How to Delete Spotify Account & Cancel Spotify Subscription

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Delete Spotify Account

If you are an avid music lover, chances are that you have a Spotify account. The music streaming platform is undeniably among the most favorite, with no less than 100 million paying subscribers around the globe. Not to mention there are 217 million active users, including free subscribers. Apart from the sizable number of users, there are some others who want to delete the account. How to delete Spotify account?

For some reason, you might need to get rid of Spotify services and delete the account. But deleting your Spotify account is not without consequences. You will lose all the playlists and music you have downloaded. There are some other risks such as losing your username and losing the discount. But this is not a problem for you, keep ongoing.

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription

Some users find it is quite tricky to delete the Spotify account. Especially if you are a premium subscriber, you will need to cancel Spotify subscription before actually deleting the account. Canceling the subscription means you will lose the music you have downloaded to listen offline. In addition, you will also lose the stored playlists.

Canceling Spotify subscription only but keep using Spotify Free means you are still able to stream the playlist. The music on your playlist will be saved in your history. But once you delete the account, you will completely lose access to the music and playlists both online and offline.

To cancel your Spotify subscription, you need to do the following steps:

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription

  • Log in to your Spotify account, then select Account. This option can be found under the profile menu.
  • On the Account Overview page, click Available plans, navigate to the bottom of the page and choose Cancel Premium.
  • There will be a confirmation if you would like to cancel the subscription. Select Yes if you want to cancel Spotify subscription.

After canceling the subscription, your Spotify account will change to a free subscription. At this point, you are able to listen to Spotify music as well as shuffle play albums. In addition, you will not be charged for the subscription plan. But please note that if you cancel subscription about the usual billing date, you might be still charged as the payment may have been processed already.

How to Reactivate Spotify Premium

How to Reactivate Spotify Premium

You might realize that canceling Spotify subscription is a bad decision. In this case, Spotify gives you three months to get back and pick up where you left. Spotify saves all your playlists and settings for three months after your cancellation of Premium subscription. If you miss this period, you can still get back to Premium subscription but your settings will not be saved.

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To reactivate Spotify Premium, you can do the similar steps as canceling the subscription. Log in to your account and choose Subscription. Then find a button saying that you want to reactivate the premium account. After reactivating the account, you can enjoy the feature as if nothing happened.

How to Delete Spotify Account Permanently

Now that you have canceled Spotify subscription and want to go ahead for account deletion, you can go for it. As mentioned, you can only delete Spotify account after canceling your Spotify subscription. Once you are in a free subscription plan, you can easily delete the account.

Please note that deleting your Spotify account will make you lose username. You are not able to access Spotify using the same account and you might not be able to make an account with the same username in the future.

In addition, users with student discount will not be able to apply for another account at least until a year after you sign up. But if those things are not a problem to you, here is how to delete your Spotify account.

How to Delete Spotify Account after Cancelling Subscription

  • Go to Spotify and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to Help then search delete Spotify account in the search bar.
  • Choose Close account from the menu or just click this link
  • You will see a notification saying that you want to close the account permanently. Click and select Close account.
  • Your Spotify account will be successfully deleted.

At this point, you don’t have a Spotify account any longer. It means you won’t be able to enjoy streaming music or play from the playlists. There is no way to go back as your information has been deleted from Spotify. If you change your mind, consider creating a new account using a different username.

In short, how to delete Spotify account is pretty simple. First, you need to cancel the subscription and then delete it directly from the account. But before actually deleting your Spotify account, it is recommended to consider the good and the bad. Deleting the account means removing all your information and settings. In the future, you need to use different username in case you want to come back to Spotify.

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