How To Fix Windows 10 Bluetooth Missing

by Hashir Zuniga

Windows 10 Bluetooth Missing

Bluetooth has been around for a while and seems like it never loses popularity. This feature enables you to connect any devices effortlessly, whether it is between mouse and laptop, computer with printer, and so on. But what happens when Windows 10 Bluetooth missing from your computer? It probably signs that there is something wrong with the device.

Bluetooth not showing on Windows 10 Device Manager sounds simple. But it requires you to solve the problem real quick so that you can connect the computer with other devices wirelessly. Instead, you have to bring in the cord and get back to the past few decades. If you have Bluetooth missing problem, you should keep scrolling and find the answer right here.

What to Do with Windows 10 Bluetooth Missing

Despite the newer technology that has arrived, users cannot look away from Bluetooth. Aside from its practicality, Bluetooth is available in any devices ranging from keyboard, mouse, printer, and even audio player. For this reason, you need to find out how to fix Bluetooth not showing on Windows 10. Check out a variety of methods below to solve the problem.

1. Update OS

Most problems on your PC can occur due to Windows update. You probably miss the updates so that your PC runs the earlier version. This can cause a number of issues, one of which is Bluetooth disappears from Device Manager. To fix the problem, the first thing to do is update the Windows. Here is how to do it.

Update Windows 10

  • Go to Settings by pressing Windows key + I. Select Update & Security, then click Windows Update.
  • Find Check for update to figure out if you missed some updates. If there are any available updates, click the Download button and update your computer.
  • Your computer will automatically download the update to the latest OS. When it’s done, restart your PC and see if this method works well for your computer.

To make sure the similar issue doesn’t occur in the future, be sure to update your operating system regularly. This is also important to ensure the performance of your computer.

2. Troubleshooter

Thankfully, Windows 10 comes with troubleshooter that works well to fix a wide array of issues, including Bluetooth is missing. The built-in feature can detect the problem and resolve it, giving you a lot of conveniences when finding a problem. Here is how to use the troubleshooter.

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Bluetooth Missing Troubleshooter

  • In your Windows search, type and click Troubleshoot. Scroll down until you found Bluetooth troubleshoot and click run the troubleshooter. You will see some suggestions, choose Find and fix problems with Bluetooth.
  • Select Next on the window and then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • This method should resolve the issue.

But troubleshooter is not flawless as it may fail to fix the detected problem. When this happens, consider the next method to find the Bluetooth.

3. Show hidden devices

Bluetooth not showing can be caused by hidden devices. When you change the settings, the devices can be hidden by accident. You can get rid of the issue by showing hidden devices. Simply follow the steps below to show hidden devices on your PC.

Show hidden devices manager

  • In Windows search, type Device Manager and click the suggestion.
  • Select View option on the top of the screen, then click Show hidden devices.
  • You will see a long list of devices of the computer. Try to find the Bluetooth and see if the issue has been resolved.

Many users find that this method is effective to bring back the missing Bluetooth. But if it doesn’t work for you, jump to the next option.

4. Update Bluetooth driver

Updating the Bluetooth driver can offer a solution to fix the issue. That becomes the question is how to update the driver of a device that is not showing up? This is quite tricky but is not impossible to try. You can update the USB driver that automatically updates the Bluetooth driver. These simple steps should help you.

Update Bluetooth Driver

  • Open Device Manager, scroll down and navigate to Bluetooth.
  • You will see several drop-down options. Move your pointer to the first option and right-click. Select update driver.
  • Continue with the other Bluetooth system and reboot when you have finished.

After updating the driver, you can check if the Bluetooth is back to the Device Manager.

5. Restart Bluetooth support service

Another option to find the missing Bluetooth is by restarting the support service. Many users have reported that this method was great to fix the Bluetooth not showing issue. Do the following steps.

Restart Bluetooth support service

  • Open Run prompt by pressing Windows key + R. Type services.msc, then press Enter.
  • When you see a new window, locate Bluetooth Support Service then right-click to start. When the Bluetooth is already running, right-click and select Restart.
  • Then, right-click and choose Properties. Select Automatic that can be found in the drop-down of Startup type.

Bluetooth missing on Windows 10 can be a big problem especially if you are using a wireless keyboard or mouse. The above methods are all you need to fix the issue and bring back the Bluetooth to the Device Manager.

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