9 Best DAKboard Alternatives and Similar Apps

by Emily Barrow

Best DAKboard Alternatives

DAKboard has become one of the most popular digital calendars nowadays. However, it won’t hurt if you check out some DAKboard alternatives.

Some people might say that the presence of digital calendars is not too crucial; not everyone needs a calendar. But for those who live a busy life, a calendar helps them to get through their days without missing any important appointments.

This is why you better start to consider a digital calendar too. Before getting into the alternatives to DAKboard, we can start with the DAKboard itself.

About DAKboard

DAKboard is a computer that needs a monitor to update pages with custom information in it. Many people integrate the board with Google calendar. According to DAKboard, you can display the schedules of a family in one place.

Besides, the updates are applied in real-time. Of course, you can put the same information on your computer. However, DAKboard allows you to make a dedicated display in the first place.

It comes with several predefined layouts you can use for free. You can also modify the screen display by paying a subscription of USD 5 monthly. Some good things about DAKboard are such as:

DAKboard allows you to have fun with its DIY projects, especially when it comes to installation.

  • You get an extra monitor.
  • The configuration is effortless.
  • However, you may need to discover the step-by-step instructions on your own. Even though it comes with a manual, some points are confusing to follow.

This is why there would be no hurt if you check out the DAKboard alternative. Until today, several names of digital calendars are doing great.

The Best DAKBoard Alternatives

There are lots of options you may find out there, but the names on the list below come with similar services with some differences here and there.

1. TimeTree


The first alternative to DAKboard on the list is TimeTree. This app is suitable for those who love everything DAKboard provides and want a better communication aspect.

This app provides a feature that allows users to share tasks and calendars with others. Thus, if your work and activities have to be shared with other people, you should give this app a try.

Among other things that make this app stand out from DAKboard is its ability to keep multiple calendars in one place and share it with other groups of people at the same time. Hence, it is possible to have a personal calendar, family schedules, work appointments, and so on.

There is also a chat room so that users can deliver their thoughts and opinions about the schedule in real-time.

Many users love TimeTree for its ability to list all upcoming events. You can enjoy all features by using its free plan. It is no wonder if this app is highly preferred over other apps.

2. CalenGoo


CalenGoo might not be the free DAKboard alternative you are looking for, but it has plenty to offer. Today, many people use Gmail and Google Calendar to take care of their daily schedules. Its simple yet efficient approach is highly irresistible, after all.

For those who find Google Calendar a bit complicated to edit, CalenGoo is a good idea to consider. All great features from Google Calendar are available on this app and are even more modern.

You can correct all flaws effortlessly and the app is accessible through various devices. Other than that, you don’t need any internet access to use CalenGoo. Interesting, right?

Some users prefer using DAKboard for its attractive yet sleek UI. CalenGoo, on the other hand, utilizes colors that you commonly find in Google Calendars. You can also add lots of reminders and events without limitations at all.

This app allows you to give it a try on the desktop version. Meanwhile, the mobile app version costs USD 5.99 – such a good deal.

3. Dollarbird


So, managing time is not an easy-breezy task, after all. It requires a skillset and an adequate tool to help the execution. Dollarbird comes with an approach that makes this app stand with more confidence than DAKboard.

According to the DAKboard alternative on Reddit, Dollarbird comes with features that allow you to manage tasks or plans and finances in one place. With these useful features, you can track and manage your financial matters.

The AI ability also helps you to be a budget-literate person. All transactions and tasks tie into one place, which is effortlessly accessible. All in all, Dollarbird is an amazing tool to manage your daily activity and finance.

This app comes with a free trial, Pro version, and Pro Unlimited plan. It costs USD 4.99 and USD 6.99 consecutively.

4. Jorte


Meanwhile, if you are down for a free DAKboard app and couldn’t find a good one, Jorte is worth your consideration. The app comes with a simple UI and powerful features – suitable for those who prefer a regular calendar.

More than anything, you can use this app for various purposes, whether to tackle your personal schedules, business appointments, professional matters, or remote teams. It also comes with a customizable side menu.

You can manage what to display, after all, such as:

  • Diary.
  • To-do-tasks.
  • Events.

Those three widgets are only a few to choose from, which will come in handy to customize according to what you need for daily life. One of the best advantages of Jorte is that you can set the timer on any event.

For those who work a lot on deadline stuff, putting a countdown timer is such a smart idea. You can download the app both on Android and iOS and other popular platforms. It comes in three different plans, starting at USD 2.99 monthly.

5. Rainlendar


For those who use Windows OS a lot, Rainlendar is such a good option. It comes with a simple yet sleek calendar that serves more than just a thing that shows you the date.

Compared to DAKboard, Rainlendar comes with something different. You can make an accessible widget on your computer. So, when you turn off your computer, the app will make a widget calendar.

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Right under the widget, you can find an easy insight into your to-do list and events. It makes it easier to keep track of all things you need to finish.

Don’t think that this widget comes as a default, after all. You have the freedom to customize the look and what is shown on it. Also, there is an alarm feature that will be very useful for you.

On the other hand, Rainlendar can be integrated with other third-party options. If you are actively using Outlook, all events and tasks written on that app can be integrated into your calendar effortlessly.

Also, it is such a good option for those who find a hard time constantly checking the app. Keeping the app running in the background on your desktop won’t hurt your RAM, considering the size is quite lightweight.

As mentioned earlier, this one is suitable for desktop use. You can use Rainlendar on Windows, Linux, and Mac, but there is no option for mobile phones, after all. It comes in a free Lite version and a Pro one that costs USD 11.73.

6. Calendar Widget: Month

Calendar Widget: Month

On the other hand, Calendar Widget: Month is another interesting DAKboard alternative Android you should take a look at. It comes with a modern yet futuristic look and provides lots of conveniences.

Besides functions, it comes with a pretty look and quick access. It makes your process of adding tasks and events much simpler and joyful. Generally, it looks similar to DAKboard but comes with some more features, such as:

  • Keeping a to-do list.
  • Making events and schedules.
  • Put reminders.
  • Manage your time.

Its display allows you to know what you need to do on that day only at a glance. You can also sync this app with your Google Calendar with a few taps only. Feel free to use this app on various platforms.

7. ActionTiles


Another name to consider is the wall display alternative section is ActionTiles. This one comes with web-based control panels to know lots of things that await. Not only does it come with the ability to manage your work needs, but this one also lets you know your schedule at home.

Thus, for those who utilize a smart home or apartment, you can integrate it with ActionTiles. For instance, you don’t need to worry whether or not you’ve switched the light when you are out because the app helps to tackle the basic things at home

Even though it seems like the app works a lot on your home schedule, you can switch the app to professional needs with a few taps.

Generally, there is almost no similarity between DAKboard and ActionsTiles, which makes these two hard to compare in the first place. More than anything, If you are looking for an app that manages your physical and digital life, ActionTiles is one of the best names

As one of the best DAKboard alternative open source apps, ActionTiles comes with a 14-days free trial. Meanwhile, you can upgrade your plan to USD 28.99.

8. Digical+


Digical+ is one of the apps like DAKboard that will help you to manage your schedule and daily life much easier. It is among the commercial apps that offer lots of options, even better than DAKboard.

You can utilize this calendar app for businesses, entrepreneurs, and remote workers to stay on track and organized. Through this one app, you can keep track of all things you need to do on a day-to-day basis.

However, why should Digical+ come as one of the best alternatives of DAKboard in the first place? As far as you can see, there are several exciting features, such as:

  • Lunar calendar.
  • Quick list management.
  • Scheduling.
  • Task management.
  • Time management.

There is surely more you can find in this app. Digical+ has a chic yet effortless UI. You can pick from over 40 color templates at a more affordable price tag.

Some smart features are ready to activate once you have paid USD 4.99 in the first place. One of those interesting features is the ability to improve your experience of using the calendar.

All in all, DIgical+ is an interesting tool you should give a try. If you are not sure, its free trial is available too.

9. Synk


When it comes to the best free digital calendar, Synk is one of those names that you must consider in the first place. It comes with a futuristic look and allows you to take care of your daily activities efficiently – both at work and at home.

Just like any other calendar that you keep on your phone, Synk can do more than dates and days. All meetings, appointments, and other crucial dates are recorded well. Other than being kept, the system will send you reminders so that you will never forget your schedule.

Synk is easy to use and comes with a simple UI that fits any level of user. To manage the features, you can utilize its in-app features.

Do you want to hear the best part? You can add the schedule of your favorite TV programs in the app too. Thus, you will never miss an episode in the first place. However, Synk is only available for those who look for DAKboard alternative iOS, unfortunately.

Bottom Line

Generally speaking, DAKboard delivers some great go-to calendar features. Since people are using technology a lot, using the best tool will help you to get the best service as well. While some people are still rooting for DAKboard, some other apps can provide more.

And if that is the case, feel free to find a better digital calendar app that provides what you need in the first place. Some names on the list above are worth consideration, especially if you are willing to spend a little more money for more features.

And this is the last section of things you need to know about DAKboard alternatives. More than anything, do not be afraid of looking for new apps that deliver the services you need.

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