How To Fix iPhone Photos Not Showing Up on PC

by Hashir Zuniga

iPhone Photos Not Showing Up on PC

So, you just have a great photo session and it’s time to transfer the photos to your computer. When it comes to transferring photos, USB cable offers excellent and fast connection to transfer photo files in no time. But what happens when iPhone photos not showing up on PC? When the DCIM folder does not show any images on the computer, you need to know how to fix this issue.

In fact, photos not showing up on the DCIM folder is not uncommon, especially among iPhone users. There are many factors that cause this issue and it is rather hard to point out a reason. Apart from that, it is more important to find out how to bring back your images so you can easily transfer the photos to the computer.

How to Solve iPhone Photos Not Showing Up on PC

When you find the DCIM folder is empty on PC but it does exist on your smartphone, it is not the end of the world. There are some fixes and smart solutions to show up the images on your computer. Many iPhone users out there have found that the following methods are helpful. Check this out and hopefully, your images will show up.

1. Restart the iPhone and PC

Restart the iPhone

Restart is among the best solutions to fix most problems. Since restart helps refresh the system, many users found this method is sufficient to bring back the images. You can try to restart both the iPhone and PC. It is also recommended to re-plug the USB cable into the USB port on your computer. If this method works, your mission is accomplished.

2. Unlock the iPhone

Unlock iPhone

In many cases, the photos that don’t show up on PC is caused by a locked device. When connecting your iPhone to PC, be sure to unlock the device so that the computer can have access to files and folders inside of it. Once you plug in the USB cable, your phone will charge and you may need to unlock it at least for once.

After unlocking the device, check if the DCIM folder remains empty. If it shows the images already, you don’t necessarily need to do anything else. But if the problem persists, please jump to the next method.

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3. Authorize your computer

When connecting your iPhone to PC for the first time, you will see a pop-up on your phone. This pop-up notifies you to authorize the computer so that it can access files and folders of your iPhone. You need to tap Trust to continue. But in some cases, the pop-up doesn’t appear. Or else, you are not sure if you have tapped Trust or not.

Alternatively, the following steps will help you authorize the computer.

Authorize your computer on iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Access iTunes and move your pointer to Store on the top bar.
  • From this menu, click on Authorizations then select Authorize This Computer.
  • You will need to provide your Apple ID and password. Fill the required details and check if the DCIM folder remains empty.

Giving authorization to your computer means you give access to phone’s files and folders including images. But if the above method does not work well, you may consider the next solution.

4. Reset location and privacy

Resetting location and privacy becomes the next method to fix the issue. While many users find it is unrelated, resetting the location and control can allow your computer to access the phone. There is nothing to worry about since resetting the two will not delete your data.

Reset location and privacy iPhone

  • Go to phone Settings, scroll down and tap on General.
  • Select Reset, then choose Reset Location & Privacy. You will need to enter passcode to continue the process.
  • Also, you will see a confirmation box. Select Reset Settings.
  • Reconnect the iPhone to your computer and give it the authorization.
  • Unplug and replug, then access your DCIM folder. Your photos will appear soon.

If resetting phone location and privacy does not make any changes, please refer to other fixes to solve the issue.

5. Uninstall Apple USB driver

To get rid of iPhone photos not showing up, you can uninstall the Apple USB driver and let the system re-download. For many users, this method helps fix the problem. The following steps should help.

Uninstall Apple USB driver

  • Open My computer. Right-click on empty space and click on Properties.
  • Select Device Manager. Find Universal Serial Bus and navigate to Apple mobile device. Right-click then choose Uninstall.
  • Wait for the computer to uninstall the driver. Restart your computer and re-plug the USB cable. The computer will automatically download the driver once more.
  • Once it is downloaded, unplug and replug.

To fix iPhone photos not showing up on PC, there are several solutions to consider. Try the above fixes and choose the one that works well for you. Now that you have successfully fixed the problem, you can easily transfer the images on the iPhone to the computer.

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