9 Best Honeybook Alternatives & Competitors

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Best Honeybook Alternatives

Honeybook is one of the most popular options when it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. However, it takes more than fame to make an ideal tool, and it differs for everyone. This article provides you with 9 Honeybook alternatives, along with the reasons why they may suit you.

A Glance at Honeybook: What Is It?

A Glance at Honeybook

Honeybook claims to be the “all-in-one platform for those who do it all”. What exactly does Honeybook do?

To put it simply, Honeybook is a business management software that will help you get a grip on your business without a fuss. It will help you arrange everything, from making inquiries to billing, just like a personal assistant.

Honeybook can be your database, where you can put and manage the contact details of your clients. It will help you manage the contract – the one feature of Honeybook that receives a lot of praise, monitor your work progress, reporting, and even dabble with payment-related matters such as invoicing and billing.

To help you run your business smoothly, Honeybook is already integrated to email, Google Calendar, Zoom, and many more. Moreover, it also gives you a chance to automate payment reminders to your client, as well as give you notifications once they do.

Due to the nature of the features, Honeybook is more popular among small business owners and freelancers. The software is pretty accessible, too, as you can access Honeybook through the browser, iOS, and Android devices.

Then, how about the pricing? 

Honeybook pricing does not provide a free or freemium tier. However, you can try the 7-day trial before deciding whether to purchase the monthly or annual deal.

Best Honeybook Alternatives You Should Look Into

According to the explanation above, you can see how Honeybook’s function may support your business. But it does not mean you are not allowed to have options. So, check these recommendations below, and find your true CRM tool soulmate.

1. Freshbooks


When it comes to the accounting tools discussion, ‘Honeybook vs. Freshbooks’ is one of the topics that show up often. In the previous explanation, you already know about Honeybook. How about Freshbooks?

Feature-wise, Freshbooks features are not that much different than Honeybook. It enables you to do the accounting of your projects and also make invoices out of it.

Freshbook can help you send invoices to your clients, and you can catch up on how it progresses. Moreover, it can also help fasten the payment process, as it is connected to PayPal, Stripe, and other major payment methods.

One of the most notable features of Freshbook is its easy-to-use and intuitive interface. It makes anyone, even the ones with no tech basic, can operate this software smoothly.

As for the feature, Freshbook also does not offer a free tier. However, there is a 30-day free trial that you can get before you choose one out of the four packages available. The highest one enables you to customize email and signatures and reporting and billing automation settings.

Want to get a hand on Freshbooks?


2. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Looking for a completely free Honeybook alternative? ZohoCRM is here to assist you.

Oftentimes, CRM tools need a lot of aspects to get used to, especially for beginners. That is where the free package of Zoho comes into play. With that, you can compile all your prospective clients and follow up with them. Moreover, you can also get several automation features along.

If you feel you settled in well, you can upgrade to the paid packages. The features of the packages include but are not limited to marketing and sales tools, analytics and forecasting, to even AI-based features.

Moreover, Zoho also lets you integrate the software into a variety of third-party apps such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Mailchimp. In the mobile app, you can also directly call your clients from your iOS or Android phone.

Zoho is perfect for anyone who wants to try setting foot on a CRM tool without spending too much money. Its price in the CRM market is relatively competitive, especially compared to the ones with similar features.


3. Bonsai


Every freelancer knows how to do their job. However, not all know how to take care of the business side of their jobs. That is where Bonsai comes to play.

Bonsai can be a very useful tool for a beginner as each feature is very easy to use and practical. Bonsai offers a service where you can make proposals, arrange contracts, make invoices, do accounting, and even keep track of your taxes.

Some of the most notable features of Bonsai is contract arranging, which is reviewed by actual lawyers. All you have to do is fill out your information and rates and you are good to go. That way, you will not be worried about what should be in it.

Moreover, Bonsai can also remind you to pay your taxes, make a tax report, and gives you access to download your tax forms for legal matters.

Bonsai offers a 14-day free trial to prep yourself. If you are satisfied, you can pay for the packages (there are three of them) monthly or annually.


4. Dubsado


Just like Honeybook, Dubsado is one of the most famous project management tools that a lot of people use. Then, how is Honeybook vs Dubsado?

Feature-wise, both software offers similar products, a tool to take care of contracts, task management, and invoicing. However, one of the features that Dubsado users praise very highly is its level of customization.

In Dubsado, you have the authority to change the colors of your header and button, as well as change the domain of your email provider. That option is great for catching the client’s attention, especially the new ones.

Moreover, there is also an option to custom-code all the forms, add photos to them, and create a custom questionnaire box for a more personal touch.

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Something you should take note of, though, is the fact that Dubsado does not have a mobile app. So, if you are a highly-mobile person, maybe take this factor into consideration.

Lastly, the software does not provide a free account, but its free trial period is quite different than its competitors. It is because your free trial period is unlimited for the first three clients. You can pay more if your client adds up.


5. Indy


Though sharing a similar feature with Honeybook, Indy offers a higher level of simplicity. This CRM tool is only accessible through the website, which means you can monitor your projects hassle-free, anytime, and anywhere.

Just like the other CRM tools mentioned above, Indy also offers end-to-end service. Its service is most suitable for anyone working solo, such as freelancers and novice entrepreneurs.

Upon registering, Indy can quickly help you manage your proposals and contracts and even assist you in doing your tasks. Moreover, it also enables you to do billing and invoicing, manage the forms, and even help you track your working time; a feature that only high-end CRM tools provide.

What makes Indy more interesting is the fact that all of those features are available in the free version. However, if you subscribe to the pro version, you can also get some special features such as live chat support, custom fonts, and integration with Google Calendar and Zapier.

Indy enables you to receive payment from various channels, including direct deposit, Zelle, Stripe, and Paypal. Should you need more information on Indy, simply click the button below.


6. StudioNinja


All photographers gather. With StudioNinja, you can focus more on the quality of your work and less on the business side of it.

StudioNinja is a SaaS software that will help you take care of the administrative part of the job that could be boring and time-consuming.

Slightly different than any other CRM tool, StudioNinja is generous with its automation feature. You can set up automated emails, questionnaires, quotes, contracts, and invoices.

Moreover, you can also put several different job categories for the clients to choose from, which will help fasten up the process of building a work plan.

Once the service is done, your clients will also receive a reminder of due payment, which they can easily pay because they will have a credit card option.

Moreover, to track your progress, you can also get various kinds of reports, including the number of jobs you’ve scored, the total of your income, and the year-to-year income comparison.

Want to know more about StudioNinja? Get on to the website, and score more clients!


7. 17Hats


To “Manage business better” is what 17Hats promises to anyone using its service. The tagline rings true, especially for small-business owners and freelancers, as 17Hats offer a way to manage all your tasks in a super easy way.

17Hats will take care of your business process, from collecting your clients’ contacts to receiving payments from them. It is completed with task management, as well as quotation-making and contract-arranging features. Moreover, it also helps you remind your clients to pay on time.

What is very helpful in 17Hats is its ability to help you automatically reply to emails. This way, you will be able to maintain professionalism, despite being busy with other projects.

17Hats does not offer a free plan. However, you can try their features for free for your first three projects. That will help you understand the tool better while building a professional sense to your clients.

17Hats improvement is quite rapid, with many new features every once in a while. One of the most helpful features, though, is that it can be used for a wide range of currencies. if you want to know more about 17Hats, go straight to the website.


8. Bloom


Discussions over Bloom vs Honeybook have been one of the main topics when it comes to CRM tools. The two software share similarity, which is the ability to manage your projects end-to-end.

Bloom has been popular as a Honeybook alternative for photographers and other creative workers. The tool might not offer high-level customization, but it sure speeds up the administrative aspect so you can focus on your job.

One of the most useful features of Bloom is its detailed rundown of your projects. Instead of showing your projects, it highlights all the tasks you need to do, which you can manage beforehand. That way, you will have a clearer vision of your priorities.

Moreover, you can also cut off time on matching your schedules with the client. The client can review your schedule with Bloom’s two-way calendar before booking your service.

In terms of invoicing, Bloom also offers a simple method. Instead of limiting your ability to send invoices, Bloom gives out a free invoicing tool that you can freely use. The clients can pay you through PayPal, Zelle, and even Venmo. Want to know more about Bloom’s wonder?


9. Insightly


If you are thinking of subscribing to a “one for all” CRM tool, then Insightly is an A-lister.

Aside from providing essential CRM features such as contact management, lead management, and calendar integration, they also offer extra features that are not easily found on other tools.

For example, you will realize that Insightly is highly data-driven. It can score the leads you get and transform the deal into a lead’s score, which will be the input of the sales pipeline. From there, you will receive data visualization to help you make better business decisions.

Moreover, Insightly scores a high appraisal for its app integration. There are more than 250 integrated apps in the tool, including Google and social media apps.

For those who are always on the go, Insightly also offers a mobile app that you can access from both iOS and Android devices. If you want to know more about Insightly, click below.


What do you think of Honeybook after reading all these recommendations? Is Honeybook worth it?

Well, the answer is totally up to you. The more you understand how your business wants to operate and your future goal, the easier it will be to determine which Honeybook alternatives you want to get started with. Hopefully, this list will give you a clearer vision of them.

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