How To Fix Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered

by Hashir Zuniga

Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered

Facebook is one of the most popular social media that people use in the world. With this application, people can connect and communicate with others that are far away. At the beginning of Facebook, people could only communicate with others just by posting on their walls. But as technology developed, people can send and receive messages from Facebook. Not only message, but they are also to deliver documents and photos or music. However, sometimes the Facebook message sent but not delivered to the receiver is a problem that occurs. Therefore, people need to ensure that the message is delivered.

Reasons Why Facebook Message Sent but Not Delivered

One of the main problems that people face when using Facebook is the message is not delivered. So, the Facebook message sent but not delivered and the receiver can’t read it. If this problem occurs to you, maybe these are some of the reasons:

1. Internet Connection

One of the reasons why your message might not be delivered is because of the internet connection. Poor internet connection causes the media to not work well. Therefore, before sending a message try to recheck the connection first. Sending a message does not require too much data, so people don’t need a strong connection.

2. Not Opened by Receiver

If you are sure your Facebook message has been sent, then maybe the receiver has not read it yet. When a receiver does not read the message, the status of the message will not be delivered either. A friend on Facebook can be online, but they can’t open the message if they don’t download the message feature.

People can’t open and read the message through the application. And this is also the cause of why the message status is unread. With the help of a mobile phone, people can now easily open social media on their gadgets. So, make sure you also download the messenger feature to able read messages.

3. Not Friend with the Receiver

Not Friend with the Receiver

Another reason why a Facebook message sent but not delivered is that you are not friends with the receiver. When you send a message to a person that is not your friend, they will not automatically read the message. Especially if they private their profile, they will have to accept your message request first. After this, they can receive the message and read it. So, before delivering a message, make sure to be friends with them. At least this way, people will receive your message without having to accept it.

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4. Ignored the Message

Your friend may have received the message, but they ignored it. This can make the message seems like it is not sent yet. Rather than thinking that your friend has not received the message, try sending another message. Try to deliver a different message to a different person. This way people can see whether it is successful or not.

5. Read Through Notify

The receiver might read the message through the notification. This means that they did not open the message. They have read the message, but the status did not change because they did not open it. If this is the reason, then you won’t know the reason either.

How to Resolve Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered

For those who are facing this problem can do some of these steps to prevent undelivered messages. You don’t need to make a new account, just try these simple steps. Here are some steps people can to make sure that the receiver can receive their messages.

1. Login Using Browser/ Laptop

By using a laptop or computer, people can see who is online and can deliver their message to online friends. You can also see your messages if you log in to your account. If you log in by a mobile application, people can not see that you are online. This is also one of the causes that Facebook messages sent but not delivered.

2. Send Message to Active Friends

Before sending a message, try to make sure whether your friend is still active or not on Facebook. This can be seen by the last time they have logged in or active in with their account. Usually, a person that has not opened their account will likely open their message.

3. Check Connection

Check Connection

Make sure you have a good connection to open Facebook. As we said, Facebook doesn’t need a big connection although it can’t run with the low connection either. So, before logging in make sure you have a good connection.

So, when seeing a Facebook message sent but not delivered try to do these steps first. Don’t hurry in thinking negative thoughts but try to resend them again. If this doesn’t work, then try on the next steps.

4. Restart Facebook

An effect from poor internet connection cause error to the media. Even after getting a good connection, try to restart your gadget or computer. This will make the social media restart and work from the start again. Usually, when people sign in again, the message will be sent and delivered to the other person.

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