How to Block Someone on YouTube Easily

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Block Someone on YouTube

Just like the other social media platforms, YouTube is great and fun. People share everything through video. Happiness, anger, sadness, and everything. This makes anyone who views can feel those experiences more real. However, not all content on YouTube is nice to see. Sometimes it is bothering, or you just don’t want to see that. If that happens to you, then you probably need to know how to block someone on YouTube.

One thing for sure that makes YouTube rich with content and insights is due to increasing users day by day. Counted in May 2019, YouTube has about 2 billion active users monthly. This number was increased by 5% compared to the previous year reported in July 2019. As the first video format in the media landscape, YouTube successfully encouraged the public to explore their creativity which actually is not suitable for everyone.

What Does It Mean When Blocking Someone?

It is undoubtedly that YouTube is the most used streaming video platform around the world. You can find millions of videos uploaded every day. More than that, each user is able to give a comment to the others too. Actually, this interaction is great. There is nothing pleasurable than getting feedback for our creation. But how if it affects you with negativity?

Don’t be worried because you can get rid of things you don’t like. Whether caused by the posts or unhelpful comments again and again. YouTube allows you to customize the experience in the way you want. One of the ways is by blocking a user or channel on YouTube. So, when you block them, you can’t get their update notifications, see their videos, and of course, leave a comment too.

The same things will happen to someone you have blocked. They won’t receive your update, access your channel and see videos inside, and give comments or send any message option. This feature is really helpful when you get stressed by annoying people. The steps about how to block someone on YouTube will eliminate all offensive, unsupported, and any trolling things in your account.

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Steps to Block Someone on YouTube

Before you block someone’s YouTube channel, make sure that you really don’t want to get any updates and don’t want to interact with them anymore. If you already confirmed yourself, then follow steps about how to block someone on YouTube below. We will share the method that could be done via desktop and mobile:

  • Go to the YouTube website as you usually do. Login to your account then finds someone you want to block.
  • Visit their account by clicking the name or picture. Go to “About” in the menu inside their profile banner.

Steps to Block Someone on YouTube

  • After you click “About”, you will see a flag symbol on the right, exactly, it is in the “Stats” column.

Block User

  • Click that flag and the drop-down menu will appear, then, all you need to do is directing the cursor to “Block user”, then click it.
  • Choose “Submit” as your confirmation to YouTube to block this account from yours.

Those steps only take minutes to finish. Moreover, when you already know the user or channel you want to block. How to block someone on YouTube via mobile phone is quite the same. A little bit different is when you want to access the “Block user”.

Block Youtube User on Apps

You might not find the “About” banner, so, you need to tap the three dots in the top-right corner on your screen.

On Youtube App

Then, you will see “Block user” and just do like the previous direction.

Hide user from channel

You probably feel bad to block someone, but you don’t like him or her giving a comment on your video. Keep calm, you are still able to filter them from your view. Just go to their comment, then click the three dots there. There is a “Hide user from channel” option, click it, after that, you won’t see them comment on your channel anymore. So, those are all about how to block someone on YouTube that is bothering you.

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