Fix Google Drive Not Syncing on Windows 10

by Hashir Zuniga

Google Drive Not Syncing on Windows 10

Google Drive is one of the most used cloud storage. When you are using Google Drive, it lets you sync folders and files in all your devices. But sometimes, a problem occurs that makes Drive won’t sync on your Windows 10. Google Drive not syncing on Windows 10 can be affected by a long list of problems and suspecting one is not that easy.

Google Drive is created to keep all your files and sync in all devices. This allows you to access the same files and folders in any device that you want, anywhere and anytime. Despite its versatile function, Google Drive is not flawless. Sometimes, you have to struggle to work with it. In case you experience a similar problem, you need to check this out for the easiest solution.

How to Solve Google Drive Not Syncing on Windows 10

When your Google Drive doesn’t want to sync on Windows 10, there are a number of options that you can do to get rid of it. Troubleshooting sync error of Google Drive is not that difficult, thus you don’t need to be a computer geek to get it done. As long as you know what to do, your problem will disappear in a few minutes.

Here, you are about to find 10 easy ways to troubleshoot Google Drive syncing error on Windows 10. You can pick one that suits you best and try the other ones if the first choice does not work well on your computer. Check this out!

1. Pause and resume

To get rid of sync error in Google Drive, you can try the simplest method. Pause and resume can be the first method to fix the problem, as reported by some users. Pausing Backup and Sync and then resuming the process helps refresh the connection, thus it brings Drive back to work. To pause and resume the Drive, you can follow this instruction.

Pause and resume Sync Google Drive on Windows 10

  • Get into the System Tray in Google Drive then select Backup and Sync icon. You can also find the icon on the taskbar with a small arrow on it.
  • Find the Pause option by clicking on the three-dot menu.
  • You will need to wait for a few moments until it shows the Resume option.
  • When it appears, click on Resume to resume the sync.
  • Check if your files are synced properly.

This method should be your first option to get rid of Google Drive sync error. Since it is the easiest method, you don’t need to call a professional to help you out.

2. Restart

When pause and resume cannot fix the problem, you have to find another way to bring Google Drive back to normal. Some users have reported that restarting the process could refresh the Drive, so that sync error can be overcome. To quit and restart the backup and sync process, you should do the following steps.

Restart Google Drive Sync on Windows 10

  • Access the System Tray, find sync icon and click.
  • Click on Quit Backup and Sync option.
  • After terminating the backup and sync process, you can restart the process by searching for the software on your computer.
  • You will need to wait for a few minutes before the backup and sync process is restarted.

Check if this method can fix your problem. Some users have reported that this solution is effective to solve Google Drive not syncing on Windows 10 but it may not work on your computer. If the problem stays, you can continue with the next method.

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3. Uninstall and reinstall

Sync error can also be caused by the old version or corrupted software. In this case, reinstalling the software can be the best solution to fix the problem. Before reinstalling the Backup and Sync, you need to uninstall from your system. Follow the instruction below:

Uninstall Google Drive

  • Press Windows key + I and select Apps.
  • Navigate to Backup and Sync, then click after you find it.
  • You will see the Uninstall option. Click to uninstall.
  • Wait for a few minutes for your computer to complete the process.
  • After uninstalling the Backup and Sync, you can download and install the latest version to your system.

This method may take a little more effort and time as you have to uninstall and reinstall the software. But many people have proven that reinstalling Backup and Sync helped solve the problem.

4. Check your account

You may have more than one Google account to manage your data. Sometimes you don’t know which account you are using, which results in a problem when operating the software. Google Drive that will not sync on Windows 10 can be caused by the wrong Google accounts. Therefore, it is necessary to check if you are using the correct account in Backup and Sync.

Account Google Drive on Windows 10

Do these simple steps to check if you are using the correct one:

  • Go to System Tray in Backup and Sync.
  • View your Gmail ID and check if you are using the right Gmail account.

Thankfully, now the same computer can be used by three Google Drive accounts. You can add a new account from the System Tray.

5. Firewall settings

Firewalls always do a great job of protecting your computer from malware. But sometimes, they overly protect your computer so that affects the performance of software, including Backup and Sync. Firewall can be so aggressive that it blocks Backup and Sync. To get rid of this problem, follow this instruction.

Firewall settings on Windows 10

  • Press Windows key + I to launch Settings. Search for Firewall.
  • Select Allow an app through Windows Firewall. After choosing this, you will see a list of apps to allow and disallow.
  • Find Backup and Sync. Put checkmarks under the Private and Public column.

After changing the setting, Backup and Sync will work well on the system.

6. Run as administrator

Lack of administrative rights can cause Google Drive not syncing on Windows 10. For this reason, you can run the software as administrator to fix the problem. When the Backup and Sync does not have the admin right, it may not function properly. Do the steps below to run the software as administrator.

Run as administrator Google Drive

  • Search for Backup and Sync in the search box.
  • After the suggestion appears, right-click on the Backup and Sync Software, then select Run as administrator.
  • Running the software as administrator gives full rights and permission to run correctly.

7. Change proxy settings

Google Drive’s sync error may occur if you are using a proxy. To ensure if the problem is caused by this issue, you need to check the proxy settings. Follow these steps to check and change proxy settings.

Change proxy settings Google Drive on Windows 10

  • Go to the system tray area and click Backup and Sync. Select Preferences.
  • Click Settings on the left side of the page and select Network Settings.
  • Change proxy settings into Direct connection, then click OK to save.

This is the simplest method to change proxy settings to fix sync error on Google Drive. You can also go to the list of hosts and ports recommended by Google to change proxy settings.

Despite Google Drive not syncing on Windows 10 is not a serious problem, you need to find the right way to fix it. There are at least 7 ways that you can do to get rid of sync error on Google Drive. As the triggering factors vary, you can pick a method that matches the factor you suspect.

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