How To Activate iPhone Without SIM Easily [5 Ways]

by Hashir Zuniga

Activate iPhone Without SIM

Some people might know that activate iPhone without SIM is possible. For example, when you want to change the function of your iPhone only as an iPod touch or as an iPhone for your child with only connection when using Wi-Fi. You will be very happy if there are many ways you can do to activate your iPhone.

There are many methods to activate your iPhone, even if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection. The first thing you should do is ensuring that your iPhone is unlocked or has access to a specific carrier SIM card that you can use temporarily. Then, you can do a variety of methods below to activate iPhone without SIM card.

How To Activate iPhone Without SIM

1. Activate your iPhone using Other SIM Card

The easiest thing to overcome this problem is to borrow someone else’s SIM card. This method is specifically for those of you who do not have their SIM card. SIM card is only used to activate your iPhone, once your iPhone is active; you no longer need a SIM card. Thus, you have you find someone who wants to lend your SIM card for a very short time just to activate your iPhone.

You need someone else’s SIM to run this method, besides that you also need a SIM card removal tool. If your iPhone was previously locked with a particular carrier, you must ensure that the SIM card that you borrow has the same operator network. You also need a Wi-Fi network to run this method.

The first step you have to do is remove your friend’s SIM card and insert the SIM card into your iPhone. Afterward, enter the usual settings options and log on to your Wi-Fi network. Wait a few moments while your iPhone is activated. When it is finished, that means your iPhone is ready to use. You can remove your friend’s SIM card.

Now, your iPhone is active and you can use your iPhone. Unfortunately, you cannot make any phone calls, unless you are using Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Facetime. Do not worry; after you return the SIM card to your friend, your friend can immediately use the SIM card as usual.

2. Activate your iPhone using iTunes

Activate iPhone using iTunes

If you lock your iPhone to a particular operator network and you find a SIM card to borrow, it is more recommended to use the first method. You can use this method when you do not have a Wi-Fi network. Also, to run this method, your iPhone must not on lock. Moreover, it requires other devices such as computers to run iTunes.

First of all, make sure that the latest version of iTunes installed. If you do not have iTunes on your iPhone, try downloading the iTunes app on Apple’s official site.

If you have finished updating or installing iTunes on your iPhone, you will set several options such as password, Apple ID, location, and so on. After you set the options completely, your iPhone is successfully activated. Then, click on “Get Start” and manage your new device.

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3. Activate your iPhone using R-SIM / X-SIM

Activate iPhone using R-SIM / X-SIM

Another method to activate iPhone without SIM is by using R-SIM or X SIM card. R-SIM or X-SIM is an iPhone SIM card interposer for unlocking iPhone. As you know, Apple released an unlocked iPhone for any network operator.

The first step to run this method is you have to insert R-SIM or X-SIM into the cardholder on your iPhone and choose the carrier from the available list. Afterward, you have to confirm your selection.

Press and hold your iPhone’s power button to reboot your iPhone. When you reboot your iPhone, it will search for a carrier and your iPhone will be successfully activated.

4. Activate your iPhone using The Emergency Call Only

Activate iPhone using The Emergency Call Only

This emergency call feature does not make calls; it is just a trick to make your iPhone active. Frankly, this is an unusual method but some iPhone users can do this to active their iPhone. The trick is when you see the “No SIM card installed” notification, you can go back to the Home menu. Then, from there select the option and make an emergency call.

Try making an emergency call to 112 or 999. Before the call going through, press the power ON / OFF button to disconnect. Then, a notification will appear to disconnect the call. Select disconnected call and now your iPhone is active.

Please be careful in doing this method because this is just a trick to activate iPhone without SIM. Do not connect your call to an emergency call.

5. Jailbreak Your iPhone

Jailbreak Your iPhone

If you cannot activate iPhone without SIM in the various methods described above, the last option to activate iPhone without SIM is by jailbreaking your iPhone. However, be careful when you are doing this since it’s dangerous if you are not used to.

You can do it by yourself or ask for help from professionals who used to jailbreak an iPhone. If you jailbreak your iPhone, you can unlock your iPhone from a current carrier and will be able to take any action without network restrictions. By doing that, it means you void the device warranty. But, you can do a jailbreak safely and the risk can be borne by yourself if you follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official iPhone unlock website and find and select iCloud unlock.
  • Enter the necessary iPhone details and wait for at least 3 days to unlock the device.

By using the jailbreak method you will be able to pass the activation stage, so you can use your iPhone freely even without using a SIM card. However, jailbreak is a complicated method. Sometimes, you will find obstacles when doing a jailbreak; for example, it will interrupt your data.

Some errors that show up will prevent you from jailbreaking because you need to fix them first before the continuing process. You must be careful in making some changes to your iPhone unless you have taken proper prevent. Jailbreaking can modify the iOS system and may cause unwanted problems, such as bugs that will harm your iPhone.

Now you know how to activate iPhone without SIM card with the mentioned methods above. You can try one preferred method, but make sure to follow the steps carefully. Then, you can use your iPhone as you desire once you can activate it.

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