How to Make Facebook Posts Shareable

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Make Facebook Posts Shareable

Sharing the post is one of Facebook’s redeeming features. It allows the users to spread the post in their newsfeed. However, sometimes you can’t find the share button in the usual place. If you come across that kind of post, then it means that the post isn’t shareable. What’s make a post on Facebook that can be shared with each other and how to make Facebook posts Shareable? If you’re curious about that, then let’s find the answer.

The Important Key to Make Facebook Posts Shareable

There are times when we want to share someone’s post but unable to do so, or when your friends complain that they can’t share your posts. That happens because of the Facebook privacy setting. Someone can share your posts on Facebook because you set it so everyone can read and spread it to another’s newsfeed. On the other hand, if the setting of your privacy does not allow the public to read your posts, then they can’t read nor share your Facebook posts.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the privacy setting. Make sure that you’ve set it so that it opens to the public. Facebook has several options regarding it. And the option you’ll choose will greatly affect the people who want to share your posts.

The first option is public. If you choose this, it means that your posts are visible to everyone including the one who is not your friend and complete stranger. There is also the “Friends” option that makes your posts only visible to friends on Facebook.

You can also choose the option “Friends Except” that makes your posts can’t be visible to the friends that you write on the list. “Specific Friends” option is the exact opposite of the Friends except for option. And if you want to make your posts completely invisible to anyone, you can choose the only me option.

How to Make Facebook Posts Shareable

You’ve known that your option in privacy settings will affect your Facebook posts. And now, it’s time to understand how to make Facebook posts shareable with other people. To do that, you can access the Facebook site or use your smartphone and open the Facebook App.

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1. Make A Facebook Post Shareable via Website

If you want to set your posts so they can be visible to everyone, you can do that from Facebook websites. The first step you have to do is log in with your Facebook account. After successfully logged in with your account, look at the blank box to create a post in your home.

Make a Facebook Post Shareable via Website

You can write your post first then select the option or the opposite. To select the option whether your post can be shared with everyone or not, click the “who should see this?” button. Then, look at the option that is written with “Public” besides the news feed menu below. Click it so it will show you several options. Select the “Public” option if you want your Facebook post to be shareable with everyone. Now, everyone can read and share your post.

Another way to make your Facebook posts shareable is by using the setting menu. Like always, you must be logged in with your Facebook account first. After that, look at the drop-down arrow on the right top of the page. Click that arrow and select the “Settings” menu.

 via Privacy Setting

In the left side-bar, look for the “Privacy” menu and click on it when you find it. Then, you will see a menu that says “Who can see your future posts” in the “Your Activity” section. Select the “Public” option to make your posts shareable.

2. Make A Facebook Post Shareable via Phone Application

Other than websites, you can also make it via Facebook App. First, open your app, then click on the blank box that is written with “What’s on your mind?”. After that, choose your privacy setting by a tap on the drop-down arrow beside “Public”. If you want to make your post to be visible and shareable to everyone, select the “Public” option.  And then, tap the post to create the post.

via Phone Application

The most important thing you have to remember on how to make Facebook posts shareable is the privacy setting. If you want your post to be shareable, select the “Public” option. And once you’ve chosen the option, your next post automatically will be visible to anyone unless you change the setting.

3. Make Old Facebook Posts Shareable

Old Facebook Post

You also can make your old Facebook posts shareable, first, open your Facebook profile, choose your old post that you want it shareable, click down arrow beside timestamp on your post, select “Public” option.

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