are quite a few.
  • It only shows results from Google, not from other search engines.

6. Picsearch


When it comes to the programs similar to PimEyes that offer free services, Picsearch should be part of the gang too. It is quite similar to Bing and Google.

Also, you will find tons of images based on the most popular topic at that time. Meanwhile, if you change your language, the images would change too. And just like a search engine in general, you can type keywords on the box too.

Besides its effortless UI, you will get tons of image recommendations according to your country. The performance is not that bad either. However, these things might make you reconsider.

  • There is no option to upload the image.
  • Some images come from old websites that no longer exist.
  • You cannot get a full screen of an image.

7. Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports

Are you looking for a free face search tool? Well, Search Engine Reports can be part of your consideration list.

This search engine shows you tons of pictures from various search engines, such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and many others. The process is similar to when you use Google; all you need to do is to type the keyword on the dedicated box.

Other than that, you can upload a picture or type the URL directly. Of course, ease of use is its forte. And since it supports various languages, it can be helpful for everyone. However, there are a few things to consider, such as:

  • The ads are annoying.
  • It only comes in three formats.
  • There are no filter options.

8. Ximilar


If you check the list of PimEyes alternative on Reddit, you will find Ximilar on the list too. It comes with a free plan while the paid plan starts at USD 59 a month.

Ximilar is a quite powerful tool that utilizes AI at its best, which is suitable for business in any range of levels. Besides checking similar images, this tool will work best for real estate, fashion, surveillance, medical tech, e-commerce, and many more.

You can say that the app is not the most effortless to operate. However, once you learn everything, it gives you tons of good things in the first place. The forte of this app includes image similarity search, image recognition, photo tagging, and a lot more.

Ximilar is a versatile choice that comes with excellent customer support. You can rely on this app to take care of your business to a specific extent.

However, it might not be the best choice for beginners, considering the features are a bit complex. Also, the pricing is not the most affordable on the list.

9. Osint Combine Reverse Image Analyser

OsintCombine Reverse Image Analyser

Another option you need to look for is Osint Combine. This one comes from an Australian company that masters open-source software and intelligence training.

The company itself has produced a lot of products and services related to AI. One of the best services is the reverse image search engine that comes for free. However, some limitations may apply, which is quite annoying for many users.

  • The performance is not the best in the industry.
  • You cannot upload the image directly.
  • The software seems to need more work to make it better.

Bottom Line

At some point, PimEyes was still the star in the constellation of AI image search tools. Since it comes with free and paid plans, it has a wider range of options to offer. However, some other sites and apps may come up with a more useful feature that can be adjusted for various needs; for free.

Even though lots of image search tools have something similar to offer, they won’t hurt if you give some of them a try. Besides, the free plan might be a good place to start.

And this is anything you need to know about the best PimEyes alternatives. More than anything, this kind of tool is more than just a tool for a business that uses pictures as part of the work.

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