How to Save GIFs on Android Easily

How to Save GIFs on Android

People nowadays often communicate with each other using Android devices. Rather than just using character words and symbols, people now could use other items, such as stickers, pictures, and even GIFs. There are plenty of alternative ways on how to save GIFs on Android.

Users can get some basic GIFs on their Android. That is why people would often search for cooler, funnier, and more GIFs and save them to their Android. When the GIFs are ready on their phone, they could share it in chats and even use it as the wallpaper as well. So, here are some ways on how to save GIFs on Android.

1. How to Save GIFs Using Web Browser

When searching for something, not only GIFs but also other items, the web browser is a great solution. From a web browser, we could download it from many kinds of pages. As the most popular website is Google.

In Google, there are several types of categories in searching. Choose the images section, because the GIFs would be easily found there. Also, it is the simplest yet fastest way to find the GIF.

Once we are in the images Google section, type in the theme GIF or detail that you want. Make sure to type in the word “GIF” as also. Otherwise, you would just get a normal picture or images.

How to Save GIFs on Android Using Web Browser

After finding the GIFs that you are looking for, click on the GIF image and hold it for several seconds. A window would then appear. Each android would show different menus on the window. However, choose on the “Save Image” menu or “Download Image” one. These both would do the same thing which is saving the GIFs to your android.

Finally, you will get the GIFs on your Android. You can easily find it in your gallery or mostly in the Download folder.

2. Using a Third-Party App

The next alternative way on how to save GIFs on Android is by using a third-party app. There are plenty of apps to use. The first thing to do is download the app from Google Play Store. You could find many apps to use. People would likely choose a free download Application one, because, who doesn’t love free items, right?

The most famous third-party app is Giphy App. People often use this app because not only the app is free, but also the GIF is all free to download and to use. Giphy App is like a library full of GIFs collected from the whole internet. We could even create and upload a GIF so that other people could do it as well.

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The steps to save and download the GIF is also easy and quick in this application. Once the app is already installed on the phone, open the app, and use the search bar. You can reach it at the top of the screen.

Save GIFs on GIPHY

After that, type in the theme or category of GIF that you are looking for. Lots of GIFs would then appear on the screen to be chosen. Choose the GIFs that you want and then simply click on it. Next, click on the three dots icon, and then a window would pop up and click “Save GIF”. Wait until “GIF Saved to Device” appears on top of your device, and then your GIF already downloaded.

The GIF would then be saved in your Android. It would be a new folder named “GIPHY” so that we could easily find the GIFs that we have downloaded from the app on our phone.

3. Using transfer Data from PC to Android Phone

Using transfer Data from PC to Android Phone

Another way to save GIFs on Android is by transferring the GIF from PC to our handphone. By using a computer, we would be able to download more and faster than using it on a mobile phone.

Once the files are ready, prepare to move the data to the phone. Connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable. You could use the cable from your charging cable here. After that copy-paste or move the data from the computer to your handphone.

After finishing moving the files, disconnect the phone from the computer. The GIFs are then ready to be used on the phone.

4. Other Sites to Get GIF

Besides using Google, there are also other kinds of websites that you could use, to get various kinds of GIFs. Starting from Pinterest, Tumblr, and also Some of the GIFs might not be found in Google, so there is no harm to try these cool websites as well.

As for the steps of getting the GIFs on those other websites, it is quite the same as saving from Google. First, search for the GIFs that we want, and then click and press it for a moment, and then choose the download or save menu.

So those are the three ways on how to save GIFs on Android that are simple and quick. However, saving more GIFs on the phone might take more space in the Android’s memory. Just make sure to have enough space on your phone. Enjoy!

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