Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Hiding in Fullscreen

by Hashir Zuniga

Windows 10 Taskbar Not Hiding in Fullscreen

Using fullscreen mode on Windows 10 computers is fun. Whether you watch videos or play games, this mode lets you enjoy the show without any distractions. However, you may experience Windows 10 taskbar not hiding in fullscreen. When this happens, do you know how to solve the problem?

Though it may sound simple, seeing the taskbar can be very annoying. You cannot enjoy the fullscreen mode with the disturbing taskbar that appears at the bottom of your screen. Here, you are about to find several methods to get rid of Windows 10 taskbar that is not hiding when you are using fullscreen mode.

Why Windows Taskbar Doesn’t Want to Hide?

There is no precise answer when it comes to why Windows taskbar does not want to hide in fullscreen mode. But there are several reasons that can explain why your taskbar is not hiding even if you are using fullscreen mode.

1. Taskbar setting

The most common cause of taskbar that does not hide is the setting. In the Setting menu, you can choose to automatically hide the taskbar or not. When this option is not activated, then your taskbar will not hide even though you are in fullscreen mode.

2. Windows update

Running Windows that is not up to date can cause a number of problems on your computer. Even a simple thing like taskbar not hiding can be resulted from Windows that is not updated. To make sure if your computer needs a Windows update, you should check for updates first.

3. Notifications

Notification that comes to your app sometimes unhide the taskbar. Though this rarely happens, you can consider notification badges that cause the taskbar not hiding.

Ways to Solve Windows 10 Taskbar Not Hiding in Fullscreen

Windows taskbar that is not hiding is not a serious problem, so you don’t necessarily need to worry about it. Nevertheless, the taskbar can be disturbing, especially with the many notifications it has. So, how to solve the problem? There are several ways that you can try to get rid of taskbar that does not want to hide. Check out the solutions below:

1. Check the taskbar setting

First of all, you need to check if the taskbar is set to hide automatically. Simply skip the instructions if you already know the taskbar settings. But if you do not, this instruction will help you out.

Check the taskbar setting on Windows 10

  • Navigate your pointer to the taskbar, then right-click. Choose settings.
  • Select ‘Automatically hide the taskbar’ options.
  • Now your computer has been set to hide the taskbar in fullscreen mode.

This method should work on your computer. But if the problem stays, you may need to try the second method.

2. Update Windows

The taskbar that doesn’t want to hide can be caused by a Windows version that is not updated. Make sure if you run the latest version of Windows by doing this instruction:

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Update Windows 10

  • Open Settings by pressing together Windows Key + I. Select Update & Security.
  • You will see if your computer needs an update by selecting Check for updates. If there is the latest version of Windows, you need to install it right away.
  • After installing Windows, your computer will restart automatically.
  • Check if the problem remains there.

This method is effective enough to get rid of Windows 10 taskbar not hiding in fullscreen. But if it doesn’t work for you, try the next option.

3. Notification badges

App icons in the taskbar sometimes receive a notification. When this happens, it typically does not affect your fullscreen mode. But in some cases, the notification reveals the taskbar. Even after checking the notification, the taskbar won’t hide.

Notification badges on Windows 10

In this case, you need to restart the application that receives the notification. If you find it quite often, try to reinstall the app and check if the problem remains. Or else, you can also choose to turn off the notification so that your taskbar won’t show it anymore.

4. Restart Windows Explorer

Error in Windows Explorer can be the reason why your taskbar is not hiding in fullscreen mode. To solve this problem, you need to restart Windows Explorer. This is the faster option than restarting your Windows.

Restart Windows Explorer on Windows 10

  • Navigate your pointer to the taskbar then right-click. Select Task Manager. You can also use the shortcut by pressing ALT + CTRL + DEL then choose Task Manager.
  • You will see a list of working apps. Scroll down to find Windows Explorer, then right-click and choose Restart.
  • Your Windows will disappear for a moment and it is fine.
  • Retry your fullscreen mode and find out if the problem persists.

5. Chrome Uncheck hardware acceleration

When something happens with your Chrome, it may affect the Windows taskbar that does not want to hide. In this case, you need to solve the problem in Chrome first. As it may be caused by uncheck hardware acceleration, do the following instruction to get rid of it.

Chrome Uncheck hardware acceleration

  • Open your Chrome browser, navigate to the menu on the top right of the page. Select Settings.
  • Scroll down and find Advanced on the bottom of the screen, then click.
  • Under the System menu, find Use hardware acceleration…. and uncheck. You also need to launch Chrome one more time.
  • Use fullscreen mode and check if the taskbar hides.

6. Reset Chrome

You may also try to reset Chrome browser to get rid of Windows taskbar that is not hiding. Resetting your Chrome means restoring the browser to its original setting. This method is worth trying because Chrome can cause unexpected problems on your computer. Here is how to reset your Chrome.

Reset Chrome

  • Open Chrome browser and select Settings.
  • Navigate to Advanced option on the bottom of the page.
  • Choose Restore settings that you can find under the Reset menu.
  • To reset all the settings, select Reset settings.
  • Your Chrome is successfully reset.

It is quite frustrating to see the Windows taskbar while watching movies or playing games on the laptop. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of Windows 10 taskbar not hiding in full screen. Try these methods and see which one works well for you.

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