How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Easily

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

YouTube is an interesting social media platform. People can share anything through video-based content. That is why various videos are available on YouTube. You are allowed to watch the video again and again. But, one day, you probably cannot find your favorite video. It is shown that it has been deleted even though you have marked it as “Watch later”. Don’t be sad because we will tell you how to watch deleted YouTube videos here.

Actually, you don’t have to panic about this. Because a video is usually reposted or re-uploaded by the other users. Thus, sometimes one video can be found on a different channel. However, knowing that YouTube has strict and strong regulations, a certain video will completely disappear. You can’t find it by typing the title or author through the searching box. But it won’t happen if you know how to watch deleted YouTube videos.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Through Easy Ways

Before we talk about how to watch deleted YouTube videos, you should know that there are lots of various videos on YouTube. There is no wonder because the number of YouTube channels is growing strong. More than 31 million channels in 2019 which mean an increase of 25% from the previous year. Also, every minute YouTube’s users are making a video that is equally 500 hours. Whether it comes from the big channel or the tiny ones.

Since the contents are very unique, YouTube classifies it into categories. All videos that considered having an issue or inappropriate content will be deleted. The common issues are related to the original copyright and trademark. If the original owner sent YouTube a “complete legal request” to take down a video, then it will be taken down. While the trademark issue is linked to the YouTube trademark policy.

Furthermore, in terms of inappropriate content means breaking up YouTube’s guidelines. If you see the message “Video removed: Inappropriate content” on your result, then that video has been rejected due to YouTube’s Terms of Use. Talking about the inappropriate content, this could happen to the reported videos too. When someone flags a video or a channel and reports to YouTube, this platform will review along with their guidelines and age-restricted policy.

YouTube staff are available for 24-hours and 7-days to analyze any report. They will respond to the report that steers trouble to these contents: nudity or sexual, harmful or dangerous, hateful, violence, harassment and cyberbullying, spam or scams, threats, child safety, impersonation, and other additional policies on a range of subjects.

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Steps to Find YouTube Deleted Video

YouTube removes a video without prior notification to the viewers. So, don’t be confused when you enter your watch list or favorites and lose the video. If it is all you get, then you should follow the steps on how to watch deleted YouTube videos below. Do you still remember the title or the account? That would be easier in dealing with this problem.

1. Go to YouTube

Liked Videos Playlist

The first thing you should do is visit YouTube. It is not for watching the video because the video is absolutely not in there. Just login like you used to do and go to the video you want to see. If you don’t know the URL deleted videos, you can find in your watch history or on your “Liked Videos” playlist. Keep the page on it while you open the new tab beside it.

2. Go to

Now, if you already open the new tab, then type “” inside the address bar. Click “go to”, or press “enter”, so it will direct to the home page. There are many icons and a search box with the “go” button.

3. Enter the URL

Enter the URL

It is time to get back your favorite video. In this step, you should go back to the previous tab. See the YouTube page that we said to keep on. Copy the URL from the address box, after that, move to the archive tab, then copy to the search box there.

4. Click Browse History

The search box is next to the Wayback Machine. Ensure that you copied and pasted the right URL inside the box, then click on the “browse history” button or just hit the Enter button on your keyboard. Let this site help you to find the video you want to watch again.

5. Enjoy It!

Watching deleted Youtube video

You might need to wait for a while, but after a couple of minutes, the gives you a result of the video. It will show you the history where you can find the deleted video. If you want to get it back, you can recover or download it again. Then, watch it normally and enjoy your time!.



Tips: On the Wayback Machine page, you will see a range of years. Don’t choose a recently archived page, because you will found it also as a deleted page warning, instead choose the oldest available year.

This is the simplest method of how to watch deleted YouTube videos. However, you cannot avoid the YouTube policy which commits to prohibit certain contents. Even if you love and support the author so much, if the content is not in line with the “Community Guidelines”, then it would be removed.

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