How to Fix High Ping on Windows 10 and Android

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Fix High Ping

Do you ever experience a high ping? Be it on a computer or Android device, a high ping can be frustrating. Especially if you are an online gamer, it prevents you from having excellent connection to game servers. As a consequence, you cannot play properly. Fortunately, how to fix high ping is actually simple. There are several ways that you can do both on Windows 10 or Android.

Though it may sound very technical, fixing high ping problem is pretty easy. You don’t need to call a techy friend or a computer geek to solve this issue. You have come to the right page as you are about to find a variety of methods to fix high ping on Windows 10 and Android. So, let’s get to know them!

How to Fix High Ping on Windows 10

So, you have a high ping on Windows 10 computer. Now that you have trouble to connect to game servers, you don’t have many options than fixing the problem. There are a number of methods that you can use to reduce the ping on Windows 10. Pick one of the following methods to fix the issue.

1. Check the network

Task manager gives you access to see which applications are spending the most network bandwidth. It may be online videos, music, or automatic downloads. To fix the problem, you can easily check the network through the task manager. Here are the steps to go:

Check the network usage on Windows 10

  • Open Resource Monitor by searching it on the Windows search button.
  • You will see the network column that lets you know how much each application uses the network. Sort the column to help you find the applications that spend most networks.
  • End Process the applications if it is not a system process.

Many users found that checking the network and closing applications that took the most network was effective to fix a high ping. But if this method does not work well for you, there are other methods to try out.

2. Reduce Windows auto-update bandwidth

Though it depends on the settings, most users find that their Windows downloads updates without permission. Automatic updates take much of your network bandwidth, leaving you with high ping that causes connection trouble. If you often experience a high ping caused by Windows auto-update, you can either disable Windows auto-update or reduce its update bandwidth.

While turning off automatic update can cause a further problem to your system, you might need to choose the second option. Follow the steps below to reduce Windows auto-update bandwidth.

Reduce Windows auto-update bandwidth

  • Go to the Settings, then navigate to Windows Update.
  • Click Advanced options.
  • Find Delivery Optimisation, then click Advanced options again.
  • On Download Settings and Upload Settings, drop the percentage as desired. You can set to 10% of the bandwidth or a little higher.

Reducing the network bandwidth for Windows update is a solution if you want to maintain a high connection without missing the Windows update.

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3. Reset Windows connection

Another troubleshoot that you may try is resetting Windows connection. This method will install your drivers as well as software that interact with your network. This also includes VPNs. The network reset is going to resolve common connection problems, including the high ping.

To reset Windows connection is pretty easy. The following instruction will help you reset the connection settings.

Reset Windows 10 connection

  • Go to Settings, then click Network and Internet.
  • Select Network reset.

You may need to wait for a while until the system finishes the process. Check if the problem persists.

4. Common troubleshoot

The high ping problem can be fixed with common troubleshooting such as moving closer to the router. You may consider one of these methods to get rid of the issue.

  • Get a position closer to your Wi-Fi router. Or, you can connect with Ethernet cable for a better connection.
  • Turn off any other devices connected to the network.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router.

The above methods can help you with the high ping issue. How to get rid of high ping issue on Windows 10 is actually simple as long as you know what to do. If the above solutions don’t work, you may consider purchasing new hardware or providing a new internet connection.

How to Fix High Ping on Android

High ping does not only happen on PC or desktop but also on Android smartphone. As with high ping on Windows 10, it prevents you from having a good connection. You know that a high ping can be very troublesome and irritating, especially if you are playing online games. At this point, the only thing that comes across your mind is how to lower down the ping and get back to your business.

How to Fix High Ping on Android

Fortunately, there are third-party applications that let you reduce the ping effortlessly. Unlike Windows 10, you need help from those apps to get rid of this issue. When it comes to ping applications, there are several choices to go such as Net Optimizer, SUPER PING, and PING GAMER. You can download them on Play Store for Android users.

To use ping application on your Android, follow the instruction below.

  • Download and install ping application from Google Play Store.
  • Open the application, then open the online game that you want to play.
  • Now you can enjoy playing online games with low ping.

You can also change the settings of ping applications on your Android. Though the settings may vary, you can follow the steps below to change the ping setting.

  • Go to menu Settings on your smartphone, then scroll down and find your ping app.
  • Tap on the ping application and adjust the frequency. It also lets you adjust application’s timeout and destination setting.
  • Tap OK to save changes.

Excellent internet connection is essential, especially for online gamers. Unfortunately, high ping can ruin anything as it makes your device lose connection for a while. It is an annoying experience, especially if you are competing with friends. Hopefully, the above methods of how to fix high ping can be useful for you. Whether you are a PC or Android user, you can solve the issue without too much effort.

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