How to Uninstall Tor Browser from Windows OS

by Hashir Zuniga

Tor Browser

Can you imagine how broad cyberspace is? It is not only the sites you usually browse, like social media or blogs. There is another side called “the dark web” which only able to be accessed by certain people. If you are curious and brave enough to enter this dark side, you might need the Tor browser on your computer. But there’s no safety guarantee by using Tor Browser. So, you probably need to know how to uninstall Tor browser once your curiosity answered.

Tor is kind of web browser guided by Tor Project. You can download the installer from the Tor Project website. It is available for Linux, Windows, Mac, and now has been developed for mobile. When you are using Tor, you can access the web anonymously. Thus, your ISP won’t be detected as a visitor. Using the Tor browser is as easy as browsing via Google Chrome or Mozilla. But remember, if you don’t adhere to the best practice of using it, you will probably expose your identity online dangerously.

How to Uninstall Tor Browser After Using It

Using the Tor browser is not a criminal. It is an open network that allows everybody to use for free. Thus, understandable if you wish to try this browser. As a few caveats, the connection might be slower and some web services block Tor users. If you start frustrating with Tor browser, follow the steps below how to uninstall Tor browser from your computer:

1. Uninstall Tor from Windows OS

Uninstall Tor from Windows OS

Some people get problems when they are trying to uninstall Tor browser from Windows. For example, they get stuck in Tor program removal. So, how to uninstall Tor browser effectively  is by deleting a bundle folder of “Tor Browser”. You can do this through the control panel as steps below:

  • Click the Windows start menu, then choose the Setting, click Control Panel.
  • Find the option of Add/Remove Programs, then search the Tor installer and all program related to the Tor.
  • Click and select Change/Remove. Confirm for remove before clicking Windows button + R. Type “Regedit” there and then press enter.
  • Open Edit tab and select Find, now type “Tor” inside search address. You have to delete any program that related to the Tor here. 

2. Using Software Removal


If you already tried the methods above, but still the Tor is existing, then you need software removal. There are many kinds of this software, for example is “Reimage”. This method is more effective and faster. Download the tool and run to uninstall the Tor browser. Follow the setting step just like you install the other program. Using the software is similar like you uninstall programs from Control Panel. Just follow the direction given.

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3. Uninstall Using Command Prompt

Indeed, removing the Tor browser needs a little skill. Another way of how to uninstall Tor browser is by using the command prompt. Follow these steps carefully if you want Tor browser is no longer on your computer:

  • Find the Start button and right-click there. There is an option “Command prompt (admin)”, click to add the commands.
  • Follow these commands (type as they are), use enter to separate each line:

dir /s /a /b “tor” >> \\users\\%%name\\desktop\\TorInstalationAdress.txt

dir /s /a /b “vidalia” >> \\users\\%%name\\desktop\\TorInstalationAdress.txt

  • You will find out a list of paths the Tor programs after open the created file.
  • Make a new document and copy-paste the delete command on it.
  • “TorRemoval.bat” makes that as its name. Choose saving format as all file types. Place on your desktop so you can easily access it.
  • Right-click on that document and click “Run as administrator”.

Are you confused about those steps? Well, it is quite complicated but worth to try. Ask your friend who is savvier than you. They must understand what should do with the steps above.

Tips in Using Tor Browser Safely

After you know how to uninstall Tor browser, it is time to understand how to use it safely. Just in case you want to keep this browser, you have to know how to use it properly. See our tips below and follow as much as possible:

  • One of the reasons why people using the Tor browser is because they will go incognito mode. So, you have to attend to other programs running. Only Tor browser which “hides” your identity, but not for the other program. When you are running the Tor browser with the other program at the same time, it would be the door that detects your real IP.
  • Flash, RealPlayer, QuickTime, and many plugins blocked by the Tor browser. These plugins are possible to expose the IP which the Tor cannot prevent.
  • Don’t forget to disconnect your internet connection while opening a document, such as PDF, Word, and others. The documents might contain internet resources which can reveal your IP address. So, when you are opening web through Tor browser and need to read a document, turn off your connection first.
  • Don’t login into any social media or portal requires your data. The Tor won’t protect your privacy from that site. Once you sign in, you declare yourself to that site. Anyone who active might observe your identity.

How to uninstall Tor browser is very useful when you get disturbed by its restriction and safety issues. Not to mention, there are many limit accession with this browser. Because many governments or websites won’t Tor users visit. Use the Tor website wisely and be careful of your identity in cyberspace.

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