How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in Your Country

by Hashir Zuniga

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

YouTube has become one of the most favorite social media today. Since it was created in 2005, YouTube users keep growing day by day. Now some new users are born every day. They make content and seek as many subscribers as possible. Thus, you can find various videos on YouTube. Several channels are blocked due to some reason. But it doesn’t mean you cannot access the video. Read this article and you will find out how to watch blocked YouTube videos.

The more people subscribe to your channel, the more benefits you will get. Being a YouTuber, someone who works as a YouTube content creator and uploads the video to their channel is a profession now. By doing this, you can earn money even with a bigger income than being an office employee. Surprisingly, YouTube has very strict regulations about allowed content. If you want to see forbidden ones, you have to know how to watch blocked YouTube videos.

Why Does YouTube Block Video?

Before we talk further about how to watch blocked YouTube videos, you should know their reason. By understanding their regulation, hopefully, you will be wiser in using YouTube later. Not all of the videos are prohibited by YouTube contains sexual or harassment content. YouTube detects user’s age by their input data. Once the content is not suitable for their age, YouTube will automatically block the video for that user. Here are the other reasons why YouTube blocks some videos:

1. Area Restriction

Just because YouTube is popular among people, it doesn’t mean all governments agree to open access. Some areas limit YouTube access, for examples like China, Iran, and North Korea, they completely block YouTube. Everybody who is in those countries doesn’t have permission to view any videos from YouTube.

2. School and Office Regulation

Some parties think that YouTube might bother someone’s focus. When you are an office employee, the management think that YouTube distracts employers’ concentration on works. It also happens in schools or colleges. YouTube is considered as a distraction for their study. Indeed, on the other hand, YouTube gives fresh inspiration or insights. But still, YouTube is an interesting thing that people hardly to avoid.

3. Inappropriate Content

Like we mentioned above that YouTube will block sexual or harassment content. It is because those things categorized as inappropriate content. Actually, not only both those contents, but there are other contents also considered as unappropriated to publish, for example, murder, violence, even the surgical scene sometimes blocked by YouTube. But if your purpose is to enrich knowledge for good, it is okay to follow our tips below about how to watch blocked YouTube videos.

4. Video Privacy Setting

When you cannot view the video, it is not always due to YouTube restrictions. It could be from the uploader’s setting. The channel owner can set the video in privacy setting by country or region, or by blocking someone. If you are categorized as the block one, you must send the uploader a massage to get permission. And if the uploader set by the country or region, YouTube will detect your IP. Once you are detected as a prohibited one, you cannot access the video.

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How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

Now it is time for you to find out how to watch blocked YouTube videos. The tips below are a bypass for YouTube’s filter based on region and country. Hopefully, the hacks below ease your frustration when you want to see a film trailer or music video. Here are the hacks:

1. Use VPN


Using a VPN is a reliable method to browse the web from a different country. There is a free VPN, but it is better to use a paid service, such as NordVPN. This VPN allows you to access YouTube in fast connection and better data security.

Using a VPN is easy, just install it to your PC or smartphone. Make sure that you choose a VPN which allows your location to connect. Don’t forget to set the server to a country that allows access to YouTube. Then open again your YouTube and search the video you want to watch. YouTube might detect you as another person in a different country. The quality and the speed of video depending on your choice of VPN.

2. Using Proxy

Web Proxy

The second way of how to watch blocked YouTube videos is by using proxy service. The proxy is quite similar to the VPN method, but it is less safe. If you only want to watch the music video or film trailer, it is okay to use a proxy. But if you are trying to access video which bans by the government, VPN is the best choice.

Just like a VPN, there is also a free-trial proxy. But they are very limited, even for the paid version too. Using proxy is typically access the server via a web browser extension. Once again, you must ensure that you select a server that allows access to YouTube.

3. Change the URL

If you are not able to follow the two previous methods, you can try to change the URL. See the video’s URL and you will see “/watch?v=” and followed by numbers. The numbers identify the video. Change the URL by deleting the “watch” word and the question mark. Also, delete the equal sign too. After that, add the slash before and after the “v” letter. So, your URL will be like “…” and followed by numbers. Don’t change the numbers because it detects your selected video. Then, press enter, wait while it is loading, and enjoy watching.

4. Change Your Age

As we mentioned before that the blocked videos might be you are not categorized as a proper age. If it is the cause, simply just change your age in a personal setting. Sign to your Google account and find the “Personal Info & Privacy” to reset your age. Usually, it placed on the side menu, then click personal info. Choose “Birthday” and change your birthday year. Make sure you set older than 18 years old. Click update and YouTube will automatically think you are an adult.

When you want to access the illegal video from YouTube, think twice. Because YouTube might already filter the proper videos for its audiences. Just enjoy what is good to consume. But if you need to see a certain video, you might try all the methods above about how to watch blocked YouTube videos one by one.

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