11 Best TradingView Alternatives

by Hashir Zuniga

Best TradingView Alternatives

TradingView is a great social platform for traders and investors to analyze stocks, forex, and cryptocurrency. You can either use provided charts or create custom charts that meet your preferences. Despite all the good things it has, you may need to find TradingView alternatives and gain new experience.

There is a long list of software that offers similar functions to choose and analyze stocks. If you don’t have enough time to scroll through pages, we make it easier for you. We have gathered the best TradingView alternatives to TradingView to get into global markets and make the best of it.

Top TradingView Alternatives

The TradingView alternatives below have similarities to TradingView either in functions or features. Getting to know into these platforms allow you to choose one that suits your needs and trading skills. Take a closer look at TradingView alternatives below and make a decision.

1. CoinGecko


CoinGecko could be the best trading platform for cryptocurrency. Being a TradingView alternative for crypto means you can use this software to monitor and analyze crypto market fluctuations. You can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best time.

In order to get the most out of this software, you should create an account using your email and password. Once account created, login and do activities from this platform. It enables you to track more than 400 exchanges globally.

Initially released in 2014, CoinGecko currently has more than 10 million monthly users with 200 million monthly page views. Thanks to abundant features packed in this site, such as information about crypto prices, educational materials, and latest updates.

2. StockCharts


Featuring better charting, StockCharts is one of the best TradingView alternatives to trade stocks. This TradingView alternative for stock has a core financial instrument that covers stocks and EFTs. It also offers commodities such as gold, silver, USD, and other trade options.

StockCharts has everything you need for smart investing, from better charts to resources and tools. It is also highly interactive to engage with the markets. Plus, it is designed to be flexible to meet every investor’s needs. If you need a little help in controlling your investing, this platform has got you covered.

What’s more, this TradingView alternative delivers real-time charting that can be accessed from anywhere on any device. It also enables you to discover promising opportunities on the market with scanning tools. And if you wish to sell stocks, custom technical alerts help you choose the right timing.

3. NinjaTrader


Are you looking for a good platform for forex trading? NinjaTrader could be the best bet. As a trading platform for forex, it has plenty of features for future trading from trade simulation, market analysis and advanced charting that allows you to trade right from your chart.

You can find FX Board for tracking the global market so market moves can be capitalized. It also has volumetric bars, market depth, and order flow to confirm movement. On top of that, monitoring markets based on your condition is getting easier with NinjaTrader.

The best of all, this software and brokerage service is free for market analysis, charting, and even live charting. But if you need to add features like advanced order, automated trading, or backtesting, you should upgrade to premium versions. Overall, this is a great platform for active traders.

4. MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is a powerful TradingView alternative for forex and exchange market. This trading platform is ideal for modern trader, thanks to a bunch of features brought to the table. In addition to technical analysis tools, it also comes with automated trading systems and access to multiple assets.

In addition to forex and futures, MetaTrader 5 is a great platform for trading stocks. Among sophisticated features include a variety of options in placing orders that allows you to place order in a single click. It also supports four different execution modes to meet different objectives.

Furthermore, MetaTrader 5 highlights trading robots or algorithmic trading. This feature enables you to execute trades in a better way, thanks to algorithmic rules it uses. Don’t let your emotion take part in trading as you can buy or rent technical indicators and trading robots.

5. MultiCharts


This is an award-winning trading platform for expert traders. MultiCharts boasts advanced market analysis and multiple tools to help you achieve your trading goals. It also has abundant features like high-definition charting, one-click trading from chart, and built-in indicators.

As the name suggests, this platform offers multiple charts to leverage your experience. Both regular and exotic chart types are available to meet trader’s individual needs. Among charts to choose are TPO chart, volume delta, OHLC, candlesticks, Heiken-Ashi, and more.

To ensure you execute in the right time, MultiCharts is equipped with automated trading. Using this feature, it allows you to send orders faster than normal human being. It can give a huge advantage over the competitors since a short delay can make big differences.

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6. Coinigy


Coinigy is a cool TradingView alternative that is ideal for trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This platform supports more than 45 exchanges with robust connectivity across the universe of cryptocurrency. Providing real-time access, it can be a great platform for bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders.

Coinigy is available 24/7, this means you can exchange crypto from anywhere, anytime. The system offers SMS and trade alerts so you won’t miss a thing. And, there are no trading limits on this platform so you can exchange unlimited amount of crypto.

What’s more, you don’t have to pay for additional exchange fees. Coinigy only charges based on your subscription that you make after a trial period. If you are looking for a comprehensive trading tool for bitcoin and cryptocurrency, this platform should be on the list.

7. TradeStation


Designed for experienced and active traders, TradeStation is a great alternative to TradingView. Not only does it offer a full suite of sophisticated trading technology, this platform also comes with online brokerage services and education. Whether you trade stocks, crypto, or the future, it could be a good bet.

TradeStation highlights technical analysis of trading strategies that help traders achieve their goals. It also offers statistical modeling which becomes a strength of this trading platform. Not to mention it has a complete set of powerful tools to perform better trading.

Compared to its trading platform counterparts, TradeStation is considered stable with little downtime. There are also powerful technical analysis tools as well as excellent charting to help you with the trading. It also features Portfolio Maestro that analyzes your performance in several ways.

8. MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4

When it comes to the platform for trading forex, MetaTrader 4 is a name to mention. It helps improve your forex trading experience with a bundle of features. It also has the ability to analyze financial markets and provides you with expert advisors to enhance your trading performance.

MetaTrader 4 has been around for a while and currently it has millions of traders with an extensive range of needs. It becomes an ideal platform for traders with all skill levels, thanks to easy-to-use features and multiple tools to cope with traders’ different needs.

If you wish to open forex trading opportunities widely, MetaTrader 4 has got you covered. This TradingView alternative is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile OS. With such compatibility, it allows you to trade from anywhere and anytime.

9. Thinkorswim


Brought to you by Ameritrade, Thinkorswim is a trading platform suite that has been renowned among traders on the market. This is one of the best choices for trading stocks, options, as well as futures for advanced traders and beginners, thanks to its intuitive interface and beautiful design.

The award-winning platform comes with highly customizable charts with a wide range of types. You can choose a specific type of chart that meets your needs along with the drawing tools. And if you like to write a script, Thinkorswim allows you to create indicators using thinkScript.

There are many features to find in this platform, such as customizable scanning and screening tools to filter stocks. Its Stock Hacker tool helps scan any stocks that meets your criteria and keeps you updated with it. Thinkorswim is available in mobile and desktop versions, allowing you to trade from anywhere.

10. Wunderbit Trading

Wunderbit Trading

Are you a beginner who wants to start trading cryptocurrency? Wunderbit Trading is a good platform to work with. It offers seamless crypto trading and investing, thanks to a bunch of features that help enhance your experience and upgrade your skills.

Wunderbit Trading highlights a transparent track record. Using this feature, you can copy trading technique of the best crypto traders. It also enables you to trade either using advanced trading terminal or create automated trading bot. The last mentioned allows you to select the best crypto trading signals.

This platform also highlights spread treading that lets you choose assets to use to create a spread. If you want to change from classic trading, simply change the type of your strategy to spread trading. Other features to find include crypto portfolio tracker, multiple account management, and DCA.

 11. Gemini Active Trader

Gemini Active Trader

Gemini Active Trader is a powerful trading platform designed for experienced traders with advanced skills. If you are serious and active traders, you can find a set of features to leverage your trading experience, from advanced charting to auctions and multiple order types.

This platform promises high speed and stability, allowing you to execute trades in microseconds. Since late execution can make a big difference, Gemini Active Trader is your best partner to trade at the right time. Despite the lightning fast speed, it doesn’t compromise reliability and security.

Trading strategy is the key to get the best out of market opportunities. This platform features trading pair selectors as well as deep order book that allows you to gain the best advantage of the market. Plus, this platform is compatible with mobile browsers so you can trade from anywhere.

Now that you know the best TradingView alternatives, it is getting easier to narrow down your choices. It is important to pick a platform that suits your needs and trading skills so you can optimize your performance. Whether you are beginners or advanced traders, these alternatives are great for trading.

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